4 thoughts on “Nearer my Boss Hogg to thee….”

  1. You have got to stop this Doug!!! I was sitting quietly and had just taken a bite of my sandwich for lunch and I read this and almost choked on it!!! Give us a little warning prior to these cute snips!!!
    I hear that the Boss has moved back home and joined another group of minions. Guess he got tossed out of the game with the big boys (who he likes to think he is). He is nothing but a good salesman, and those are a dime a dozen. Looks like the people up in Washington have had enough of him. Maybe Jamie Miller will give him a job? Ahem, excuse me – maybe he will give him a “position” at the Bolton building. Oh this is too rich!!! Must finish my lunch and get back to work… you have made my day!

    1. Charlene,

      You better get back to work or you could be FIRED!!! 😉

      I liked your comment about “giving a position” as I have heard for awhile now this appears to be true of General Spraggins’. I don’t know to much of the details other than most people at the DMR really have no idea of his actual responsibilities and what he actually does. Of course, you never know of what may come up on Slabbed or if pictures and video surveillance exist that may provide a clue………………

      I would die for a copy of his DD-214 from when he was discharged.

  2. I can understand how the DMR and SRHS capture the highlight news stories but here are a couple of examples which hit home:


    That’s right folks, people from other countries using false identities. Not a big surprise and they, along with other illegal immigrants can be found almost anywhere: A major shipyard working in the ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT; a local “Bubba” construction crew; or a home town SEAFOOD PROCESSOR. You never know where they may turn up so be on the lookout. Americans need to take a stand against companies who employ these people and take their business elsewhere. I think its clear that these people are too chickin-shit to start a revolution in Mexico and fight for freedom as we did over 200 years ago. They would rather take the easy way out, jump the boarder and steal our jobs.

    Here is another one:


    A utility monopoly run by the Good Ol’ Boy’s. I will prey for heavy lawsuits against MS Power if rates go up 40%. There is no way the public should be responsible for this.

    The stories above where provided by the Sun Herald……………….

  3. And who would have thunk that the Dept of (In)Justice would indict a sitting US Senator mobbed up with Fearless Leader???

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