Slabbed New Media seeks permission to sue Loyola University, Stuart Smith Law Clinic Assistant Director Ramona Fernandez and Law Student Janey Lamar

Slabbed New Media today filed a Motion for Leave to Amend its copyright abuse lawsuit against suspended lawyer Daniel Abel to include Abel’s close associate Chris Yount, along with Loyola University via its Stuart Smith Law Clinic adding counts of malicious prosecution and abuse of process. The new counts are related to a defamation lawsuit that was improperly filed under seal via ex-parte court order by Abel which named Handshoe, Slabbed New Media and Slabbed New media’s attorney Bobby Truitt as co-defendants. This suit was subsequently struck under Louisiana’s Anti-SLAPP law. Attorney Abel was subsequently was suspended from the practice of law due to the threat of harm to the public for his conduct in that and other cases.

During the appellate process, the Loyola University Stuart Smith Law Clinic, via Assistant Director Ramona Fernandez and third year law student Janey Lamar, then stepped into Abel’s shoes, filing an appellate brief which accused Handshoe of committing the crime of cyber stalking in addition to other scandalous and defamatory verbiage including attributing statements to Slabbed’s lawyer Bobby Truitt that have been literally concocted from whole cloth. They took these actions under the guise of representing Mr. Yount’s minor son, who was never a party to the dismissed SLAPP suit.

Said Slabbed New Media publisher Handshoe, “the conduct of the Stuart Smith Law Clinic at Loyola University has been reprehensible and has exposed a minor child to potential legal liability.”  Handshoe added that both clinic director Bill Quigley and Loyola Law School Dean María López as well as Fernandez and Lamar were repeatedly warned to refrain from injecting a minor child into a civil matter to which that child was not a party. He also noted that Loyola never filed a formal motion to intervene in the case before joining in with Yount prosecuting the case at the appeals court level.

“It is clear that Loyola University, after tossing the Lens from its campus and joining in with Yount, a noted serial litigant in litigation designed to squelch journalism in the public interest, has become the enemy of the free press”, Handshoe noted. He continued that the verbiage used in the joint appellate brief submitted by Yount and Loyola mirrors, in certain cases word for word, a scandalous brief submitted by Daniel Abel that was subsequently struck by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Handshoe vowed to bring all the legal abuses and acts of retaliation connected to his reporting on the troubling multi year divorce case styled Yount v Steitle, which included instances of Yount self notarizing legal documents using Abel’s notary stamp to the light of day.  “I’ve had many inquiries into the status of this litigation by interested legal observers”, said Handshoe who added that “the abuses that occurred before Judge Raymond Steib recused himself from that case are both highly troubling and certainly deleterious to the proper formation of the minor that has been at the center of the multi-year custody battle.  Loyola’s subsequent use of the same minor child to participate in an abusive defamation action in an attempt to silence a journalist will not be tolerated.”

Finally Handshoe indicated that further legal action is anticipated related to another of suspended attorney Abel’s defamation suits against Handshoe, Slabbed and all of its previous counsel.  “Suing a lawyer for the sole purpose of creating a legal conflict strikes at the heart of the justice system. Even worse are judges that sanction that behavior in abuse of their office.  My right to freedom of Speech under the First Amendment and to do journalism in the public interest here on Slabbed has literally been paid for with blood of American patriots that made the ultimate sacrifice and I fully intend to honor that sacrifice by securing my constitutional rights in a court of law.”

The case is styled Handshoe v Abel, Case Number 1:14-cv-00159-KS-MTP, United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Judge Keith Starrett presiding.

7 thoughts on “Slabbed New Media seeks permission to sue Loyola University, Stuart Smith Law Clinic Assistant Director Ramona Fernandez and Law Student Janey Lamar”

  1. Holy Cathartic Catholic Caper Batman;

    If da’ Pope gets wind of dis’ certain people maybe on dere way to excommunication and Iam not meaning you.

    Could be dat since yo’ been leaning hard on certain WWL-TV’s personalities dat caused their close friend and ex-owner, Loyola University, to become a legal tag team member against you ?

    Maybe I could have a Spiritual séance with Buddy “D” and he could tell me if W bubbleU- WbubbleU – L is involved in any way.

  2. Your a pathetic excuse for a journalist that aires on the side of racism and discrimination. Your shameful opinions are nothing but callous and simply are a reflection of how you feel inside about your glowing personality. We have reason to believe that you are going to be seriously implicated in several Mississippi Federal lawsuits, which are currently pending with some of your closest friends. Justice will rain down upon you and will provide no security blanket for the actions and dishonest ways of your practice. Where your going, it’s going to be very warm. God speed

  3. I’m amazed to see Quigley engaged in this, given his past civil rights record. Does one detect in all of this a mau-mau routine on behalf of the homosexual mafia, or merely a protected industry closing ranks behind one of its own as implied by Locke?

    1. I think you’re seeing that hate groups like the Klan and left wing PC zealots are flip sides of the same coin.

      For a blog that has is widely believed to be left wing and seemingly is always looking to stick up for the little guy, its sure is head scratching and certain very telling Mr. Empire. The truth is I have readers from across the political spectrum, mainly because Slabbed is an equal opportunity muckraker. I’m proud of that fact.

      My personal experience is that conservatives value the free exchange of ideas far more than the self styled progressives do as a general rule but that is another post.

      1. In that vein, Doug, that’s why progs inevitably become outright fascists, for after all, if you know how the rest of us ought to live, why not simply go about the ordering of life directly using the State’s legitimated monopoly of power?

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