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Way back in the day I knew someone that served on the PERS Board with Mayor Mary that always spoke very highly of her. Then again he was a notorious lecher and kleptomaniac so frankly I’m not sure what to make of this except I like to see competition for public office.

I would encourage you lifers to join me in comments encouraging Nowdy to come out of retirement for one last ride on the Wind-Water waves and Superstorm Sandy. Like Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t braggin’ if ya can back it up” and Slabbed has sources on this that no one in the for profit media, national or local can touch. I can think of no better person to tell the story than Nowdy and it is a topic that is both true to our origins and ripe for examination.

Finally, I had some fun with this yesterday joking around with the Mrs.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday open”

  1. Holy Penial Push-ups/Pull-ups /Pump-ups Batman;

    Genital weightlifting can result in genital damage/disfiguration. Use of a persons’ own genital weight is safer, you don’t need weights and full sweat workouts can be done in the privacy of your bedroom with a cooperating opposite sex partner.

    Film on full penis workouts on the 10 P.M. news edition.Don’t touch dat clicker.

    Finally , NOWDY how can you resist all these shits and giggles – please come back as we need your psychological analysis and unique investigational talent to peel the Sandy insurance fraud onion open and cause the corrupt corporate creatures to crawl out from under their rocks and cry some well deserved tears.

  2. We have not forgotten the rat Pickering as he was so often referred to by his informed constituents. It will be interesting to see how strong his base holds the party line on the coast. The coast has a reputation for long and enduring memories. And the retribution can be painful on public officials that chose elected office over justice as Pichering has done. More interesting will be how his opponent will or will not use his selective enforcement of “justice” at DMR. Much material available for public debate or will Pickering chose the cowards way out like Palazzo?

  3. Well, now that we have all had our “giggles” about “vaginal weightlifting”, let’s talk about something SERIOUS for a moment, since this is an Open Thread, and since “NOWDY” may be listening. I’m speaking about the treatment of women under Sharia law, imposed by that “Religion of Peace” (really a DEATH CULT), ISLAM. Ladies: Dwell on complete subjugation and oppression, pedophilia (marriage while still “pre-pubescent”), polygamy and wife-beating, and my “favorite” FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION a/k/a female circumcision (want to know how it’s done?). O.K., Ladies. You can all go back to your “weightlifting”, now. Thanks, Doug. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Ashton:

    I agree lifting a surf board with a vagina to enable projectile ejaculate of secretions and ping pong balls is a ‘stretch ‘ though advocated as per tweet and illustrations on @ Mind Body Green above. However, I wood encourage Batman to interview the above ladies mate as to his coital experiences.

    NOWDY would probably say such suggested female genital activities / exercises represent a warped Freudian desire of some women to project themselves to be equal to the physiological abilities of men.

    As our Creator meant humans to exercise/procreate via da’ isotonic (think Isotonic gloves), isometric and ‘hole-listic ‘ workouts.

    However , men always remember what me bro’ done infamously quipped in da’ trial of his life, ‘ if it doesn’t fit you must uh quit’.

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