Wednesday Open: Don’t believe a word the Gov or Chaney says….

Folks I’m afraid our Gov and Insurance Commissioner are still wholly owned subsidiaries of State Farm. Last election they both supported a Policyholder Bill of Rights and here we are four years later with zilch, zip and nada so I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything Bryant or Chaney has to say about actually helping the people that elect ’em down here on the coast.

Next up is SRHS as now each case that was removed to Federal Court has been remanded:

SRHS cases headed back to Chancery ~ Anita Lee

Rumor holds the fight in Chancery court is shaping up to be a nasty one, which happens to be Slabbed’s favorite variety.

Next up from Diamondhead and a full contact POA meeting:

Former DH POA President Elton Marshall Kyger found guilty of assault ~ Dwayne Bremer

I end with this:

What right do you have to an opinion about anything? ~ Library Chronicles

News and politics (news is politics, really) is not a consumer product to be passively absorbed. It is a a contentious struggle to define what is important and what gets done. The purpose of democracy is to ensure that the greatest number (ideally all) of the citizens are not only informed of the issues of the day but that they are active participants in how those issues are articulated and argued over. This is not a healthy process if it is dominated by authoritative gatekeepers. It is messy and often impolite. It is insurrectionist.

An informed citizenry holds the constant potential to overturn order.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Open: Don’t believe a word the Gov or Chaney says….”

  1. What right do you have to an opinion about anything. Whoever wrote this is very wise. When I was growing up there was an old saying: Stand for something or you will fall for anything!”

  2. Doug,
    Can you find out if it’s true that Roy is still calling the shots even though he so publicly retired? Also, why is Denton’s law firm entering appearances in the Almond case? How much does that cost?
    Finally, should the BOT call for Kevin’s, Larry’s, and Celeste’s resignations before they are replaced by a court appointed trustee? They can fire them, though. Would this begin a process of public trust? We all know they (SRHS leaders) tried to terminate our pension behind our backs.

    1. The motion is for the removal of the pension plan trustees, not the hospital board of trustees ( although some serve as trustees for both). Denton has also asked to enter on Donna Broun et al vs SRHS; case filed in chancery requesting removal of the pension plan trustees and appt of special trustee by the court.

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