Comment Bump: RFP finds SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor in Slabbed’s Archives

Here in an old post is a brief mention of the newly appointed SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor in the context of his advising Dickie Scruggs. As far as I could find it is the only prior mention of Scott Taylor on Slabbed. Who may well be all that John McKay thinks he is. The past association with the Scruggs firm (Scruggs, Millette, Bozeman and Dent) is not exactly a secret, and it was mentioned in the recent Sun Herald coverage of Taylor’s appointment by John McKay.

Taylor, a Mississippi College Law School graduate in 1992, managed asbestos claims for the law firm Scruggs, Millette, Bozeman and Dent in Pascagoula from 1994-2000. He ran his own practice from 2000-2003. He was previously employed at the John M. Deakle Law Firm in Hattiesburg, and Langston, Frazier & Sweet in Jackson.

Some Slabbed readers may be surprised to learn that the Scruggs firm was representing Kwajalein Island landowners in treaty negotiations with the US government in 2000.

Marshall Islanders Want Big Bucks For More Missile Tests
by Giff Johnson
Majiro (AFP) February 24, 2000 – Marshall Islanders seeking a vast increase in US payments for using a test range central to Washington’s plans for a national missile defense system have hired a high-profile US law firm to get them a “better deal.”

Senator Ataji Balos, who represents Kwajalein Atoll home to a major US missile test range, announced Thursday that Kwajalein landowners have hired the law firm of Mississippi-based Richard F. Scruggs. Continue reading: Tower of Babble – USA v Delaughter and Wilson v Scruggs in Slabbed’s archives.

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  1. Some very interesting reading about all of these Jackson County lawyers that went to college and received an undergraduate degree in lying,cheating,and stealing. They then went on to law school to learn how to incorporate what they were taught into schemes such as asbestos mass tort. While the lawyers got rich the individuals who were really harmed received very little. Most of the asbestos claims were not the cause of a work environment but created when the bogus doctors signed off on their ailments without ever seeing them at the direction people like Scruggs. How all were not indicted is still a mystery that maybe only Trent Lott could explain. One thing for certain is when a fishy politician tells the public he wanted to select a person who has no connection to various groups, including the lawyers representing the SRHS you have to wonder how much he really knows about his selection. Did he complete any due diligence on his own or did he treat this like the financials he never read? I hope for the pension members Scott Taylor is everything they need to keep the pension in place. Sorry if I seem to be cynical but past events have made me think this way.

  2. Mr. Gordon, I , too, have my doubts on the recent appointed new board of trustees member…On the 9th of February, a local news paper had an article about the newly appointee, Mr. Taylor. This is what the paper stated: “The health system and its trustees are facing lawsuits over the failed pension. Before he was appointed, Taylor told McKay the lawsuits would be a “moot” issue if trustees fixed and reinstated the pension.” Something just doesn’t sit right with me on this statement. Is Mr. Taylor trying to say that all the wrong doings by the BOT, BOS, and SRHS ADMINISTRATORS will go away if they put the pension plan back??? that no one will held accountable for their wrong doings? or that people will forget about all this mess, when election time comes, and reelect them to continue to do their dirty work?

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