SRHS Retirees Protest through the Mardi Gras Holiday plus Judge Harris is on the case to stay (Updated)

And that’s not all folks as the retirees also packed the Jackson County Board of Sups meeting. The Sups voted to extend their previous agreement to continue to pension for another 120 days after the current plan extension expires next month.

Reader Submitted Photo | SHRS Retirees Protest outside the SRHS Administrative Office Complex in Gautier (2/17/15)
Reader Submitted Photo | SHRS Retirees Protest outside the SRHS Administrative Office Complex in Gautier (2/17/15)
Reader Submitted Photo | SHRS Retirees Protest outside the SRHS Administrative Office Complex in Gautier (2/17/15)
Reader Submitted Photo | SHRS Retirees Protest outside the SRHS Administrative Office Complex in Gautier (2/17/15)

And then with the recommendation of his special master in hand, Judge Harris announced he will not recuse himself from the pension cases. Given the circumstances I think the Hospital system is entering the house of pain. It will be interesting to see how far Holland and company at Team SRHS will go trying to cover for its former Board and advisors because his Rotary Club talking points blaming everything on KPMG won’t fly far on the witness stand. Stay tuned.


Thanks to a reader, Slabbed has both the special master’s report along with Chancellor Harris’ order and reasons. Click the pics below the jump to obtain the documents.

Click to obtain 44 page pdf
Click to obtain 44 page pdf
Click to obtain 17 page pdf
Click to obtain 17 page pdf

33 thoughts on “SRHS Retirees Protest through the Mardi Gras Holiday plus Judge Harris is on the case to stay (Updated)”

  1. I am so proud for these poor people!!! I hope that the entire county is supporting their efforts to save their hard earned dollars. Please give them all of the support that you can people. They have been done wrong by the powers that be and someone needs to be held accountable. The problem is that the layers of people that have been put in place to hide the “head culprit” will be hard to unravel. I hope, that for the sake of the people of the coast, that the true crooks are all named and severely punished. I hope that they will get what they deserve instead of the pat on the hand that the crooks from the DMR got. Good luck SRH workers!!! We are all with you in spirit!!!!

    1. Well, don’t get too excited yet. I haven’t seen the billing records, of course, but it seems that Dogan and Wilkinson have several partners working on this – I’ve seen reports and filings that indicate that Edwards, Wilkinson, Amy St. Pe, both Williams, recent switch-over Kelly Sessoms (from Phelps, Dunbar), and the latest addition to the pack, Chuck Bordis, all having their lips firmly around this tit (at least 3 or 4 of them have signed filings and/or appeared in court). That could and probably does mean that all this “motion practice” is being “fully billed” to the SRHS retirement plan, which of course means that there is just that much less in it for the retirees. And if past performance is even the slightest indicator of the future, Dogan and Wilkinson are going to milk this skinny cow for as much milk as they can squeeze out, and then, they’ll make hamburger out of her. The only thing(s) that will stop these reprehensible people is disbarring or indictment, because they have absolutely no – and I mean none – morals, scruples or ethics that might slow them down.

      About the only positive thing about all the crooks dipping their snouts into the trough is that none of them will be able to claim, “gee, we had no idea!”

      1. Nunn, The firm of Dogan,Wilkinson,Williams,Bordis and others must be very disappointed in Judge Harris for his decision to hang tough. They were unsuccessful in ousting him with Paula Yancey. They could not get their boating friend to keep any or all of the cases in federal court. They could not intimidate Harris with their false allegations of being biased. Now they will just have to live with him.If Judge Harris is not pissed at this point, he has no temper. The doors have been kicked open and now the information they have refused to provide must be given to the plaintiff’s attorneys. I guess at some point the SRHS will wonder how much expertise this Dudley Do Wrong firm really has outside of creating new LLCs or ignoring obvious conflicts of interest. I believe more than anything at this point that they have been covering for, providing protection to and participating with others in a scheme that passes monetary benefits to certain individuals from the SRHS operations. How much they been paid for all of this will soon be public record as it should be. Might be time for all of the Dogan and Wilkinson partners to board that 60′ Hatteras to watch the sunset on the SRHS account, which must be their most profitable.

  2. Doug – you are spot on with your KPMG comment. At some point, someone will take a step back and see one of the BIG issues at hand – SRHS is currently not financially viable and it is possible and maybe even probable, they cannot be going forward.

    Essentially, if the $88M adjustment for the write-off of uncollectable accounts had been spread over the past years for when the accounts were established AND SRHS had been funding the pension plan over the last several years to meet the actuarially defined targets, SRHS would have already been bankrupt. They would have been showing loses of approximately $40-$60million each of those years (give or take how the spread of the $88M would have been and what the specific annual requirement of the pension plan would have been, both of which aren’t exactly known to the public). Those amounts of losses do not allow for an institution the size of SRHS (around $350M in sales) to be a financial viable business.

    1. How this SRHS saga ends has already been determined, including the financial conditions you mention. It is only a matter of time. The only unknown is the number of innocent casualties between now and the end.

      We should know a lot more on exactly how SRHS got to where it is in about 90 days

      1. You will not know in 90 days because the Jackson county board of supervisors just extended themselves to July – now almost 150 days! They have had three months of attorney fees from willie ice-man Guice (now he get to bill for four more months!). This also gets them closer to election before they have to make the hard decision. It’s All for political gain. No one has the balls to say that the ill-fated mismanaged legal pyramid scheme now has victims. No one has the balls.

        1. Don’t forget about the pending litigation before Harris. Discovery motions are pending before him from both sides. Depending on their disposition, some SRHS records could be in the hands of those retiree attorneys in 3-4 weeks.

        2. This is exactly right. I can see Col Jessep now, “You can’t handle the truth.” Like it or not, there is no way to make that money reappear. Neither the county nor the hospital system has it. The retirement plan is dead, and with no money going in, but still the same money coming out, it is going busto faster than ever.
          Who should be punished and what should that punishment be…well that is a conversation we should get to quickly, but in the immediate…
          All these people would be better off understanding the situation they are in, then maybe they can more quickly start exercising plan B. This is classic kicking of the proverbial can down the road. Weak, weak, weak leadership!

          1. Slabbedfan has it precisely right. First, from the criminal investigation side, that isn’t intended to “get the money back” – in other words, the FBI, the local DA, the DOJ, etc. are not primary avenues of monetary recovery. Certainly, restitution/disgorgement can be a condition of a plea bargain or other criminal proceeding, but this isn’t the $350K or so that Scott Walker scammed/stole/looted and is supposed to cough up. Plus, if the criminal part of this leads where certain facts and rumors indicate it might well lead, there will be more entities than the pension going after the relatively small pot of funds. Which brings us to the second problem.

            No one can “recover” what simply is not there. From what it seems, none of the players have the kind of money (or bonding/E & O insurance) that will fund the pension to a sustainable level, assuming it could be gotten-to. And again, it seems possible that other entities will be staking claims to the same relatively small pot. This isn’t a situation where someone stole $XX millions and hid it all under their mattress, from where it can be recovered and given back.

            The only source of meaningfully large funds for the pension mess that is readily apparent at this point are the taxpayers of Jackson County, such as via the 5 mil prop tax increase, or, a sale of the system and pension to an entity with deep pockets and a very high tolerance for risk. A “fall back” position is to have a real manager who can attempt to salvage what is there while slowly building things back up. But since no one thus far connected to the mess has given the slightest hint that they are capable of such a task or that they are even willing to pursue such a course, it is back to the taxpayers (and no, Dickie Scruggs ex-waterboy hasn’t shown anything yet – will he ever? Who knows?).

            1. NB – if I were a SRHS retiree (or soon to be one), I’d be expecting and planning for a reduction in benefits, possibly significant, for at least a period of time (or a lump-sum distribution that will not equal or amortize to what you had expected). The sad bottom line is that SRHS employees who counted on the pension will probably, almost certainly, take some level of “hit” because of this. Of course, I’d *hope* for the best as things might work out better than expected, but I’d not *plan* on that.

              And if I were a retiree in Jackson County (SRHS or otherwise), I sure might consider using some of my “retired time” to get VERY involved in clearing out the entire rat’s nest that currently controls much Jackson County and its various sub-entities (boards, commissions, etc.) as well as the cities of Ocean Spring and Pascagoula, including many of the elected officials and the “buddies” to whom they hire with YOUR money. These jerks have their “good ol’ boy network” (but be assured, they aren’t all “boys” – there are several “girls”) and it would be helpful if you folks had yours.

            2. “The only source of meaningfully large funds for the pension mess that is readily apparent at this point are the taxpayers of Jackson County,”

              Agreed. Now imagine the howls of dissent and protests from those Jackson County residents who are very sympathetic to SRHS employees, but ask the simple question: “Why should I have to pay higher taxes for someone else’s screw-up?”

              1. Almost certainly, the pension mess wasn’t a “screw-up,” it was fraud. A “screw-up” is investing the money with Bernie Madoff, shorting whale oil futures and building “upscale retail” and “luxury condos” in Iraq and Syria.

                Right now, some key questions are “at what bank(s) is/are the account(s) with the employees’ contribution portion” and once that is known, I’d want to a) review a list of every loan that bank made during the relevant time (amounts could be redacted), including certain categories of “retail” loans over a certain amount (high dollar autos, boats, planes, etc.), and b) give the bank 15 days to produce a list of every transaction that in any way related to, relied upon, was linked to the account(s) and a list of every person or entity ever linked to the account(s) in any way (such as, but not limited to, every person or entity whose profile reflected the account(s)).
                Then, I would want to depose the/every listed broker for each and every equity, fund, bond or other regulated transaction in the pension’s portfolio. If anything funny showed up there that the broker wouldn’t explain voluntarily, I’d want to see his/her/their financial records. And, I’d want to see the brokerage records of anyone involved in the decision-making process to compare and see if anything that appeared manipulative with the pension fund investments was mirrored by transaction(s) by individuals involved.
                And then, if there were any “private investment placement(s),” I’d want to depose everyone involved in it/them.
                I’m not going to post a beginner’s guide to pension fund hijinks, but suffice it to say that one would not need to steal a penny of the corpus to get fairly significant benefits via any number of schemes. Here’s one example: open a commercial bank account with 5 million dollars, styled “Singing River ECF A” with the funds properly accounted for in the pension’s books. However, list “Bugs Bunny” (obviously, one would list a real person) as authorized on the account. Now, depending on the bank, good ol’ Bugs’ profile shows he controls 5 mil on deposit, so when Bugs asks for and gets a 1 mil loan for another of “his” entities (that he and his pal Elmer Fudd profit from, but that would not have gotten anything without the “boost” from the appearance of the 5 mil), no one bats an eye. Now, some might say, “well, that’s not honest, but there’s no real loss to the pension fund.” Nope. If this were the 1970s and CDs, etc. were paying 15%, that might be true. But for the last several years, bank rates have been in the basis points (25 basis points = .25%), not percentage points – essentially, they pay nothing. So, by keeping all those funds in accounts that pay nothing, there is outgo, but no input. But Bugs and Elmer can’t take the fund money out of the bank because at the very least, they lose the “boost,” and depending on the bank, the loan(s) might get called and they cannot pay them with the pension funds because that really is a “go directly to jail” move. Besides, what do they care about the rate of return – it isn’t their retirement that is getting screwed up.
                Did something like this happen? I have no idea, but it would certainly explain why the employee contributions were put into bank account(s) rather than safe, reasonable investments that would have paid returns that would have actually meant something. And the timeframe fits, too. Rates plummeted between early 2008 and early 2009 (from in the 5-6% range to .50% range).

  3. Still not enough people in visual protest to put fear into the Republican political machine.I don’t see or hear the State Administration alarmed or in fear!

    I believe the stay order is causing the people with the greatest to lose to pause and blink – but it’s like a pick pocket artist who diverts attention away and then in a blink of a second it’s all over. You have lost it and you don’t realize till it’s too late.

    Don’t be lullabyed to sleep retirees – protest now when your protest pressure can make a difference.

  4. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors are running scared. They know damn well their reelection hinges on their supporting the retirees and upcoming retirees of the Singing River Hospital system. That’s why they keep extending the life of the pension. So like former Supervisor Frank Leache has written about a newspaper or tv comment on line, I think the supervisors have had time to find out where and who is responsible for the debacle at Singing River Hospital. What is the hold up of stating to the public the culprits? Will we have another DMR boondoggle?

    I’m sure some of you readers of Slabbed knows the answers to the above.

  5. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors are running scared. They know damn well their reelection hinges on their supporting the retirees and upcoming retirees of the Singing River Hospital system. That’s why they keep extending the life of the pension. So like former Supervisor Frank Leache has written about a newspaper or tv comment on line, I think the supervisors have had time to find out where and who is responsible for the debacle at Singing River Hospital. What is the hold up of stating to the public the culprits? Will we have another DMR boondoggle?

    I’m sure some of you readers of Slabbed knows the answers to the above.

    1. Mr. Rodgers,

      You are another commenter that brings a warm feeling to my heart. Another DMR boggle you say? It would not surprise me at all with the Radical Regime running things. If Pickering gets involved God help us all. He may try to pin it on a Radiologist or a night shift RN.

  6. Each and every one of you have the power in your hand to stop these thieves. Go to the polls and vote them out. Stop being friends with people who are stealing you blind. Stop voting for them is they are ineffective leaders. I don’t care how long you have known them or if they are kin to you. If they are not doing the job, vote them out. Let’s face it – all of the BOS need to be gone. They have already proven their worth – zilch. Get out and vote or shut up complaining because each of us have to do our share. It is your responsibility to vote these scums out.

  7. Mona,
    In all my years of covering stories and even more years of reading to my children at bedtime, I could not have said it any clearer or more plain than you just did.

    The most powerful weapons the retirees have are 1. Their vote 2. Their persistence to continue to grow in numbers and 3. visibly demonstrate their utter and total disgust with the leaders at SRHS, the Bd of Trustees and the JCBOS .

    Carry on retirees , never waiver in your right to demand what is yours. Do not be silent and trust none of the Supervisors. They will drag it out till after elections and then screw you.

    1. Grandpa Grimm, does anyone care about the even larger number of VESTED EMPLOYEES who have ZERO pension to look forward to?
      I am sick and tired of the BOS acting like they are doing something and the emphasis is on “acting.” What exactly are we paying Mr. Guide to do? Does anyone know if the FBI was really here investigating SRHS? If they were, are they still here? How much are we paying the outside forensic auditor? Have they reported anything? Why hasn’t SRHS been ordered by the court to open the books? This is a publicly owned entity that we the taxpayers are being denied access to the books! We won’t even talk about our DA. He should not be involved in any investigation with ties to Roy Williams et al.

      It will be soon 90 days since the BOT voted in secret to terminate the employee pension fund. Numerous people have been hired by the BOS to sort this sesspool of a mess out. Yet we’ve heard nothing on the progress that has been made or has no progress been made?

      The SRHS BOT needs to be gone as well as the current administrative team. It is past time to clean house!

      1. One small clarification – SRHS audited financial statements are public. If anyone wants to google them, you will run across them. They have also been linked on this site before. This is the info I have used for some quick analytical reviews. Again, the info is eye-opening.

        I suspect that there may be something to the theory of delaying past the election cycle. I am sure that any of these financial specialist that have been hired have done initial reviews of the financial situation and are really scratching their head at how they will come up some bit of good news for the BOS. I also suspect that by now the BOS has been told the few choices on how the situation will have to play out. None of which would be good re-election talking points.

        1. Clarification: I was speaking about the records of the pension fund. What went in, what came out and to who, what the fund earnings were, etc.

          If this is public record, please educate me. I’d really like to review those numbers for the past 10 years.

          Appreciate any insight anyone has about the pension fund accounting. Thanks!

  8. My dear sweet Justice, patience little grasshopper. First, yes the FBI has and is still investigating, agent jim is heading it up. This fiasco is much more dear child than the pension not being fully funded , it’s much more than the sudden $88 million being discovered after crooked Chris ran away, it is very deep, very layered, much like that of an onion being peeled

    The current émployees who are vested are too quiet. They will be forgotten , they will be forced to leave their monies, or they will be brainwashed into thinking that if they join the new plan, Srhs Wil match their money. This is the same tune that was sung when PERS went to the wayside and we were all encouraged to believe that mr lingle was steering us in the right direction

    The money that has been spent by both Srhs and JCBOS could had been placed in the severely short-changed pension fund

    Sweet child, the powers to be do not want to fund the plan. The plan is a huge liability and must be wiped off the books…. That was their plan.

    You young folks need to stand together, speak up, speak to the FBI, make calls, write letters, many people have fought and continue to fight but it takes everyone working together Some of us are old and tired and need more people to keep this issue in the forefront

    Keep the faith, light the candles, push the beads. Justice will prevail. Justice will prevail

    1. Grandpa Grimm
      Thank you for your encouraging words.
      I wonder if “picketing” would be a cause to terminate an employee? I think that is what is holding employees back.
      Please tell us another story soon!

  9. Justice in the form of payment will not prevail. Maybe jail time for the people who screwed it up but not millions of dollars. As Lynyrd said ” Moma told me when I was young, Sit beside me my only son and listen closely to what I say.” 1. You cannot get blood out of a turnip. 2. Observer is right in that the reason for the delay is that what they have to say is worse – there is probably no good solution and the fact that they have avoided bankruptcy is a probably a miracle. And this helps prevent ruining their reelection chances by delaying. 3. Pensioners are not Getting zero as of right now. My Sources say that is a misconception. My cousins mother works there and is on the cusp of retirement. She makes over 60,000 and has put in under 50,000 over the last 30 plus years. She was to get almost 60,ooo per year but now she was getting a lump of 500,000. That of itself is a miracle. Her concern now is the delay will send part of her 500 thousand to lawyers. And with no money coming from current employees any more, the situation is going to go down not up. And Now a delay cuts into her 500 thousand. She said all of the retirees she knows are to get similar lump sums. And, if the legal fees and protesting makes them bankrupt and somebody buys it, she will get less or zero and the worst part is lots of her younger coworkers will lose their jobs if they have to sell it. So 3. It could get worse. 4. Someone with some backbone needs to step up and do the best current resolution. Kicking the can down the road will be the very catalyst to collapse. They could let it be an Apple and recover, or let be an Enron and kick the scheme further to hold on a little longer and you see how that turned out. 5. You are right in thAt you have heard nothing – because the only thing presented by billy Guice so far is a (big fat first of many more) bill to the county taxpayers. Retirees should “take the money and run”. Before billy and the Louisiana accountants take it.

  10. Simple Man :

    ‘ …she put less than $50,000 into her pension after 30 years and WAS suppose to get her full pay ( $60,000/yr.) back in retirement but now IS suppose to get a lump sum of $500,000 but has fears that it will eaten up by lawyers…….’

    Please inform me if I haven’t paraphrased your quote above correctly.

    Half a MILLION dollars in lump sum sounds amendable however…..

    In lieu of error I now see why a lot of retirees are not picketing as both the continued Court Stay delay and such political “Pipe Dreams” promises have been “floated” among the retirees and soon to be retired employees to keep them quieted while the REALITY of it all is formulated.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE – don’t you see that the continued delay and very probable Bait and Switch advertising campaign is happening and you will be left holding an empty bag of Political Propaganda Promises.

    There is only one thing short of voting them out and that is MASSIVE POLITICAL PICKETING PRESSURE (County and State Capital ) and enough of it to get the old GOVENATOR off his Republican butt to make State financial amens to protect all retirees and current employee and attempt to make them whole again.

  11. Whether you believe this or not, the problems at DMR & SRH are caused by none other than your esteemed, blow hard governor. Formerly your State Auditor, he did not perform his duties in this position and his replacement Stacey Pickering is just as inept. And the stupid state of Mississippi will reelect them this year.

    Do not hold your breath for state officials nor the FBI to assist the retirees in their fight!

    You can remember ALL your local elected officials at the voting ballot in August and November 2015. How many of them are really helping the citizens? Supervisor Cumbest needs to go back to school since he needed time to figure out what was happening at SRH. And Representative Zuber is using his letter writing skills to inform the public on how great he is and how much HE has accomplished. Otherwise, we never hear from Mr. Zuber. Seemingly Senator Guice is making statements that we have enough government in our lives already but doesn’t appear to say what he is really talking about.

  12. Simple Man,

    1. Whether or not SRHS can be compared to a dried up turnip would depend mostly on how well the squeezing is done. Under sufficient pressure blood will surely flow freely.

    2. In principle the 120-day extension is only reasonable if additional steps are taken by SRHS to restart funding the pension plan immediately. Otherwise it’s just a scheme to make sure the pension plan becomes irrevocably unsalvageable and to delay the day of reckoning so it may be less politically painful.

    3. I wonder how your cousin’s mother has been able to learn the actual amount that SRHS will give her if terminating the plan. Indeed there are many misconceptions on this respect.

    According to the plan, upon termination every participant will be vested immediately, the plan assets will be liquidated over time, the costs of termination (including attorney expenses) will be deducted and from what’s left everybody’s contributions to the plan will be set aside for reimbursement with interest before any lump sums are considered.

    At this point “retirees” who as of 11/29/2011 either had 30 years of credited service or were age 60 (or disabled) with at least 10 years of service will get the “present value of their accrued retirement benefit” in the form of a lump sum distribution, probably over a number of payments.

    If there are insufficient funds to accomplish all of this, the assets will be allocated in a pro rata basis in the above order.

    Considering the many variables involved, I fail to see how any of these “retirees” can actually predict what their lump sum will be.

    Everyone else, however, including some of the participants that retired after 11/29/2011, will just get back their contributions, to the extent not yet paid, plus a nominal interest. In other words, even though many of these may be actual retirees and should have the same rights as those SRHS calls “retirees”, they will be treated as employees and will not get a penny from whatever SRHS put into the plan.

    So not all retirees will get lump sums in addition to their contributions to the plan. This is how SRHS will reward some at the expense of others. In fact, even if the plan was actually fully funded, everyone that doesn’t meet the plan’s definition of “retiree” will get nothing at all from the part contributed by SRHS. Only by salvaging the plan will all participants get fair treatment.

    4. Yes, things can and will get a lot worse unless the ones at the helm (SRHS administration, SRHS Board of Trustees and indirectly the Jackson County Board of Supervisors) chart the right course. The responsibility to provide a rescue plan for SRHS lays now in the hands of the same ones that almost sank the ship. We, as plan participants and SHRS stakeholders, can choose to idly wait for the outcome, whatever it may be, or to actually try to exert some influence in the process by clearly demonstrating our concern and interest as loudly and persistently as possible.

    5. The various investigations of SRHS will probably have to run their course before any insights are distilled to the public unless the lawsuits unexpectedly produce early fruits. We should not however sit and wait patiently for someone to enlighten us. On the contrary, we ought to raise our voices together demanding what rightfully belongs to us so loudly that we can’t possibly be ignored.

    6. The pension plan needs to be restored and its funding restarted at once. At the same time a public and honest discussion of the entire SRHS quagmire and its possible solutions should be enabled and encouraged at all levels. It is in the interest of every Jackson County resident to participate as much as possible in this debate. Everyone is involved in one way or another, as a pension participant, a current employee, a taxpayer or a probable patient, in this fiasco and its consequences. We must all therefore bring pressure to bear on the powers that be to work for us instead of against us, to actually deliver instead of just procrastinate. Let’s tear down the walls of secrecy! Let’s remove anything or anyone standing in the way of a true solution! No more legal delay tactics! No more doublespeak!

    In conclusion, as a community we will get out of this predicament only as much as we put in. If we content ourselves with accepting whatever crumbs SRHS and Jackson County deem us worthy of, we will come very short of our full stature and we will be justly left behind, forgotten in the dust, even without the solace of having put a good fight.

    1. “Everyone else, however, including some of the participants that retired after 11/29/2011, will just get back their contributions, to the extent not yet paid, plus a nominal interest.”

      I will bet you a C note that many participants in the plan will get LESS than what they contributed from their salaries into the plan.

      1. Unless the pressure increases to the point of becoming unbearable to those in charge, this will probably be the unfortunate outcome.

        1. Cisco you are correct. Solidarity will create the strength of numbers. The powers that be must be confronted everywhere they go. They are mentally on the run already.The JCBOS hopes to run out the clock with continued agreement extentions. The entire community needs to be in their face at every meeting and campaign event. The only way a resolve will be had in this matter is to demand it every day.

          1. Mississippi needs a recall process. Luckily, this is happening in an election year, but there is one week left in the qualifying period. So far I have heard of 3 people challenging the BOS incumbents and 2 of the 3 have zero chance at winning…regardless of how bad this gets between now and August.

    2. Good points. I think you are incorrect on one though about employees currently working there will just get back their contributions plus nominal interest or “not get a penny.” It was published and documented at some point in time in the papers that if they only want their contributions back, that is an option, but they can also stay in and receive a reduced pension still. She also said it would be similar to what they would have received if they worked at another area hospital but not as much as the Singing River plan, which was bigger than others.
      Then again if they drag this out just so someone can get re-elected or save face, the money could dry up by then since the employees are now not contributing anything to the scheme and every lawyer in the state wants a piece of the yolk, there will be a lot less money left and so what you say could actually happen if the elected or appointed officials don’t make some hard decisions soon, it could get much worse. As a previous commenter said, kicking this can ain’t gonna make it get better – only worse. The most sad part: What can be done in the next 120 days that cannot have been done in the last 90? Nothing. Un-profoundly, procrastination is the thief of time.

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