Tina Shumate released from prison (Updated)

Slabbed has learned that Tima Shumate, former head of the Mississippi DMR CIAP program, has been released from MDOC custody. Stay tuned to this developing story.


I’d like to take the opportunity to dispel two rumors as Eye Spy took the opportunity to help me out with some links and background plus I spoke with a couple of other folks that will remain nameless.

1. There is no truth to the speculation that Ms. Shumate’s release is in any way related to the Livingston Parish CIAP Investigation.

2. Ms. Shumate’s release was not politically motivated. Our state prisons are stuffed full of nonviolent offenders. In 2013 a law was passed that reduced the amount of time nonviolent offenders had to serve to 25% of the total sentence so that we could house more violent offenders. Shumate, based on when she took her plea, fell under the new law. If someone deserves the blame for this state of affairs it would be her lawyer Tim Holleman, who would be on the short list of people I’d go see if I got into serious criminal trouble. The bottom line is Ms. Shumate is being treated no differently than others similarly situated.

7 thoughts on “Tina Shumate released from prison (Updated)”

  1. Oh boy, what a surprise–NOT

    Just another classic case of special privileges for a special person embedded deep within the regime. The next step will be a pardon from the governor when the time is right

    1. Eye-Spy:

      Yep, and the political pardon will probably come just coincidently at 5PM on a Friday when there is another breaking major disaster story ( hurricane, down airplane, etc.) so the story won’t see the LIGHT of day.

      Voters need to vote in responsible Democrats to put some fear in the Napoleonic Republicans.

  2. Stacy Pickering and staff must be celebrating the political victory the Republicans won with this one. I wonder if the voters will be so forgiving?

  3. Hope everyone is paying attention! This is the same woman, who along with Bill Walker, Joe Zeigler, yada, yada, yada, and others still employed at the DMR who in my opinion are responsible for at least one sweet lady’s death because they are greedy, selfish, uncouth, pigs. She is one of Stacy Pickering’s “dear friends and family”. Shame on you Phil Bryant!!!! Shame on anyone who is responsible for this. You should hide your heads in shame!!!!
    This must mean that there are a lot of legislators involved in the DMR scandal, or else, how are these crooks getting off? They must be threatening to tell what they know..
    Make them all pay at the polls people!!!!! Dump the republicans!!! (Remember how Puh-l-ass-o ran on the “Fire Pelosi ” ticket? (Which, by the way, never happened – he doesn’t have the clout to fool with that woman). Well, this election year the motto should be “Fire the Republican Pigs who are currently in office”. I will hold my nose and take my chances with the Dems – at least they aren’t as greedy and uncaring as this bunch is. The dems don’t steal poor hard working employees’ retirements to buy new BMWs and mansions. Vote them out!!!!

  4. Remember, South Mississippi COUNTY voters did not elect Palazzo. George, Lamar, Jones, etc. north of the Coast did! Most of us had enough sense to know he was lying when he claimed he would get rid of Pelosi and Obama Care. I didn’t see him over in Pascagoula for the ship christening – oh, he was spending quality time with his family. Oh, yea!

  5. My Fellow Americans,

    I appreciate the accolades from Douglas but for the record, the intelligence was gathered by the inside operations unit. I have been conducting a little research today and I am still a little puzzled by the data. I am not sure if the parole law was drafted in 2013 or 2014. If it were 2013 then the waters become a little cloudy and inconclusive. If it were in 2014, then my suspicions grow.

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