I personally think it is highly inappropriate….

That the flag at the Harrison County Courthouse was lowered to half staff today to honor a crook.

I’m not much on speaking ill of the deceased but I’m certainly not much on honoring a politician that stole tax money for a decade in the same way that heroes that died in the line of duty for our country are honored. Whoever made that decision is clearly not thinking straight.

Meantime we have this breaking news out of Jackson.

Harrison payments to Health Assurance match dates cited in Martin indictment. Coincidence? ~ Jackson Jambalaya

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    1. I wonder how many of Martin’s own constituents were impacted badly by his illegal activity? Jerry Mitchell set things up for us last December:

      State corrections officials disregarded risk to the health and safety of young prisoners at the Walnut Grove prison, U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves concluded in a scathing March 22, 2012, report on the then GEO Group-run facility.

      The sum of “these actions and inactions” by those officials, GEO and Health Assurance, which was contracted to provide medical and mental health care, “paints a picture of such horror as should be unrealized anywhere in the civilized world,” he wrote.

      Despite these words, the Mississippi Department of Corrections gave Health Assurance a contract to provide health care at East Mississippi Correctional Facility, paying the company $12 million over the past three years, according to state records.

      In a lawsuit filed against MDOC in September, the ACLU called conditions at East Mississippi barbaric with a “callous denial of prisoners’ serious medical and mental health needs.”

  1. My head is spinning and I am going to have to start keeping notes about who did what. This will require setting up a complete file system and maybe even the hiring of an assistant. I better go by Office Depot and pick up some extra supplies and a filing cabinet. Our state seems to be sliding down a hill into a giant pool of corruption. While I am sick to my stomach about William Martin taking his life, I feel much more sorrow for his family that is left to deal with the situation he escaped from. No flags at half mast for his actions at my office. I agree this is totally inappropriate. I am hearing that he will be exposed in coming weeks to have been not the man many think he was. I guess we all wonder how does it get bad enough to punish your family in this manner. I have always been told its the coward’s way out. I hope whomever is next has a stronger way about them.

  2. Thanks to our elected and appointed public officials, we have sadly earned the one thing in the nation that we rated #1—Most corrupt state in the nation. But, I hope people understand it is not the general public, mostly it is the politicians who are paid by us to serve us. My heart goes out to that family, but the men in my family who are military veterans don’t like the way that flag is being abused and exploited in Gulfport.

  3. Totally inappropriate. Horrible situation but more horrible decisions don’t make horrible situations better, they make them worse. Somebody needs to be a leader and stop the madness.

  4. Joe Meadows has the experience and the intelligence to offer some leadership to the Board of Supervisors. Maybe he did, and they would not listen. That flag should go back up to full staff. hope it has by now. The Governor ordered the flags to half staff for Ford, former speaker of the house, but only for 24 hours.

  5. It is a tie! Which is the most inept and corrupt county in our state between Jackson and Harrison? Jackson has Byrd, the Singing River Hospital pension plan debacle with inept supervisors and trustees and maybe crooked lawyers advising them. Of course, some of the players in the DMR scheme were from Jackson County including the Walkers and some never indicted. Harrison County had the bulk of DMR cronies and continue to operate with business as usual. Supervisor Savant indicted for kick backs and now Supervisor Martin commits suicide instead of facing the music.

    I rest my case.

  6. While I can understand the respect for the flag at half mast for an elected official, This official is not deserving. An elected official is supposed to uphold the laws more than anyone. That person was elected to protect the people and work in the best interest of the office he or she is serving.

    This person worked in the best interest of himself. It is a total disgrace for the city officials to honor him in such a way that was meant for people that were honest and held the integrity to warrant the flag being placed at half mast.

    Maybe these officials should be investigated also if they supported his actions and feel he should be honored. Lets start looking at our other supervisors and elected officials.

  7. In Orleans Parish, we have the witness of former city council president Oliver Thomas. “One of the things I hope that resonates with the audience is that when negative things happen to you it does not have to be the end of your life.” New Orleans Data News Weekly 4-9-2014. To those Mississippi readers who may not have heard: “On August 13,2007, Thomas resigned his council seat and pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge. In late 2001 and early 2002, Thomas took $15,000 in kickbacks from Stan “Pampy” Barre, a local businessman and associate of then-mayor Marc Morial. Barre owned a company which operated a number of French Quarter parking lots under contract with the city, and paid Thomas in order to ensure that the Morial-era contracts would be renewed under the incoming administration. Thomas agreed to Barre’s terms, but also demanded and received one third of the parking profits in kickbacks through one of his associates. On November 21, 2007, Thomas was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for bribery. Not long after his release from prison, Thomas starred in “Reflections: A Man and His Time”, a biographical play, co-written with Anthony Bean (Community Theater), about his political downfall and personal redemption.” Wikipedia. ‘Lead Plays Himself in Drama on Scandal’: “The meaning of Mr. Thomas’s disgrace and its context in the city’s body politic, lies at the center of the play.” New York Times 1-14-2011. “In the sad sense, politics is too much theater. Some of the acting in politics has been crafted by politicians so well that people believe it’s not acting, when in too many cases it is acting. It’s just a stage play at the highest level.” Oliver Thomas ~ The Week 1-21-2011.

    1. Hancock Sups do not disappoint either. Now I understand how Scott Walker fits into MDOC, confirming a rumor that was circling around the investigative community.

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