Meantime over in New Orleans a Film Tax Credit Scam Trial of the Rich and Famous

The gang rides again with ninja lawyer protecting the flanks.

High-stakes trial over La. film program gets under way in federal court ~ Gordon Russell

One of the defendants is Peter Hoffman, a colorful Hollywood producer who has beaten a federal rap once before. Another is Michael Arata, an actor and lawyer who is married to Emily Arata, a top deputy to Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The Aratas are related by marriage to Fred Heebe, the landfill magnate who was the target of a federal investigation when he famously brought down former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and two of his top lieutenants by bringing to light an online-commenting scandal. Arata is being represented by Billy Gibbens, one of the lawyers who helped Heebe get the federal probe of him dropped.

Thank God Gordon Russell can still write the word Heebe for the Advocate as I’m being told that leaving that singular word in comments at will result in immediate comment deletion.

In other news the Advocate is taking a victory lap sponsored by Lucky Coin:

Rouses, Winn-Dixie shifting ads to The New Orleans Advocate ~ Timothy Boone

3 thoughts on “Meantime over in New Orleans a Film Tax Credit Scam Trial of the Rich and Famous”

    1. Classic! The blurb about South Florida’s rich and famous being a small world, especially at the intersection of the stock market and the local economy, is 100% true dat.

      1. I thought that I was kind of harsh on Jeb.

        I felt I ought to come back and see if I needed to help Jeb out a little.

        He hasn’t made nearly as much from his hard work as his brothers have, and when your family lineage on Wall Street goes back to a predecessor of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. it was probably about time for Jeb to be keeping up appearances.

        As most of the taxpayer/stadium low hanging fruit has been picked, and savings and loans aren’t nearly the license to print money they used to be, what’s a poor Washington DC outsider like Jeb supposed to do to make some bank? It would suck to be Jeb for sure, so I guess I can understand how something like this Innovida Holdings LLC scandal (A PONZI SCHEME FOR FUCKS SAKE!) could happen to him if he wasn’t very smart and ESPECIALLY if he was looking for a fast buck and to hang with all the rich cool people arsty fartsy poseurs that infest south Floriduh.

        I did a little more looking into Jeb’s victimization by a South Floriduh rich folk’s ponzi and had some of my questions answered. This JEB BUSH PONZI stinks worse that I thought at first glance. He was more than a victim imo.

        ALL the ponzi warning signs appeared to be present BEFORE Jeb got involved with these SERIAL scammers .
        Don’t want to forget to mention that poor Jeb and his company Jeb Bush and Associates (Call ORKIN! Call right now before even googling them!) had to pay back SOME of the money they billed and collected from the ponzi.

        Former Gov. Jeb Bush has agreed to return $270,000 that he was paid as a consultant to convicted fraudster Claudio Osorio and Osorio’s companies.

        An agreement outlining Bush’s settlement payment was filed Thursday in bankruptcy court in Miami.

        According to the agreement, Bush was paid $468,901 between December 2007 and September 2010 for consulting “plus reasonable expenses.”

        Caution! Do not jump to conclusions. “Consulting” can be honest employment. Also, any good ponzi is a bipartisan thing.

        The Democratic National Committee also agreed to repay $51,525 that Osorio donated, according to another agreement filed Thursday.

        There was even some weasel wording to go with the partial clawback.

        The settlements said Bush and the DNC deny that the money needs to be repaid, but the agreements were reached to avoid litigation delays and expenses.

        De Nile is a river, denial is something else.

        Best closing paragraph I’ve seen in a while:

        Osorio’s downfall came as a shock to many in South Florida. He had a successful career with a previous company, CHS Electronics, before it also ended in bankruptcy in 2001. His wife had been recognized for philanthropic work.

        The federal indictment begins:

        Innovida Holdings, LLC was the parent company of numerous subsidiary companies, including but
        not limited to, Innovida Holdings Inc., Innovida US, LLC, Innovida Services Inc., Innovida Factories Ltd., Innovida Innorez Ltd., Innovida Southeast, LLC, Innovida Germany GmbH, Innovida MRD, LLC, lnnovida Southeast Construction, LLC, Innovida Cyprus, Innovida Research and Development SRO and InnoREZ Gmbh, (collectively referred to- as “Innovida”).

        Surprise, surprise. That’s the corporate structure of a ponzi?

        What’s the first thing a smart person would think about a company that purportedly is in the business of making and selling building materials, yet appears to have a international corporate structure like Enron? That should be all any smart investor needs to run to the hills.

        All I can say now in Jeb’s defense is that he is probably too stupid to see how bad he looks in this Innovida scam.

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