Public Education: Why Johnny can’t read and a severe lack of transparency at BWSD dominates the local grapevine

The Clarion Ledger was on a tear over the weekend:

Education politics grow more absurd ~ Geoff Pender

Geoff, thanks for this article. What we are dealing with is an ELECTION YEAR. That is when any and everybody can get thrown under the bus, even the kids.

Educators sound off on Common Core, MAEP ~ Emily Le Coz

Loophole lets pedophiles get educator licenses ~ Emily Le Coz

Meantime for those that missed it a comment bump from Lana Noonan regarding a special meeting of the Bay Waveland School District’s Board of Trustees:

The Bay-Waveland School Board hit a home run again today in their efforts to operate under the same clandestine scenario that has become business as usual for them. At a special called meeting to interview potential architects for future projects, they chose to do so in Executive Session.

Now, currently, there is no provision in the Open Meetings Law in Miss. for discussing in Executive Session those professionals who will do contract work for a public entity, only the entity’s own personnel. In a effort to keep things clean, I reminded them of this, but Board Attorney Artigues, stated that this was a” special situation.” Really, after reading the Open Meetings Law, I could find no “special situations” that could be subjectively declared by a public Board or their attorney that would give permission to conduct the kind of business they did today.

The “special situation” was, according to Artigues, that it would be unfair for them all to speak in front of everyone, because they would all get to hear what the others had to say. The Administration building looked plenty big enough to me to separate them from each other until their turn came. And, their agenda contradicted Artigues because the Board had given each firm a different time to appear. That took care of privacy and confidentiality issues right there. I spoke to one of them as he waited his turn, and he told me that he had no problem having the others hear what he had to say.

It’s just the PUBLIC that this Board and their attorney want to prevent from knowing how “business” is conducted, and where their tax dollars are going. This Board desperately needs input because their track record this year regarding contracts, engineers, architects, and construction projects is disgraceful. But, who cares? The good old tax payers will pick up the tab no matter who they hire on their behalf and how much they let them run amuck. Who was it that said “Of, by and for the people?” Maybe it’s that building itself that provides an atmosphere for shady business dealings!!

What makes it so pathetic is it was not that long ago…..

Bay violated open meetings law ~ Sea Coast Echo

Next up, the Bay Waveland School District to pay their Board Attorney more money to defend the bad advice he dispensed. After all, it’s only money huh?  This is exactly how the same group was able to perpetrate the Bay Tech Building Swindle.

One thought on “Public Education: Why Johnny can’t read and a severe lack of transparency at BWSD dominates the local grapevine”

  1. Geoff Pender knocked it out of ball park on this one. That would ordinarily bring praise from the Bay-Waveland School Board and their Superintendent because Ball Parks are their specialty.
    But Geoff put it to them on their priorities–and not just them, but the continuing lack of priorities from all of these “educators” and politicians throughout this state regarding what is best for the students and the state as well.
    And, it goes right on up to Jackson and the “powers that be” up there. Those who promote dropping this 3rd Grade reading test this April to determine if these children should be socially promoted to 4th Grade or detained or given the support they need, should all walk out of the Capitol single file. Shame on them for not having the backbone to enforce the law they passed in 2013. And, shame on these so called educators who are lobbying them to do so.
    If some of these people were accused of really caring about the students in this state, there wouldn’t be a shred of evidence to convict them.
    Let’s see what our Legislature and Educators do to prove whether they care about our children or their elections this year. Since education is a big block vote, I’m betting they’ll go for the ballot box.
    Just throw the kids under that big yellow bus. They’ll use them for their political football for another four years. After all, ball and ball parks are their specialty.

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