US DOJ OPR Report released to the public, former AUSA Jan Mann harshly criticized

Meantime the Horn report remains sealed up, stored deep in the crypt located in the basement of HQ in Washington DC. As for Slabbed our lips are forever sealed :mrgreen:

Justice Department report scathing in its findings of former federal prosecutors Sal Perricone, Jan Mann ~ Jim Mustian

DOJ report found that Perricone, Mann acted alone, in secret ~ Gordon Russell

Judge refuses to overturn Broussard’s conviction ~ Jeff Adelson

Gotta given Gordon Russell and his gang over at the Advocate props for nabbing the OPR report.

In other news, to update a story first reported on by Slabbed New Media:

New subpoena issued in probe of former St. Charles DA Harry Morel ~ Littice Bacon-Blood

5 thoughts on “US DOJ OPR Report released to the public, former AUSA Jan Mann harshly criticized”

  1. ” … without access to information protected by”. Well, well:, protector of the public trust. If you want to know who “aircheck” was (or is), or “kefer” was (or is), just ask BUT THEY AIN’T TALKING, which I find REPREHENSIBLE: (1), for obvious reasons; and (2) the DOJ, because their “attempts” to get to “talk” are either NON-EXISTANT or HALF-HEARTED. And as for Broussard, the ONLY thing that kept the DOJ from recusing the Eastern District USA Office in the Broussard prosecution was Jan Mann’s DISHONESTY! Give me a break! GO GET ‘EM, Buddy Lemman. As a member of the “reading public”, I’m having doubts about the “voluntariness”of Broussard’s guilty plea, although he could do “worse” at re-sentencing, even if he wins. But what I’m having the “most” trouble believing is that Letten DIDN’T KNOW (probably, maybe, from the “available evidence”). Yeah, right. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. After done reading who dat wrote da’ news story on ex-DA Harry, namely Littice Bacon-Blood, I done dickcovered why I woodn’t buy a vacum cleaner – it bees his big protruding political porcine jowls and vampire tooths.

  3. I was able to plough through all 157 pages of the DOJ Report, thanks to an on-line POST by Andy Grimm at “”. A VERY interesting read! A few things are readily apparent: (1) Those portions of the report that conclude that (a) “Letten” didn’t know, and (b) neither did any “Senior Managers”, or for that matter (c) any “Assistant U.S. Attorneys”, or even employees of the EDLAUSA office, are VERY HEAVILY REDACTED, and contain almost “tortured reasoning” to reach the conclusion that “no one else knew”. There also is “evidence” that others DID know, but that evidence is not divulged in its entirety and, according to the author(s) of the report, was not “clear and convincing”, anyway. For instance, Jan Mann maintains that she disclosed her on-line posting to Letten on March 13, 2012, the same day that Perricone admitted to Letten that “I am the blogger”, but Jan Mann’s testimony in this regard is labeled as “non-persuasive”, whereas Letten’s testimony is accepted, “hook, line and sinker”. (2) It is patently obvious that the report was written in a manner to identify two, and ONLY two, GUILTY parties, namely Perricone and Jan Mann, and to EXONERATE everyone else in the EDLAUSA office, which the author(s) did. (3) The sheer volume of the redactions is ABSURD (just WHAT are you trying to HIDE?), as are the conclusions that neither Letten nor anyone else KNEW prior to November 2012. (4) It also is a shame that the Exhibits to the report have not been made available, which include Perricone’s and Jan Mann’s comments to the draft report that was submitted to them for comment prior to completion. The report unabashedly states that the comments of Perricone and Jan Mann did not affect the CONCLUSIONS of the draft report. Letten and his ENTIRE EDLAUSA office were CROOKED, and no one need look any further than my own MALEVOLENTLY MOTIVATED CRIMINAL PERSECUTION, although this report gives everyone a helluva lot “more” to look at. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Agreed, Ashton, two sacrificial goats offered up to the booboisie to cover up for the fine fascist fellowship in the local bund of the DOJ.

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