JustUs Justice: A Grand Isle Child Molestation Update

I’m speeding to eight years on this endeavor called Slabbed and we all have seen some of the worst humanity in this area has to offer.   The ongoing five year saga of Captain Jay Dantin, the child molestation allegations that dog him along with the accusations that Grand Isle Mayor Carmadelle and Police Chief Dubois tried to cover up the alleged crime ranks as some of the worst in my opinion.  Once again Slabbed has been right there literally from the time this story broke as the kneecapped criminal prosecution of Dantin through yesterday’s PACER filings, which contained a plaintiff’s filing with multiple bombshells including a transcript of Mayor Carmadelle’s deposition, which was done on video. What I am going to highlight is the unsworn declaration of the Grand Isle police officer that arrested Dantin way back when the crime was alleged to have been perpetrated in 2010 right at the time of the BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe. It is devastating to both Dubois and Carmadelle:

Doe v Dantin Doc 78 9

Doe v Dantin Doc 78 10

Doe v Dantin Doc 78 11

Doe v Dantin Doc 78 12

The docket in the case is an interesting read for those of you that have PACER accounts. This is taxpayer money defending the indefensible but the folks in Grand Isle elected both Carmadelle and Dubois so I guess it is only right they get stuck with the bill for the related malfeasance. Maybe lightning will strike, this case makes it to trial and the public can see the onion fully unpeeled. This saga, IMHO, has the potential to explode onto the national news scene. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “JustUs Justice: A Grand Isle Child Molestation Update”

  1. Holy Explosive Elected Exploits Batman;

    ‘ National story…’ ? – the dubiety of it all.

    Are you telling me dat on a shrimpy piece of abbreviated land called Grand Isle there have been staged many free open air gynecological exams on million dollar yachts such that a world classless fishing tournament has been and still is referred to as the Grand Isle Tampon Rodeo.

    Upon which additionally the FBI’s most wanted mafia man hid out for many years ( longer than Biden Laden hid out 1 mile from the Packy military academy) ?

    Suspicious fires to camps ?

    And in the mist of a national young children were being molested on the smelly shores of the BP oil spill ? – ALL THIS and WHATEVER ELSE right under the tolerant noses of elected authorities ?

    All this on one strip of shrimpy smelling surf ?

    Come on Batman tell me it aint true for the sake of TruTv.

  2. Get it right!!!! Stacy Eschette lied on all her statements.She Wanted special treatment while working for GI Police Department.When she had to work nights like all the other deputies,She started all these lies about Police Dept. mishandling this case.She can No longer be a Cop in Jefferson and Lafourche Parish.Liars get Caught!!! Be careful what you accuse others of it just might fall back on your nose.

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