The New York Times is about 10 years late to the party……

And they still don’t get it completely but it appears the lightbulb is coming on very slowly:

Hurricane Sandy Victims Say Damage Reports Were Altered ~ David Chen

Of course the problem down here wasn’t that the National Flood Program was too generous to its policyholders, no siree. The NFIP was too generous to the WYO insurers that dumped their wind claims on the Flood Program.

The paid shills and hired guns, however, remain the same.

My personal recommendation to Chen would be to speak with some journalists that actually know the score such as Anita Lee, Dean Starkman, Jeff Amy and Paige St. John.

Meantime I’m still trying to drag Nowdy out of retirement.

3 thoughts on “The New York Times is about 10 years late to the party……”

  1. Given the shillsd at the Old Gray Prostitrute, Doug, I found this late arrival to the party theme suspect and likely another jab at regulating the insurance industry even more to being just another non-responsive corporate appendage of the State.
    One giveaway that this was not a principled undertaking is drawn from the following paragraph in the article:

    Really? When the typical insured was a shuttlecock between wind & water damage & there’s overly documented examples of low-balling & diversion from wind to water damage? David Chen, perhaps you rolled into town on the proverbial turnip truck, but we know better.

    1. Apparently the copy and paste from the article didn’t hold. I was referring to the part which claimed FEMA and the industry was overly generous and the process was subject to insured fraud.

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