Sling TV rolls out

And we signed up yesterday. $26 and change a month is a good price for what you get. I’ve always had an antenna on standby. We paired it with a Channel Master DVR, external hard drive and wireless key. Add in a Roku 3 and the total cost is a tad over $500. The payback period for us quitting Cable TV (UVerse) and going Internet only is 10 months.

Here are some links:

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9 thoughts on “Sling TV rolls out”

  1. Holy Costconscious Cablecutting Caped Crusader,

    Sounds like a winner especially for $5/month mo’ you and robin can watch Sec network sporting events live.

    However, just like with Dish what happens when you have 4 TVs ? Do you need additional digital antennae, laptops, telephones or a special receivers for each TV ?

  2. Sounds like just another way to rob the consumer. Rates will rise. I cut the cord more than 2 years ago. Bought a great HD antenna that receives 49 stations. This includes the sub-stations, which have alternative programming. My world news is not canned and sanitized ABC, NBC and CBS. It’s Japanese, Korean, German, etc. in English. In addition, subtitled drama series from France, Sweden, Germany and Italy which is superior to the pap in the US. Now to part 2. I purchased 2 decent desktop computers and connected them to my televisions. There are websites where any program you like, is downloaded for replay. Any channel, any program or movie from any station. It just requires a little work to find them. The only drawback is the weekly program, not on your antenna, is not on until the next day. Some sports can be streamed, but they are far and few. But, I would rather chew on aluminum foil than watch sports. I recouped my investment in 5 months based on the cost of cable bills. Now I get more. Internet service is about $40.00 per month. All perfectly legal.

  3. Spyderwoman:

    Holy Spinning Spider Sidebars Spyderwoman;

    iam interested in your world wide webs sites you done spun and i bet by now yo’ done gotta all da’ bugs out –

    So how bout mentioning a few world webs where I can download things cause your approach has me thinking bout saving some $$$ and helping me seek revenge against the Cox S*cking Cable Co.

    Finally, if I haven’t driven you up a wall are yo’ two computers connected to Netflix,Hulu or any other provider?

    1. Antenna is about 40 ft in the air and pointed southwest. I live in the Bay not far from Waveland. Also purchased an inline booster for better signal on tv located further from point of signal. It makes a big difference. The longer your coax, the more ohms you loose. I receive all the New Orleans channels and sub channels and the Biloxi and Gulfport channels and sub channels. The only problem I encounter is FOG. Depending on how thick it is, it will interfere with reception.

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