So much to add, so little that I can disclose…..

What I can do is this and that is to give everyone a steer. First you must read the following including the comments:

DHECC – Comment Bump, April 7, 2015 – Another snapshot of the Louisiana Good Ole’ Boy network ~ Jason Berry, American Zombie

Then for those of you that have a bit of time, read Slabbed’s cumulative reporting on the now deceased Louisiana class action attorney Hugh Sibley.

The ground being plowed was fertile then and it remains so IMHO. It is absolutely dangerous territory.

2 thoughts on “So much to add, so little that I can disclose…..”

  1. Well, Doug. Maybe it’s “better” that you didn’t stick your neck out, telling “The SLABBED Nation” what they needed to know in order to understand, because Federal “Jurist” Jay Zainey would have chopped your head off! The “BIG SHOWDOWN” which was scheduled in Zainey’s Court Room for Wednesday, April 8th, turned out to be a “BIG LETDOWN”, at least for some Class Members of the Bayou Corne sinkhole litigation. The “winners” appear to be the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee members and the “Special Master”, A. Shelby Easterly, ALL previously “anointed” by Zainey, of course. Welcome to Louisiana, folks. A few people expected, as a result of reading “The American Zombie” web-site, and becoming familiar with Comments there by a SLABBED Commentor, “Kevin”, that at the hearing on the 8th, Zainey would address (1) certain Class Members’ allegations that they were LIED to, and FRAUDULENTLY INDUCED to sign on to a Class Action settlement, by certain PSC members, and (2) undisclosed conflicts of interests between the Special Master, Easterly, and PSC member, Calvin Clifford Fayard, Jr., due to prior legal representation of Fayard by Easterly, among other undisclosed conflicts. According to accounts of what transpired in Open Court in Zainey’s Court Room on the 8th, the Class Members’ allegations of MISREPRESENTATION and FRAUD were either not addressed by Zainey, or “kicked into the gutter” when Zainey told the Class members to go meet in private, with NO STENOGRAPHIC RECORD, with the PSC. The “conflicts of interests” issue was never addressed at all by Zainey, as far as I know. Although I am not involved in the Bayou Corne litigation (I am DISBARED, remember?), my interest in this sordid matter revolves around the facts that (a) Fayard and his cronies on the Eastern District of Louisiana Federal Bench had me disbarred for deigning to aver that “The Dis-Honorable” Stanwood R. Duval, Jr. and his “close personal friend of long-standing”, Fayard (there’s that name, again!), were CROOKED, and CORRUPTED the “Victims of KATRINA litigation, and (b) Zainey was one of the “black-robed miscreants” who summarily disbarred me, without even a hearing to permit me to defend my innocence prior to disbarment. For those who may want to learn “more” about the DISGRACE that occurred in Zainey’s Court Room on April 8th, go to the American Zombie web-site, or access an article in the April 9th “Louisiana Record” by Journalist Kyle Barnett, entitled: “Upset Bayou Corne residents told to ‘move on with your lives’ after complaints of lawyer mistreatment”. Purging the Eastern District of Louisiana of the likes of Robert Collins and G.Thomas Porteous, through IMPEACHMENT, has not gotten rid of the ROT or the STENCH, which is still going STRONG. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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