“No one can serve two masters…” A SRHS Conflict of Interest Series Part 1

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Slabbed has gone biblical since our Singing River coverage became a hit over in Jackson County with the scripture quoting CEO set there. After all ancient wisdom is the best kind of wisdom thus the post title. All these months later the exact same glaring conflicts of interest still exist with the pension plan. After failing to secretly terminate the pension plan the political set in Jackson County is still searching for an ever elusive financial solution to the ailing finances of the Singing River Health System. Throughout the pension trust has been SRHS management’s captive.

I start today with the conflict of interest on display for all to see as I highlight new SRHS Board of Trustee member Scott Taylor’s first blog post. Taylor’s appointment to the hospital Board of Trustees puts him fundamentally in an interest conflicted position to the financial interest of the pension trust which the Trustees now control. The comments, especially those by Cisco Aguilar, are well worth reading.

In Part 2 Slabbed will examine the underlying litigation and some possible paths out of the financial quagmire.

19 thoughts on ““No one can serve two masters…” A SRHS Conflict of Interest Series Part 1”

  1. I want to commend the employees/retirees of the SRHS for all of their great work in drawing attention to the stealing at their facility. It is too bad that the DMR employees did/do not have the same intestinal fortitude.
    You people have drawn so much attention to your plight, and are a wonderful example of how to get these politicians to pay attention!!! You have them on the run – keep the pressure on!
    In the SH today, I can see that ole Phil is seeking to repair bridges by nominating one of our coastal leaders to the gaming commission, after all of the underhanded things that Fata$$ did to him. And even old John McKay is pandering on Scott Taylor’s blog and reminding the people that Scott was “his appointee”. It is just too funny to watch the arrogant crumbs bending at the knees. I can only hope that the people don’t let these “deeds” blind them at election time and remember to vote them out.

    Carry on the good work SRHS workers and employees. We are all rooting for you!!!! It is sad that you have to fight for what was promised you and what you earned, but sometimes it takes a community to rise up against the scum that are trying to step on you. Great Job!!!

    1. I will never give up this fight. I want was promised to me and I want the people who broke the law to serve jail time. They are no better than the person who breaks into your home and steals your valuables! They need to serve time in parchment. A federal pen would be a vacation for them!!

  2. Roy Williams sue’s his son on behalf of the healthcare system. Roy resigns and hands his job over to his other son who is now responsible for suing his brother.
    If the new BOT member Scott Taylor, cannot see this conflict, we are all in a heap of trouble.
    Scott denigrates some of us- tells us not to panic. Scott, people are losing their jobs every day at the health system. Our pension was terminated by a secret vote behind our backs. Had it not been for Wendy and Trudy panicking we would have lost everything except the 3%. Panic is the correct response when the health system is attacking and harming its own employees. Panic is warranted when good people are cut and the good ole boys and favorite girls are promoted.
    Maybe you are too close to Brett to be objective or too entrenched to be fair. I panic when my family is attacked.

    1. No one at Dogan and Wilkinson was attorney of record in SRHS suing Jackson County Outsource Group, LLC, the LLC of the other Williams’ son, Gentry (not a lawyer). Ed Taylor of Daniel, Horton, Coker and Bell filed the suit. Roy Williams was listed as the registered agent, though, and I have no idea of who is repping Gentry/JCOG LLC. It was only filed in January, so it is just in the opening stages – if anyone really cares, the docket is probably available at the Jackson County courts website. And SRHS isn’t the only one suing it/them:

      CIVIL ACTION NO. 2:14cv33 DPJ-FKB:

      “2. …Jackson County Outsource Group, LLC, has its principal place of business in Jackson County,
      Mississippi. Jackson County Outsource Group, LLC, may be served with process through its
      registered agent, Roy C. Williams, located in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
      3. Patient Benefits Group, LLC is a Mississippi limited liability company organized
      in January of 2013 and that his its principal place of business at 1511 Jackson Avenue,
      Pascagoula, MS 39567. Patient Benefits Group, LLC may be served with process through its
      registered agent, Brett K. Williams, located at 734 Delmas Avenue, Pascagoula, MS…”

      As to the MS Bar, the public is led to believe it exists to protect them from bad lawyers. Nope. It exists to protect lawyers when it can and itself when it is forced to. And the cunning stunts at Dogan & Wilkinson probably haven’t left the Bar with much more playing room, esp. given the high profile nature of the SRHS mess, along with all the other “situations” in which Dogan & Wilkinson has turned up right in the middle.

  3. For those interested in following along with the SRHS / Dogan & Wilkinson / Neil Harris / Chuck Bordis / Paula Yancey recusal circus now at the MS Supreme Court, go to the general docket section of the MS Supreme Court’s website and enter the case year, 2015 and the sequence, 332. The full case number is 2015-M-0332-SCT. Some interesting reading amongst it all. All the filings, except the double-secret “sealed” exhibits, are there in PDF form.

    1. Nunn, looks like the Dogan, Wilkinson,& Williams Circus is now showing at the Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi and Roy Williams is still the ringmaster. After reading all of the info available on the general docket I was most amused by the following joinder. “COMES NOW Stephanie Barnes Taylor…..to request Disqualification of Trail Judge…..The various litigation is subject to intense media scrutiny, strong emotions and unbridled speculation fueled by bloggers and an uniformed public.” Who do you think she is referring to as bloggers? Slabbed .org just could be the bloggers she refers to, in my opinion. How can the public be informed if every damn thing that goes on at the SRHS is top secret. This may be the cause of the unbridled speculation. Time to repost the pictures of Queen Stephanie and l we need to blog her a hundred more times. She knows what happened behind closed doors and is appropriately named as a defendant in these legal actions and deserves the blogging she has received.

      1. >>”The various litigation is subject to intense media scrutiny, strong emotions and unbridled speculation fueled by bloggers and an uninformed public.”

        Leave it to a Harvard Law School graduate to complain about the First Amendment and dumb-as-dirt John Q. Public.

        1. Pieter Teeuwissen didn’t go to Harvard, he went to Univ of Minnesota for his JD (and Tougaloo for undergrad). And if you’re thinking of Brett Williams, that’s almost too funny to comment about – let’s just say he was not, is not and never, if he lives to the age of 152, will be Harvard caliber. He’s a middlin’ fish because daddy and his buddies have scammed the deed to the lil’ bitty ol’ pond – send his ass to Houston, Chicago, DC or NYC and he’d be steamrolled so fast you’d need slow motion to actually see it happen. And daddy and hos buddies ain’t much better – they got their hillbilly asses knocked sideways and upside down in the asbestos litigation they attempted to defend (of course, they did get paid, but you’ll notice they aren’t being hired outside of the area for any serious litigation).

      2. Sorry, I’ve never heard of her, so obviously, I don’t know anything about her. But what makes you think that Roy Williams is still running the circus? I’m not saying he isn’t, but his name isn’t on the filings I’ve seen nor, from what I’ve heard, has he been in court for them since “retirement.” My guess is that Dogan and Wilkinson’s E and O carrier is so puckered you couldn’t drag a needle out of their aholes with a D9 and the partners at D & W are at least considering their personal liability (see, for example, Barrett v. Jones, et al, 27 So. 3d 363), so he’s not going to be doing much, if anything, “out front.” And now that Harris has accused them of various improper representations, misrepresentations of evidence, etc., etc., if they have any survival instinct at all, they’ll be a bit more careful – they ain’t f’ing around in front of buddy-buddy judges anymore.

        1. Nunn,If my memory serves me correctly Stephanie Barne’s claim to fame is her Harvard Law School attendance. I have been informed by a Dogan,Wilkinson,Williams and Others Law Firm insider that the Roy William’s retirement was nothing more than a head fake. He is said to still be the puppet master of the SRHS account.

          1. See my post on Taylor over under that item. As to Williams, I wouldn’t get any closer than you must to Dogan and Wilkinson folks, current or former, retired or “retired.” I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the blast radius if and when that situation eventually goes off. Suffice it to say I would not be surprised in the least to hear of anything and everything from multiple disbarments to multiple serious indictments, fed and state. And I won’t be surprised if nothing happens, either.

  4. The chief excellence officer (Stephanie) is smarter than all those white boys. She bolted and had her doctor husband (SRHS employee) quit as well and they are moving out of state I hear. Some of us were hurt when Larry led the charge to oust her, she’s better off though. I’m sure she was crushed when Kevin got the nod after the bot did an exhaustive 2 day national search. Maybe that’s why she left so easily- a distinguished author and lawyer beaten by a doofus who wears his pants hiked way too high and cries his way out of confrontation.
    Someone in the legal community told me that Kevin was seen entering Dogan Wilkinson with Roy after Roy resigned. They entered through the private door I’m told. I firmly believe Roy is in complete control. Why wouldn’t he be? Gotta help his boy.
    Oh, and now i see the geniuses that voted to terminate the pension ( on the advice of Kevin and his team) have now voted to not terminate it. I’m sure they’ll vote again after the election.
    Thank you Douglas

  5. Interesting that Sybil Barnes Taylor, I mean Srephanie, is talking about bloggers. Shouldn’t the Queen of Legal Services be pre-occupied packing for her family’s big move to Huntsville, AL instead of continuing to kiss SRHS asses?

    I’ve never seen before such a group as these … Talking about being transparent yet they hide everything in sight and fight tooth and nail to keep it hidden

    I can say this much for the Anderson/holland D&W gangs, they are sticking together tighter than gorilla glue

    Sooner or later those cockroaches have gotta run

  6. Cockroaches,Periplaneta americana, come out when you turn the light out and there is food $$ out and then you turn the light on and can step on their heads until you hear the distinct “pop”

    Except da Periplaneta Mississippia cockroaches are inbred misfits which put on sunglasses and come out in lite back rooms without fear cuz dem got protection connections wit dem big fat cockroaches in Jackson.

    So until Jackson is fumigated and da’ fat cockroaches are eradicated da’ little cockroaches will remain bold and fearless.

  7. Rescinding the Termination may be good but … Yes Everything will be “like it was” … Just like when Chris Anderson was there. And Everyone is a winner and everyone is a hero – for a day. That’s Fantasy land.
    Somebody better ask where on earth is the money is going to come from. Clearly the hospital is bleeding out money, even though less than it was but still not “making” money, from last month’s news accounts. And the county cannot afford police cars so not likely they are going to cough up a couple million a year. Even if all the lawyers on tv will chip in a couple million each, that is probably not enough.
    Bad situations don’t usually get better with time. Hope I am wrong but Sometimes the first loss is better than the last loss. Waiting for the last loss likely is going to be worse…mark my words.

  8. And according to today’s Sun Herald, AGAIN, the SRH Trustees met in secret. So much for John McKay appointing his good friend Mr. Taylor. But that appointee does not surprise anyone knowing McKay’s track record.

    What are those crooks going to do when Senator Wiggins’ bill on open government becomes law? Guess they can do their business at each other’s home prior to the open meetings they will be required to have in the future.

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