Monday Open: SRHS Retirees taking the road show to Jackson, JPSO caught stomping defenseless teen on camera plus the Congroovancy loses one

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SRHS retirees turned protesters trying to save pension ~ Anita Lee

Hospital retirees meet today to plan a rally at the State Capitol ~ WLOX

AG opinions say Biloxi can’t sell naming rights to ballfield ~ Mary Perez

New Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office report: High school student Brady Becker a drunken aggressor who threw punch, tried to strangle deputy ~ Jim Mustian

Yep, sure looks like the kid was strangling that deputy while the deputy was beating his face in.

Supers seek answers in DWSD controversy ~ Dwayne Bremer

Sheriff probes DHS fraud claims ~ Dwayne Bremer

Finally, for all the rocket scientists in the media and legislature that think movie tax credits are actually a good idea I have this from Lee Zurik:

Finally I note the passing of attorney/blogger Tom Freeland of Oxford over the weekend. Tom’s contributions to the online scene here in Mississippi were immense. He was a talented writer whose ongoing work online will be missed.

10 thoughts on “Monday Open: SRHS Retirees taking the road show to Jackson, JPSO caught stomping defenseless teen on camera plus the Congroovancy loses one”

  1. While sipping my coffee this morning Doug, I almost choked while reading this latest post! More Horizon shenanigans?? Is this the same Horizon company that is installed at the DMR offices? I fail to understand how this blatant fleecing of the public coffers can continue right under the noses of our State Auditor and the FBI without repercussions. The Republican machine has to be stopped from doing this!!! How can your readers help? How can we round them up and put in prison?? (It’s obvious that Stacey Pickering has no intention of helping.)
    You did an excellent job of listing all of the many ways (and locations) that these farces are being carried out. Since our Congressman, Puhl-ass-o has no intention of doing anything either, maybe Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker might do something? It may be too late for all of them. It appears that the public has had enough of being robbed. The Republican party may have cooked their gooses and be put down the road in this next election. And it still amazes me that they all claim to be God-fearing Christians!!! Is that a joke!! “You reap what you sow”.

  2. So, is Scott Taylor the real deal or is he a wolf in trustees’ clothing? I saw his conflict of interest disclosure and heard he visited the picket lines. Doesn’t take much courage to do that. I’d like to see him do the following:
    Release documents the public has been asking for- contracts, salaries, etc
    Have a retiree or vested employee as his guest at each board meeting.
    Begin a process to hold admin accountable for attempting to secretly eliminate the pension.
    Share invoices of what we have paid the firm of Dogan Wilkinson since Jan of 2014 and itemize all other legal expenses.
    If he does this, he’s the real deal and I’ll vote for him when he runs for office after all this is over.

    1. Scott is one person on a board of nine trustees. Because the two physician trustees do not vote, it takes four votes to do anything. The documents you ask for are all highly relevant. But they do not belong to him personally. He cannot just hand them out to you, me or anyone. The court process (or Senator Wiggins bill which should pass the House shortly) will bring those documents eventually into the light.
      By law retirees and employees should be able to attend board meetings now. The problem has been that too much of those meetings has been cloaked in “executive session” (or perhaps more appropriately “executive hiding”) where non-board members are excluded.
      My experience with Scott over the years has been great. I know he is going into this with the best of intentions.

  3. Pathetic, is it not, when the usual and inevitable defense for thuggery-by-internal security functionary (“sicherheits” ring a bell?) is that the “suspect’s face ran into my fist.”

  4. Holy Retirees Giv’ em Hell – today up in Jackson !!!!!

    The brave Drurys are both on their last legs but they are out there in wheelchairs protesting which serves as an example to those retirees who don’t show up and picket – may God Bless you but don’t complain later how you got screwed cuz the time to fight is NOW !!!!

    The Republicans are in deep BS strategy trying to pull another DMR escape ( asking for extensions of time for overdue financial reports) right up to day to qualify for BOS and BOT so all you good citizens of Mississippi step forward and qualify cuz unless yo’ last name is Obama or yo’ bees a felon yo’ will get votes and all votes pull votes from the political crony crooks.

    All it would take would be for one or two retirees to get elected to the BOS or BOT and that would grind and derail those crony’s money train.

    1. What the sheeple don’t realize is that a state legislature could use its investigatory power to shed some light on an issue. The public records bill is frankly bolting the door after the horse has fled; instead, some committee hearings would represent a well received turning up the heat on the malefactors.

      But then, I already knows the answer, right? Smoke n mirrors and a dog n pony show for the rubes, whilst the retirees waive bye-bye to the elected looters absconding with the greenbacks.

  5. BREAKING NEWS…..SH Anthony to be charged with conspiracy ,is cooperating with the FBI. Is this the other leg of the rumored indictments that we keep hearing about? I think the feds milked him for all they could get, he has cut his deal and now others will be named that participated in the HCUD scandal which is only beginning. Savant, Anthony and soon Kamran P. will all be government witnesses. Who will be next?

  6. Lockemuptight, I think we are peas in a pod. We be thinking about the same ting here. Them Drurys and Mannings, they are some good people. Irby. James, Pat, Hattie and others are all doing the right thang! But they need more.

    Whether you folks be young or old , retired or not, it is time to shake them tail feathers, ring ‘dem bells. You either stand united for something or you fall for every damn lie told to you.

    Yall go and get ’em up in Jackson! Old gramps will stay up here in the ‘Cleve and hopefully will be rested ’nuff to tell a good night story tomorrow.

  7. Grandpa Grimm :

    Yo’ said ‘… we bees two peas in a pod’

    I done knew I had a missing bro’ somewhere out dere in a pod and I would find him one day.

    Where did yo’ pod originally land ? Who bees yo’ pod leader and when do we mass and take over da’ world from da’ Muslims?

    Maybe yo’ needs to tell me a Grimm Mississippi bedtime story to settle me down Grandpa.

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