Trying to make sense of “Commentgate”. Maybe one day we’ll all know the full story

And that includes Slabbed New Media because even though Slabbed got that special knock on the door at HQ as part of the aftermath of the Team Letten internet commenting meltdown all any of us have to offer is speculation absent seeing the fabled “Horn Report”.

When the subject matter becomes door knock serious I prefer not to speculate about the identities of the commenters here on Slabbed to the Aaron Broussard – Jefferson Parish landfill investigation, Telemachus being the most frequently speculated upon. Unlike, Slabbed never received any comments from a DOJ IP address on the Broussard investigation, which in turn explains the continued interest from the media on this general topic since Slabbed uncovered so much.

Along those lines Mark Moseley at the Lens did some great work on Commentgate and yesterday he checked in with another installment. From a big picture standpoint I’m uncomfortable with private citizens with a brain and writing skills being subjected to scrutiny by officialdom due to the quality of their commentary, Muspench being such an example as Mark points out:

Try to imagine full-throated apologies from the prosecutors axed in ‘Commentgate’ ~ Mark Moseley

To understand Commentgate is to understand it was more than just the DOJ digging dirt on anonymous internet commenters. This I know, the impacts of the meltdown of Team Letten reverberate across Gulf Coast to this day.

Time for Fo Fo and Windy to get it on and Slabbed’s got pictures!

The contrast in the candidates couldn’t be more clear folks.

Meantime, here is a reader submitted photo purportedly of Windy Swetman’s dog lounging on the driveway of the Woolmarket property. Based on a Google maps street daytime view the house indeed resembles the Swetman property. Other than that observation I’d caution about deriving any other inferences regarding any information it conveys about the current Swetman family domicile. Continue reading “Time for Fo Fo and Windy to get it on and Slabbed’s got pictures!”

Special Election day in Biloxi

And here I am sitting on pictures of Windy Swetman’s dog on the driveway of the house up in the greater northern Woolmarket metropolitan area. I noted the comment where Slabbed was termed a rag and I appreciated that remark greatly along with the entire backstory on the AJ Holloway endorsement of Fofo Gilich for Biloxi Mayor.

The ten candidates in the pool run the gambit of diversity as we have Bull to go with Cono. There is Dixie Darlyn who gets a Slabbed award (Slabby) for the political newcomer Handshoe never previously knew anything about. And in true Mississippi fashion almost every major candidate has a nickname as that is the way we roll here.

In any event join Charlene and the rest of the gang and vote for the candidate of your choice. Then, after we’re down to two candidates we’ll let the muck fly.

Special Meeting of the Bay St Louis City Council Called for Tuesday Evening

Slabbed New Media has learned that by call of the City Council, a special meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at approximately 6:30pm Tuesday April 28, 2015, following the Bay Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

The Council has requested the City Clerk be in attendance as the meeting will focus on City finances and the upcoming bonded debt payment.

The public is encouraged to attend.

A sure sign Jackson County Supervisor John McKay is feeling the heat

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. ~ Proverbs 16:32

Jackson County supervisor, protester exchange words ~ Karen Nelson

She said he started out smiling, but got angrier as he talked to her and the others. He became insulting, she said, and said they “just don’t get it,” pointing to his head.

That’s kinda how McKay reacted to his taxpayer funded DMR cruise using Bill Walker’s private yacht fleet when that broke in the media. Funny how that works. Meantime keep treating the retirees like children that owe you something Mr. McKay so we can find out if such is a winning re-election strategy.

Louisiana legal four pack: It is good to feel loved

Let’s start next door in St Slammany Parish:

Former St. Tammany DA Walter Reed indicted on multiple counts of wire, mail fraud, money laundering, filing false statements to IRS ~ Sara Pagones

Considering Reed’s history as ST Slammany DA the following is rich!

Steven Reed’s lawyer: Feds abusing discretion by including son in indictment of former DA ~ Gordon Russell

Slabbed has done nothing on the above except highlight the show. Gordon Russell and Lee Zurik get the props for bring the story home. Next up for Reed and his son is the hangin’.

Moving right along is a two pack Slabbed New Media was right in the thick of in the prosecution of former Parish Prez Aaron Broussard of the Goatherder Crime Family and the mental meltdown of former Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone:

Writers’ block would be a mercy for former federal prosecutor Sal Perricone ~ James Gill

James’ column represents sweet serendipity because just yesterday, somewhere around 12:30, I had a fantasy concerning Continue reading “Louisiana legal four pack: It is good to feel loved”

US District Court filings reveal lack of temperament for the trade: A two pack

From the sweet serendipity files I have a two pack of USDC filings that are circulating around the local legal community.  These come from two different readers. First up is a plaintiff’s filing which illustrates why Pro Se litigants have such a bad name in the court system:

Click to obtain entire 34 page filing

Next up is a Judge that must have had a series of bad days as this filing is circulating like wildfire in the greater NOLA legal community: Continue reading “US District Court filings reveal lack of temperament for the trade: A two pack”

Jim Brown: Jindal Tired of Us Hyphenated-Louisianans!

April 23rd, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is mad. Really mad! He’s had his fill of all these hyphenated-Americans ballyhooing and expressing pride in their ethnic heritage. Jindal joined a group of 18 presidential wannabes in New Hampshire over the weekend trying to impress Republican diehards. And he didn’t hold back on his distain for those who treasure their heritage.

“I don’t know about you, I’m tired of the hyphenated Americans. No more ‘African-Americans.’ No more ‘Indian-Americans.’ No more ‘Asian-Americans,’ ” Jindal told some 600 Republican activists. So the governor, whose own parents immigrated to the U.S. from India, wants to not only drop his own Indian-American label, but expects everyone else to do likewise.

Now that will certainly cause a real shake up back in Jindal’s home state of Louisiana where, according to local lore, he occasionally stops off to visit. Louisiana is an amalgamation of many cultures, with one of the most diverse mix of diversity found anywhere in America.

Doing away with ethnic identity will come as a real blow to many Louisianans. Italian-Americans are great in Louisiana numbers, and take boundless pride in their heritage. Jindal will no doubt have to take a trip to Independence in Tangipahoa Parish, a town founded by immigrants from southern Italy, and break the news to the locals that they no longer can be called Italian-Americans.

He will find little support in New Orleans where the St. Joseph’s Day festival, honoring Italian-Louisianans is a major annual event. Also, I would urge the Governor to avoid the American Italian Cultural Center, the pride of New Orleans that houses the largest Italian museum in the nation. Continue Reading……………….