Harrison County Indictment rumors: Signals and Clues….

Folks the rumor mill is still going full tilt on more public officials being indicted in Harrison County. People are paying very close attention thus the rumors begin to fly when something occurs that is perceived as out of the ordinary.  And when it comes to public officials here on the coast in January, 2015, out of the ordinary is seemingly becoming the norm.  Here are some links which illustrate what I am talking about:

From the second story by Paul:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, also under subpoena by White, didn’t show up. Ron Peresich, who does a lot of legal work for Biloxi, when asked if he was at the courthouse to represent Holloway, said he was there to speak to the judge on a “related matter.”

Peresich met with White, Circuit Judge Michael Ward and Utility Authority attorneys Jim Simpson and T. Russell Nobile in the judge’s chambers.

“I’m tired of secret stuff going on,” White told Simpson as he tried to talk to White shortly before that. “You’re trying to hide stuff from the press.”

What was being hidden from the press? I personally do not think it was this:

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway checks himself into rehab ~ Mary Perez

Additional background can be found here. Stay tuned.