And the Sheriff would’ve kneed the boy in the nuts if he’d been there: A JPSO Mardi Gras Beating Update

The lesson I am learning from Sheriff Noodles is to never get uppity with his guys but first:

Another lesson I think that should be clear to all is to avoid Jefferson Parish on Mardi Gras. In Jefferson Parish there is the above while over on the uptown parade route this is how the police kill time between the parades there:

Jefferson Parish Sheriff: Teen punched on video ‘started it’; Boy owes cop an apology, Normand says ~ Jim Mustian

While Normand declined to second-guess Breaux, he said he wasn’t “so sure I would have struck (Becker) with my fist, for fear of breaking my hand.”

“But I’d have definitely kneed him in the groin,” Normand added. “I’d have kneed him in the stomach. I’d have tried to knock his wind out, because he does not have the legal right or authority to grab my officer. That is not what we’re paid for.”

But really happened yesterday at the presser was the Sheriff nabbed a couple gallons of gasoline and started singing Fire Water Burn but seeing is believing in this case folks:

11 thoughts on “And the Sheriff would’ve kneed the boy in the nuts if he’d been there: A JPSO Mardi Gras Beating Update”

    1. Make a basic arrest without shit kicking the hell out of a kid. Other law enforcement agencies manage to do this as a matter of routine.

      1. He resisted. Therefore he’s responsible for the escalation. But then again, for some people, it’s always the cops fault…

          1. The violence was needless and that’s exactly what Mr. Sheriff fails to comprehend. He celebrated it at the presser instead.

  1. My comments on this situation should, perhaps, be taken with a grain of salt, because I bring admitted “prejudice” to the conversation, due to the following: (1) I was the victim of brutality by “law enforcement” (ie. GOONS with guns and badges) in the aftermath of KATRINA, which remains un-redressed; (2) I dislike Sheriff “Noodle” Normand, because: (A) He is guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance and non-feasance in connection with my Family’s Jefferson Parish Mississippi River batture property. Notwithstanding his position as Sheriff for the Parish, he not only has failed to enforce the law which prohibits the crime of “criminal trespass”, and the crimes of “falsification of public records” and “perjury”, but he has affirmatively conspired with the criminals he is protecting, and failing to arrest, to enable and facilitate the trespassers’ illegal occupation of my Family’s land, simultaneously collecting taxes from people who do not own the land, as part of a conspiracy to give their fraudulent claim(s) of ownership credibility, all to the detriment of my Family. The collection of taxes from persons who hold no title to the land is very recent, and he continues to collect taxes from the O’Dwyer Family, just as he has done since taking over from Harry Lee. (B) He had me illegally “arrested” for the “crime” of “cyber-stalking” (which sounds perverted, but really accused me – falsely – of “threatening” someone with bodily harm), and then never having me arraigned for the “crime”, much less prosecuted, because he knew the charge to be entirely bogus. I repeat: “If I ever harbored thoughts of bodily harm against anyone, then THEY WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD!” So, Ashton O’Dwyer does not “like” Sheriff “Noodle” Normand. That said, his plain-clothed Deputy, as far as what appears on the videotape, repeatedly struck the “youth”, who I will assume is a THUG, who may have provoked the plain clothed GOONS, while the THUG was face-down, on the ground, and not only “not resisting”, but in no position to resist. How would the “Lame Stream Media” have reacted to the videotape if the “victim” of what appears to have been “gratuitous police brutality” had been a Negro pimp, drug addict, burglar, rapist or welfare cheat? What do “Peace Officer Standards and Training” (POST) say about hitting an unarmed suspect, who is face-down on the ground, at least four (4) times, and who does not appear to be in any position to resist arrest? So how do you justify your Deputy’s action, as it appears in the videotape, under POST, “Noodle”? How would you have “kneed” him while lying face-down (or would you have “stomped” him, Noodle)? Even if a subject resists, once he is subdued, may the GOONS who work for you just decide that they are going to “teach him a lesson”, even if that lesson is unnecessary (although they make think it’s deserved)? How is that situation addressed in POST, “Noodle”? I also thought that the Sheriff, “Noodle”, came off as a THUG, himself, during his videotaped interview. The plain-clothed Deputy who punched the “youth”, repeatedly, while the youth was face-down, on the ground, was just following the example of “the Boss”, Sheriff “Noodle” Normand. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Ashton, Noodles is a simple reminder of what happens when you get power. Noodles would whizz on himself if he was shorn of his gun & badge and tried to enforce his thuggery on someone able to protect himself.
      Noodles would have done well in the GULAG or in Pol Pot’s camps, practicing thuggery simply because he could,.

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