Jackson and Mayberry by the Sea have something in common

Through time I’ve learned to trust my instincts and watch certain indicators when it comes to happenings in the investigative community. I’ve also made several connections that include high quality people that know many other high quality people. I’d be more specific about sourcing but that would destroy the magic.

Several months back I ran a post about the City of Jackson, Siemens and Mayor Tony Yarber which highlighted a Jackson Free Press story on Mayor Yarber being questioned by the FBI, an assertion which Mayor Yarber denied. I can’t say who has spoken with whom in Jackson but I can say I’ve confirmed through my own sources that the FBI is looking at the City and the Siemens contract. The rumors surrounding that investigation are about as numerous as the ones involving HCUA so this is no major revelation but the journalism community likes confirmation, especially when it comes from sources that were not previously aware of the Jackson Free Press story or the identity of the Mayor of Jackson for that matter.

Moving right along to here in Mayberry by the Sea, news of the presence of the FBI is not necessarily a bombshell as there had been previous sightings of the G-men at the County annex within the past three years. I can’t be very specific but I will say the latest rumors here do not involve the FBI visiting the County Annex. I have the possibilities narrowed to two but I’ll decline the chance to publicly speculate on those possibilities as things are not yet completely clear. That said I have reason to believe it is connected to issues previously reported on by Slabbed New Media.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Jackson and Mayberry by the Sea have something in common”

  1. Good to see that you are back to the land of the living Doug. Hope you have about made it through the roughest part of this tax year.
    I am about convinced that the FBI has been paid off to lay off of the aliens at the DMR, the SRHS, the JCBOS, the HCBOS, MUA, MBA, and the rest of the Barbour clan. Billy the Boy and his band of merry midgets are laying low while the $$ is being passed out and I am afraid that the Feds have bit. Just like the indictments at the DMR, which were laughable, it appears that the same thing is occurring at SRHS, along with other areas of interest. Stacey Pickering is sitting back enjoying life along with his “friends and family” that he refused to prosecute to the fullest. It is now our time, in a few months, to cleanse this state of all of these bloodsuckers. That would make me happy – start with a clean slate. No excuses from any of them. We don’t want to hear it! Just like they pushed us all aside when we wanted to sit in on the meetings. Kick that bunch out! Vote for ANYONE who runs against Philly – who has proven his love and loyalty to those who would rob the taxpayers’ coffers. They are all tied in together.
    How do you feel about this Doug? You think the FEDS have turned their backs on us all?? After the death of Mr. Martin, it appears that they have pulled out. Maybe he was their “ace in the hole” and was working with them?? Will these crooks continue to rob our Coast?? Only time will tell.
    P. S. If you have any new information, please share. The poor SRHS people are desperate for answers.

    1. It’s a bit too soon to declare tax season whipped Charlene.

      The driver of the quiet after Martin’s indictment is the fact the guy at the US Attorney’s office handling the prosecutions left to run for Attorney General against Jim Hood so another AUSA needs to be brought up to speed. Martin will not be the last indictment of Harrison County public officials.

      As far as the FBI goes I think Mary Beth Romig may have gotten hitched sometime over the past year or so as she now goes by Mary Beth Romig Haskins (congratulations to Mr and Mrs. Haskins). Otherwise I’m still making it a point to stay away from Matt and the rest of the gang here in Mississippi, unless there are circumstances beyond my control such as ending up in the same class at MSCPA Continuing Ed or we happen to end up panel together speaking with Romanian Journalists.

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