Transparency again an issue here in Mayberry by the Sea

How does a City Councilperson properly discharge the duties of their office when they can’t get access to basic financial information?

Bay St. Louis City Council spars with clerk over financial records ~ Wes Muller

And as per usual when inquiries are made by the council of the administration they are met with sneers and snark:

Kolf sent out an email Sunday with a single sentence that inflamed tensions even more:

“I’ll get everyone a key to City Hall on Monday,” he wrote.

Whether his statement was meant to be serious, sarcastic or a simple joke is unclear. Kolf could not be reached for comment at his office.

Its ironic folks because this was covered over on just last week:

Feud over finances: 5 Fairfield City Council members sue the mayor ~ Kent Faulk

It’s nice to see Councilman Reed show that he is not a doormat for the administration as many people had suggested to Slabbed New Media offline. One would think that since personal liability is attached to the money votes made by the City Council, every one of them would want to make sure they had the most up to date financial information they can get their hands on. Instead it is evidently a state secret folks.

Meantime Gulfport joins Jefferson Parish and countless other local governments in making their council meetings available online:

Gulfport City Council Meetings Now Available to View Online ~ Kristen Durand

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  1. At some point do you suppose Mayor Filingame will be to embarrassed to show up in public? Its about time Wendy gets a clue! Stay tuned Slabbed, Poolman is about to open all his complaint files to you and show the public the lack of action from Jackson. Oh thats right its a misdemeanor Mr Hood may send his army to arrest me! I say in the name of the tax paying public bring it on!!! Whoop Whoop.

  2. Last night was another day in the life of Les and City Hall. Going to these meetings are getting frustrating on the part of the Citizens.

    There never seems to be a dull moment in the Bay St. Louis City Council meetings. Please help me understand how this council reacts to the conduct we saw last night. Where is the backbone of the Council?

    A member of the council has asked for information from a city employee. This not the first and won’t be the last. The information is not given and a smart remark fired back about getting them a key. Joey you run a million dollar business, Rev. Reed you run a business, how would you react if one of your employees spoke to you in that manner? That type of behavior seems to me would result in that employee being dismissed from their job. What did the people of BSL elect you for? Stand up for us and get some accountability and take some action in a positive manner for this city. Do the right thing. David works for the Mayor, but also for the people who pay taxes and his salary.

    My employer would never allow anyone to speak and disrespect him like this.
    Take a Stand and hire someone that will get the job done and respect his superiors. I am sure you will have no problem replacing him. Given his salary, and benefits, you should be able to have a long list of applicants with the required skills applying for the position.
    Make a decision and do it now before this city is more and more in debt. We have to take the books away from Les and all of the control.

    1. Is there a city charter or a policy manual that explains whether it is proper for council members to interact directly with employees of the administration? Does a council member have greater access to employees of the administration than the average citizen does?

        Miss. Code Ann. § 21-8-9 (2014)

        § 21-8-9. Council to exercise legislative power

        The legislative power of the municipality shall be exercised by the municipal council, except as may be otherwise provided by general law.

        Miss. Code Ann. § 21-8-13 (2014)

        § 21-8-13. General powers and duties of council

        (1) The council shall appoint a clerk of the council and deputy clerks, as necessary, who shall compile the minutes and records of its proceedings, its ordinances and resolutions as this chapter requires, and perform such duties as may be required by law.

        (2) At the end of each fiscal year, the council shall cause a full and complete examination of all the books, accounts and vouchers of the municipality to be made by a competent, independent accountant or accountants who shall be appointed by the council, and the report of said examination shall be typed or printed in pamphlet form. The council shall make available a copy of said pamphlet to all persons who shall apply therefor at the office of the municipal clerk and shall cause three (3) of the printed copies of said pamphlet for each fiscal year to be substantially bound in three (3) volumes which shall be kept and preserved as a record of the clerk’s office. Said pamphlets shall be published as now provided by law.

        (3) If, at the beginning of the first term of office of the first city council elected by any municipality under the provisions of this chapter, the appropriations for the expenditures for the municipal government for the current fiscal year shall have been made, the council shall have power by ordinance, to revise, repeal or change said appropriations and to make additional appropriations.

        (4) The authority of the council is otherwise legislative and is executed by a vote within a legally called meeting. No member of the council shall give orders to any employee or subordinate of a municipality other than the council member’s personal staff. The council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor.

        Miss. Code Ann. § 21-8-27 (2014)

        § 21-8-27. Control of mayor and his subordinates by council

        The members of the council shall not direct or dictate the appointment of any person to or his removal from office by the mayor or any department directors. Except for the purposes of inquiring or receiving information or advice, the council shall deal with the municipal departments and personnel solely through the mayor and no member of the council shall give orders to any subordinate of the municipality. The council shall have the power to investigate any part of the municipal government and for that purpose to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.

  3. The Council should at this point collectively file a Public Records Request. It can be downloaded from the City’s website. They should list what each one of them want, file it formally as per the State’s Open Records Statute, and ANYONE who refuses them would then be in violation of the law and subject to a fine.
    It is a shame that the Administration and City Clerk are attempting to reduce the Council to a non-duly elected status, but do what you have to do to get these records, guys. Your ability to properly and legally address the financial business of the city is the most important issue, and no one should stand in your way. There is a statute on the books to protect you in this effort–the Open Records Law.
    Take advantage of the action by the Legislature to end this kind of behavior by public officials, and most of all to better serve the people who voted for you to do just that.
    The excuse given last night by the Mayor was probably the worst performance I have seen him give lately–the list of accounts payable can’t leave City Hall because there is sensitive information on them?!! I would imagine so, obviously the “names” of those he owes. Mr. Fillingame, sorry this is “sensitive” for you, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a PUBLIC RECORD.
    Get to work, Council. Do your job, or RESIGN.

      1. For what, to sue the City for all the debt they issued without ever advertising it for which the taxpayers are now stuck with or the illegal loan they took from the First? It is so target rich I could writ about it for days myself.

  4. Dear Bay St. Louis City Council
    I am tired of hearing excuses, and lies. The Auditors office needs to hear from you NOW. No excuses I am aware that most of you read Slabbed.
    Stacey Pickering, State of Mississippi office of the State Auditor
    P.O Box 956
    Jackson MS 39205
    601-576-2650 fax
    601-498-8225 CELL PHONE NUMBER
    [email protected]
    Thank You

  5. Poolman,
    Forget the Auditor’s office. The best thing the Bay St. Louis Mayor and City Clerk have going for them right now is that Miss. Code does not allow for the Auditor’s Office to audit municipalities.
    Add to that their own private auditing firm Wright, Ward, Hatten and Guel not doing what they should have done last year which was give them their well earned “going concern” report. That was obviously to keep the city’s business and in response to the begging and pleading that I hear came from City Hall.
    It may come down to action by citizens because I do not see the body responsible for the management of the city funds, that being the Council, doing anything about it.
    If any of them at this point have aspirations of running again or running for any other office locally, their reputations as Councilmen will follow them, I guarantee it.
    They are not bad people. Just not very responsible or effective as public officials. The one thing they did stand the Mayor down on was not turning the pole yard into a daffodil farm. It’s those important things like that they can hang their hat on!

  6. Thanks y’all so much. The meetings are so very long now that I’m not physically able to sit thru them any more.

  7. Paul,
    Your question has come up more than once. It is not unethical for a Councilman or woman to interact with any city employee as long as they are not telling the employee how to do their job or that they are changing their hours, etc. That is for the administration, not the Council. But, the Council can approach any city employee with regard to verifying information about their department that the Council may need for the next meeting or at any time. That is just an example. As far as council having greater access to city employees than average citizens, I am not sure what you mean. A citizen should be able to call city hall (any department ) and get information, but by virtue of being an elected official a council person may have “greater” access. I don’t think being an elected or appointed public official makes them greater than the public. They are supposed to function as public “servants” in both capacities. Now that’s a term you don’t hear used very much.

    1. Looks to me like the council has the authority all on their own per § 21-8-13 (1).

      They should appropriate the money and pass an ordinance giving one of their staff the authority to get the technical specs to buy the necessary equipment. Broadcasting the meetings live online would require the most money, filming them and then uploading them to Youtube, Vimeo etc etc the least.

      To broadcast live online you need a camera (or cameras), computer hardware and a fat pipe.

      1. Fyi
        The council chamber is set up to broadcast. All mics and the mixer are wired to jacks for both video and audio out. I will be happy to set up a live broadcast on 103.5 WQRZ.

            1. Great news, Poolman! Thank you!

              I’m glad the council agreed to this. It will be a huge benefit for people that can’t attend meetings and want to stay informed.

  8. There is no doubt credibility issues on both sides. Ward1, ward 4 just dont want to know the truth or thry just simply dont have the mental capacity to understand it. Sad but true they collect checks n benefits paid by us and watch us fend for ourselves. Sad sad sad bobby n wendy. We pay yall to go to MLS to learn legal and fair municipal principals and all you do is take ur spouses for a vacation on our nickel.

  9. Bobby got natural gas ran to his and his family’s homes but failed to see the need for others to get it. Wendy, well ward 2 gets freebies all the time. Dumsters were just the latest subsidy that leslie gave her. $1500 paid towards it without questioning. Great to be on Les bobby n wendy’s team with their cheerleaders tish and company!

  10. Steve,
    I am not sure what Gulfport does, but the only transparency that is needed at the BSL meetings is for the administration to start coming clean with the Council and the public.
    “Come to my office” is a broken record. It is almost as bad as “I don’t have that information in front of me right now. David handles all of that.” David who? He’s more mysterious than the Phantom of the Opera.
    Several people got up at the Waveland meeting 2 weeks ago and complained about our City Clerk receiving a $7,000 pay raise. She was making the same thing Kolf makes in the Bay, but she is at every meeting and ready to answer any question that is asked financially. We actually know who she is. She is not some clandestine figure the taxpayers only hear about.
    You can’t legislate honesty. It is a voluntary practice, and the city administration in Bay St. Louis is in dire need of some volunteers.

    1. Seems straightforward to me, but who am I to second guess anybody?


      Miss. Code Ann. § 21-35-11 (2014)

      § 21-35-11. Records of municipal funds

      The clerk of the municipality shall open and keep a regular set of records, as prescribed by the State Auditor, as the head of the State Department of Audit, or the director thereof, appointed by him, as designated and defined in Title 7, Chapter 7, of the Mississippi Code of 1972, or any office or officers hereafter designated to replace or perform the duties imposed by said chapter, of each and every fund of the municipality, subject always to inspection within office hours by any citizen desiring to inspect the same. Said records shall contain accounts, under headings, corresponding with the several headings of the budget, so that the expenditures under each head may be at once known, and the purpose for which expended, and said records shall show the source of all monies received and paid into each fund of the municipality. Said records shall be paid for out of the general municipal fund, upon the order of the proper municipal authorities.

      For failure to perform any duty herein required, said clerk shall be subject to suit on his bond for any damage which the municipality may sustain by reason of such failure. Such suit, or suits, shall be brought by the city attorney or by any attorney designated and empowered to do so by the proper governing authorities of such municipality.

      HISTORY: SOURCES: Codes, 1930, § 3972; 1942, §§ 9121-05, 9121-16; Laws, 1922, ch. 225; Laws, 1950, ch. 497, §§ 5, 16; Laws, 1995, ch. 447, § 12, eff from and after July 1, 1995.

    2. they only say come to my office to see after les says on the record I’ll have it next meeting. The issue, as we all know, Les doesn’t want the public to hear their discussion.

  11. I totally agree the Council needs up to the minute accounting records which can be online for their access. What I would like is something beyond that which makes that data easier for the average voter to understand. Some type of charts and summary which is easy to understand. That data-the general public data-may not be as up to the minute as the Council needs but I find it hard to understand complex accounting data sets. So something to bring it down to the voter level would be a welcome addition. The minimum is what the Council needs to perform their job. What I would like is to have an online data set which is easy for the public to understand. I would also like the model being developed in Gulfport and linked below to be adopted so the process is again open to the general public even more. The goal being to have both the administrative and Council functions be as easily accessible to the public in a for that the public can understand and access. Then let the chips fall where they may. I trust great transparency, more easy to understand data and easier access to all by the public will result in the best governance.

    1. they need original invoices. the administration whites out dates received and past due notices and late fees. that is the only reason he doesn’t want to provide it. mayor favre always supplied the invoices for review. trust is a bad thing to waste and the administration has wasted it.

      1. Alteration of public records carries a maximum of 10 years in prison here in Mississippi. §97-11-1, MCA (1972)

  12. Also with the video taping of meetings I could not tell how the meetings could be viewed. I would like taped sessions which are stored for viewing so I can view them when I have time on a format like you tube. It could be streamed live as well. I would just like them to be stored and accessible at a minimum.

  13. This is Thursday, February 5. It is almost 48 hours since the City Council in the Bay was denied access to public records by the City Clerk and Mayor. The excuse was they didn’t think these records should leave City Hall. Then send them electronically as you were asked by Councilman Boudin.
    It is time for Councilman Boudin to visit City Hall and make a Public Records Request. There is still time before the next meeting on Feb. 23 for the Clerk and Mayor to comply with the Open Meetings Law. McDonald, Seal, and Compretta are satisfied with the way the Mayor and Clerk do business for their constituents. Council President Reed showed a glimmer of hope at the meeting and in his quote in the Sun Herald. After all, he is a business man himself.
    But with or without any support, Boudin needs to act NOW.
    It can be done, and I hope he will do it.
    Transparency means everything and it is worth fighting for.
    A “refusal” from City Hall would seal the deal.

  14. word on the street is their are a few defectors in the mayors camp. got figure it the way he will put them under a bus.

  15. Paying Attention,
    Boudin could turn the ignition key on that bus if he visited City Hall tomorrow and filed that Public Records Request.
    He would render them with literally no place to run.
    Let’s see if he’ll act. The law is definitely on his side.

  16. Statutory authority; 25-61-5 Access to Public records/denials (1) (a) all public records are hereby declared to be public property and any person shall have the right to inspect (view the document) with a 24 hour written notice. The Clerk is required to issue a receipt for the notice. The wording needs to say
    I certify that I do not want the Clerk to make copies. I request my legal right to view the document(s) to determine which page, or pages I might find the information in the files.

  17. I am being told by a source with knowledge of day to day operations of the Administration that City Clerk Kolf is no longer employed by the City of Bay St Louis.

  18. Given the fact he was not sharing the financials with the council, I’m surprised it took this long

  19. Doug and Ignatius,
    Don’t get too excited about the City Clerk leaving the city. This happens on a regular basis and amounts to nothing in the end.

    1. I’m being told this time is different Lana. Mr. Kolf’s departure is a waste of human capital, but my general observation has always been that he was positioned to ultimately fail, so under the bus he goes.

  20. Wow! Wonder what happened?!! Feel sorry for the lady who was subbing for him Tuesday evening for the Clerk’s report. But, they’ll make room under the bus for her too. They’d better keep someone around to cover for them, and pray those under the bus didn’t take any records with them to save their necks.
    Very interesting.

  21. Davey the partime clerk packed up his pictures and hit the highway… Lets see who backs the bus over whom. Beep beep look out. Keep your ear to the track, you never know when the trains a comin. Oh this is the 33rd time he has resigned, maybe he will now work full-time for Wendy. Wonder what happened to the Ethics complaint for Wendy having approved David as the part-time clerk and working part-time for her???

  22. I am going to play the Devil’s advocate here. I don’t know what has happened to the City Clerk or why he left again, but If I were responsible for keeping the books in that city hall, I’d jump in front of the bus. No one would have to push me under it.

  23. I put a lot of stock i problem solving. I would hope the City is on the hunt for someone with experience and skills beyond the average for the job of City Clerk. I would hope someone could be found who could develop basically recreate the position on either a transitional or short term basis. I say this because we really need someone to establish the position who is probably beyond the pay scale the City pays. This would be a person who may come on board to establish the policies and procedures for a future clerk of normal skills. A real problem solver who has experience with polical boards and knows the ropes already. I would also hope that all involved respect who comes in and not give the person a negative reception so to say. Time really for all parties involved to discuss the possibility of working together going forward. Ideally this oerson who help the Adminstration and board function in a manner which minimizes risk to them personally, to the City and to the vendors etc. if all look at the person as helping keep them in good steed than it is more likely to convience someone to help the City on a basis of civic mindedness and less on money as the money is not there for aversion on a level I would want to develop a new program basically. Hope this helps and good luck finding someone. A retired professor type or retired administrator is what I am thinking of. Someone know to be a very knowledgeable person who may come forward to get the problems solved and then probably would move on because they don’t pay enough to keep them there.

  24. Let me add. I think we have an honest City. Administration and Council to a person. However, you always need to consider the advise my Uncle gave new lawyers. Which was to learn how to cover your ass. One young lawyer asked him how to cover their ass from the other lawyers and my Uncle said. No. Not from the other lawyers, you need to learn how to cover your ass from your clients. Our City officials have traversed through some rough waters with the decline of City revenues from the casino. In some cases they stook their neck out to try to keep the operation moving forward. I would strongly advise they get an experienced person who can help them get the policies and proceedures needed to cover their ass in the manner my Uncle advised. From us the voters who when faced with higher taxes will be looking for mistakes and wanting to find problems. They need politcal skills and also technical ones too. Those technical skills would come from an experienced person who knows the city clerk stuff and how to keep inside the chanel markers of legal trouble. Cover your ass by getting a top City clerk person to set up a system and follow their advise. The politcal stuff your have to take care of yourself.

  25. Looks like the county is going to have a mop up on isle 4. The flood gates are going to open now that Mr. Seymour isn’t running. Lets say minimum of 6 are jumping in. Wonder if any will donate their pay??? Or forgo a county truck??? I will!!!

    1. Very interesting development that Mr. Seymour isn’t going to seek reelection…..all things considered.

      Jackson Firm wins Hancock County Contract
      The Jackson firm is none other than Yates Construction.

      July 2012
      Beth and Supervisor Steve Seymour
      Honorary Hosts for A “summer signature” event for State Treasurer and republican, Lynn Fitch
      Also hosting this event was Mr. Scott Walker, one of Supervisor Seymour’s business associates.

      Moran, Seymour won’t seek PSC post
      Talk about timing….

      Seymour a plaintiff in $7.9M suit against 2 attorneys
      Quite the Mötley Crüe of business associates.

      Seymour will not seek reelection; other races heating up.

      Good luck to you, Poolman.

  26. Steve,
    Just a little nudge back to reality. Not that I am opposed to some of the qualities you suggest in a City Clerk for Bay St. Louis. But, I am not sure Mr. Kolf did not possess some of those qualities himself at one time. Keeping books for this administration, I am guessing, could destroy anyone. I doubt there is a chance in Hell that a person such as you describe here could get past an interview with the Mayor.
    The serious, law abiding citizens of Bay St. Louis are not as interested in someone who knows how to cover HIS ass, as they are in someone who is dedicated to following the LAW and covering the BILLS with their hard earned TAX DOLLARS.

  27. Let me make it very clear. The only way I know to cover your ass is to follow the law. That is what I ment by “keeping inside the channel markers of legal trouble”. Original text might be a bit less clear. (Spelled chanel by mistake in original quote). My focus is less an autopsy than a problem solving post which I hope helps others generate their own ideas of possible solutions. I truly believe there is a large effort to identify problems which is necessary. I just hope the opportunity to resolve the problems are not missed. Also the impact of the clerks position is not just on the Administrative side, it flows to the Council side as well. This is a hire where truly the Council has a real need for involvement in the selection process. Not as a power play but more because the Clerk impacts the liability of the Council as well as the Adminstration. The seriousness of this selection should not be under estimated and a cooperative effort should be undertaken. When it dawns upon someone that outside the rules and laws —There is an area where you personally are held liable for large sums of money and consequences is the best motivator we have as voters to ensure a quality person is put in place and their advise followed. Time will tell what happens.

    “Those technical skills would come from an experienced person who knows the city clerk stuff and how to keep inside the chanel markers of legal trouble. Cover your ass by getting a top City clerk person to set up a system and follow their advise. – See more at:

  28. New Orleans has a problem with multigenerational public corruption. We do not. We have a problem of multigenerational inbreeding of influence. Those who are not born here complain that they feel not as impactful to the political process as natives and possibly at a disadvantage. This is a cultural issue. It is also the motivation behind greater transparency and establishing a very well laid out rules bound form of management and budgeting. This is not to just help new comers but I think it will help everyone as it creates a greater efficiency to the process. Which is one way to mitigate declining revenue in my opinion,, without cutting back on service. It also allows for a rebuilding which is still needed in our community.

  29. Les wants too raise the white flag. He is harassing the the news paper repoters. He will take employees and us down with his good ship liolli pop! Wendy and tish will jump soon. Bobby just doesn’t comprehend the problem past whether he gets paid or not!

  30. Lets see how Bobby comprehends the Ethics violation I filed against him for once again going into executive session to discuss Tommy Kidd a contractor for the Solid Waste authority. He and Les have been warned by Ethics not to enter in Exec. Sess. to discuss contractors behind closed doors. Maybe this time they will get more than a letter saying don’t do it again, a fine levied or better! TRANSPARENCY AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY is that really asking to much? Malakas the only way to describe them. Look it up, they said if you did it to much you’d go blind, the Greek version your brain gets soft!

  31. Transparency Reseach for your consideration.

    It seems the transparency efforts at the City of Gulfport may have it roots in efforts by Billy Hewes implimente greater transparency on the state level. I applaud his efforts and hope we can get the municipal government across the Coast to adopt his idea in Gulfport. Perhaps we can do a from the bottom to the top movement for transparency on multiple levels of government in Missisisippi. More articles and related ideas hopefully to follow.
    Transparency and Head Trips
    By Adam Lynch Wednesday, March 9, 2011 4:03 p.m. CST Upvote0
    Amile Wilson
    Attorney General Jim Hood said today’s teens are the first generation to deal with an onslaught of electronic technology.
    #More Oversight Pending
    State agencies will have to put their spending and contracts on a website for public scrutiny if the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate work out their differences with a popular government accountability bill. Senate Bill 2554, the Mississippi Accountability and Transparency Act, survived a Senate floor vote last month, and also got past the House March 2, after some minor tweaking.

    #The original bill charges the state Department of Finance and Administration to develop and operate a website containing information on all state-agency expenditures. The House amendment, however, allows the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning to create its own IHL Accountability and Transparency website for its financial reports, audits, budgets and other financial documents.

    #The amendment means that legislators will have to negotiate the bill in conference. Both chambers widely approved the bill, co-authored by Sens. David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, and Billy Hewes, R-Gulfport. House votes against the bill came from Republican Reps. John Moore, of Brandon; Gary Chism, of Columbus; and Rep. Mark Formby, R-Picayune.

    #Formby did not immediately return calls.

  32. how about the mayor appointing his own man for judge. now crying he is being patient in waiting for his pay raise which is a 100% raise. Patient, the only person who promised him anything was les, the council was focused on the savings we are enjoying and needing by getting a new judge. mr. lagasse and mr carver are elected by the people but were removed by city attorney and mayor to have their own man. les has never been for frugal and fair government.

  33. Guess who’s back?!!!! Bay St. Louis ought to petition the Secretary of State to change their name to Poltergeist, Mississippi.

  34. Below is the Mission Statement from C-SPAN. You use it almost verbatim for a County and City model of direct feed coverage such as the one being implimented in Gulfport. It provides a clear model of service.

    Why is it important to do on a local level using the Internet, cable, radio or whatever medium works? To me it has to do with the disruption in the Newspaper and televised News industry. They have long served as a Constitutionally designed check on government. The disruption in the traditional media business model has resulted in an actual risk to that watchdog and information service which the traditional media has always played. Citizens groups and bloggers have filled the breach to an expanding extent. However, the time to collect all data and disseminate it to the public can be overwhelming. A model which affords easy access to the public sector meetings, finances, agendas etc will help groups who monitor the government, the traditional media, the new media and most importantly give the government direct unfiltered access to their public and vice versa.


    C-SPAN is a public service created by the American Cable Television Industry

    To provide C-SPAN’s audience access to the live gavel-to-gavel proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and to other forums where public policy is discussed, debated and decided––all without editing, commentary or analysis and with a balanced presentation of points of view;

    To provide elected and appointed officials and others who would influence public policy a direct conduit to the audience without filtering or otherwise distorting their points of view;

    To provide the audience, through the call-in program, direct access to elected officials, other decision makers and journalists on a frequent and open basis;

    To employ production values that accurately convey the business of government rather than distract from it; and

    To conduct all other aspects of its operations consistent with these principles.

  35. Hey Doug
    I had a City of Bay St Louis employee, and the head of the be u ti f uca tion department accost me in the Shell station parking lot. Jimmy was picking up trash near the dumpster clearly on private property while I was getting gas. I pulled out of the parking lot and clicked a few photos. I then went to Micky D’s for some GoGo juice and a burrito. After stopping at my new digs, and leaving an employee to cleanup the Mardi-party mess I went home. Jimmy was still picking up trash on PRIVATE PROPERTY. I stopped to take a few more photos, and ask him why he was on private property. Jimmy-boy walked up to my truck. I said “Jimmy your on private property,are you on City time?” He said ” F#@% you stupid [email protected]#$%ing [email protected]#hole! Great to see the Filingame crew has such respect for taxpayers, but I felt threatened by his approach so I filed a Police report. Lets see how this is handled, after all I was arrested for saying opening a can of whoop-azz.
    I’m sending you photos! I also heard from a good source the Katie was in Davids office with Katherine and a pile of invoices, as if she is being promoted to clerk!

  36. Excuse me for changing topics but am i the only person who is dumb struck by seymore filing a law suit to protect his legal/illegal right to chase ambulences for texas attorneys? Or how about the comment that he was doing what was right for his county when he shipped cases out go texas…does hancock county not have its own attorneys that need a good ambulance chasing thief/crook/supervisor? Is he really that damned stupid?

  37. He’s not the only one that’s lawyered up. I understand the Bay-Waveland Superintendent of Education had her attorney with her at the School Board meeting last night. After an hour long executive session, the Board came out with no action on a new contract for her, and February 1 was supposed to be the deadline according to Board Attorney Ronnie Artigues. Look, these guys have to make a living too!!
    Maybe it is her new found career as a partisan politician since she rebutted the Governor’s State of the State address that’s giving her headaches.
    Sherry Ponder, Board Pres. refused to allow a citizen to comment on the Super’s video after allowing two Board members and herself to do so. Yeah, Sherry’s a real promoter of free speech. Glad she’s Board Pres. and not teaching Civics to the kids.
    All Ron Thorp wanted to ask was when and where was the video done, and did she have an opportunity to view it herself before the Democrats used it ( or her) to promote their cause. Since she was identified on the screen as the Bay-Waveland School District Superintendent of Education, did they use us too?

  38. Transparency and Big Data.

    The movement for transparency has a key business and social change which will be the driving force for adoption of transparency. It has its roots in the information ages use of data. Google lead the way in developing a cheap system of using commodity rack servers connected together with a built in redundancy to store data. Next complex computer software was developed to mine the data which frequently was generated in various formats or systems if you will. Google took off and others followed. This technology as once a closely guarded and developed trade secret of high tech comoanies such as Google, you tube, yahoo etc until a group of civic minded software engineers designed their own “open source” serfs ion of the software. Yahoo generously funded the development of the software and now anyone can engage in big data technology who can afford to buy the data sets and knows how to use the software which is provided for free by the non-profit who manages it. What does this have to do with transparency in Government? Data. That is the commodity of Big Data as the name implies. There is a mad rush to develop data for use in business and government. By creating transparent data sets which can be freely accessed by others, government agencies will feed the need for data that the private sector needs to develop new business and service models. The risk is a loss of privacy, the reward is better service at a cheaper cost. Early adapters will benefit first and this will be the driving force for adoption. Will this come today? No. But my research indicates people are working for it across theNation. When someone develops a great service model and the back end tech to support it than it will probably be adopted quite rapidly.

  39. Hear a rumble on the tracks the Sir Davey Quitsalot the part time clerk is coming back to work, and was only on another vacation. I have a question??? How can a part-time employee have so much time off. I think the records show he has been getting 40 hours pay. Sounds like fraud to me, hope Ms. Bell catches it!
    Wonder how Wendy puts up with Sir Quitsalot over at her 501c3?

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