Slabbed Solves Bay St Louis Dumpstergate with one photo

And Saturday night on the way to the ball the gang discussed:

  1. Taxpayer subsidized trash service for a few Old Town Merchants.
  2. Setting up a payment plan for the multitude of Chamber of Commerce members that do business with the City who have not been paid in months.
  3. Let them eat cake.

Photo is below the jump.

Reader Submitted Facebook Photo | Mayor Les Fillingame, Councilperson Wendy McDonald and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tish WIlliams and spouses.
Reader Submitted Facebook Photo | Mayor Les Fillingame, Councilperson Wendy McDonald and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tish WIlliams and spouses.

92 thoughts on “Slabbed Solves Bay St Louis Dumpstergate with one photo”

  1. Thank you Doug for this Post.. ” A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.”
    It is so refreshing to see our political leaders hard at work. Lets see here, is the City paying for the Limo? Oh wait, maybe this was funded from the additional money that was put on all of our Utility bills…. Or did it come from the MISTAKE in accounting that was made with the Harbor recently. Either way we the citizens of Bay St. Louis need to seriously Watch what is going on in City Hall. While many of us assume the Leaders are looking out for our best interest, don’t believe it. Mr. Ward was definitely looking out for the people when he resigned from the Harbor Commission and announced what the City had done with some funds. Where were the other members of the Commission? Did they not realize what was happening?
    It is also so comforting to know that Mrs. Les is being kept warm in her Fur Coat for these cool winter evenings !!!!!

    1. Whew! That picture is a burden to the tax payer! 3 of them work for Tax Exempt Non Profits, 1 is a lobbyist, 1 is on the City Pay Roll, 1 is a Section 8 Manager and last 1 is on disability. That probably equals $350,000 to $400,000 in tax payer direct and indirect costs.

      Pick no bones about it running a 501c3 non profit is not philanthropy.

  2. Oh, my, what a cozy group. If this doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does. Wonder what the city workers who haven’t received a raise in 8 years think of this, not to mention Les’ faithful support groupies “The Friends of the Animal Shelter.” Priceless—not the coat–the picture!!!
    Who is the lady next to the coat across from Tish?
    Doug, you are somethin’ else again!!

  3. Would these ladies be offended if I told them they were wearing second hand furs? Really! The minks owned them first.

  4. Okay, the lady across from Tish next to Mrs. Les is Rhonda Gamble. Don’t see her hubby. Maybe he took the pic or chose not to be in it. Can you blame him?
    Landscam, who knows where the money came from to pay for this Limo. I am just hoping the Limo company and the driver get paid. Considering the fact that some of the passengers have no qualms about sticking it to people who are waiting to be paid by them.
    I’m just looking at this picture thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if the Mayor managed the taxpayers money as well as he seems to be managing his own– fur coat, limo, etc??!! While he rides in a Limo, Advanced Auto Parts and Napa are about to cut him off for nonpayment. I guess the city workers will be reduced to skateboards to do their jobs. Hell, skates suffice at Sonic. I’d better hush. I may be giving him ideas.

  5. I will forward the photo to Stacy and Tom! They have both told me I’m all wet about the gratuities that Wendy takes from the Chamber. If the City was giving Tish free rent, and Wendy voted for it, and she gets free gala ticks, free concert ticks, a limo ride, what do we miss… I mean hell Les got a new fire engine red golf car the week before the new ladder truck came in, you suppose it was a gift for the non bid truck?
    I’m ready to take off the gloves, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
    And I am the new supplier of Whoop-Ass products, coming soon hot and spicy Ass-Kickin products!

      1. Amanda

        Poolman = Jeff Harding Such is common knowledge here. Some internet monikers are more like CB radio handles from the old days more so than an attempt at anonymity.

        1. Poolman is more like a brand name than a CB handle imo.

          Seeing Poolman has a comment posted just about guarantees some righteous whoopass is on the way!


          Not to mention, complaining about a comment more than two years old…

  6. Well, Not Fooled, if that is true it is very unfortunate for our hard working local businesses. Not good Business practice or ethics to not pay the small family business who is the backbone of the community. This is the person that shops local and spends their earned dollars in the Bay where the City can benefit from their Sales Tax purchases.

    Shame on you Les, maybe that was another accounting error where the city forgot to pay someone. I would suggest to you to move some more money around, or maybe add more money to the utility bills or take from the Harbor and find it to pay these local businesses. Is that the excuse you will use now. “Mistake” You can’t keep using that one. Get that little brain working to find more creative answers for any upcoming financial problems. Can’t wait to hear more excuses…..

    As for Mr. & Mrs. Winters, Mrs. chooses to use the “McDonald” name. Is she so embarrassed of her Husband. Yes, he does scout out property for Habitat. I have knowledge he even has personally purchased several pieces, having inside information on future lot locations, and resold them to Habitat for a profit.. Guess the McDonald name carries more weight around town and with the voters. Who knows “Wendy Winters?”
    Any more good Pictures Doug?

  7. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

    I think this post shows there is a great deal of anxiety caused by the declining casino revenues and its impact on our City. My life experiences have been that money problems can either bring you together or rip you apart. The choice is ours as a community. When money is easy and flowing in all tend to get along. The mark of a true community is how they deal with the opposite problem.

    I would hope we can pull together and make the decisions which will bring us long term prosperity. I remain convinced that our elected officials are all qualified and can do the job which we need done. What I believe is needed is a sincere effort to face the real serious problems we have developed. I say we have developed because it is my belief we not only have created our problems but we alone can solve them.

    We have elected officials to deal with the issues head on. I hope they take the bull by the horns and risk their own political advantage in the service of the people. I still believe we need to start with what we want our City to be and then develop the map to attain this vision. Sometimes unpopular choices have to be made and the chips fall where they may so to say. But first I would like to know what we are trying to accomplish. Until then we really can’t gauge if we are getting there.

    Hoping for a more united City where everyone is working to develop a place worth living in.

    1. Straight up Steve, the City is broke and not paying its bills while two old town merchants use a City dumpster for their business trash in a deal I can’t recall ever being approved by the City council. Then it comes out the merchants vote 8-2 against the community dump site with only the two merchants that were getting the the brother in law deal in favor.

      At that point you’d think the saga would be over but then Mayor shows up with Wendy and Tish Williams in tow proposing the City lease a 30 yard compacter for those old town merchants that voted 8-2 against the idea. The financial jackassery is stunning and certainly not motivated by concern for the overall city.

      The membership of the Chamber is not being well served by these actions. It is why I got out in fact.

  8. Not only is what I said true, Bay Watcher, but it was revealed today that Dumpster Gate has expanded. Yes, the epidemic is growing. There are now two cases on Highway 90. A city worker shared that the city provides bags and picks up the trash from the dumpster at the Ice Machine behind Burger King and the Dollar Store. All of this when they inform city offices that they will have to not put too much garbage in their cans, or they’ll have to provided their own bags. Why are the taxpayers expected to provide trash pick up for private businesses? And are these two on the highway being billed by Solid Waste while the city provides the service through city workers? Where are they taking the trash?
    They’d better get the Ebola specialist down here or this Dumpster Gate epidemic will take the town over.

  9. Well Not Fooled the city and Mayors approval has gone too far. The residents of BSL should not be responsible for the expense of collecting garbage for the benefit of local businesses. It is hard enough in this time of our lives to support ourselves now businesses. From what I understand, the Mayor is so desperate to make friends and be somebody and at the same time expand his politics for the trade off of votes.
    I say ENOUGH to the City and Mayor. When was there an ordinance or city law that says the City should provide garbage service to any person or business at NO cost to them. And everyone wonders why the City is Broke?? Everyone business should be fully responsible to pay their own utility expenses and no subsidizing by the other hard working people of our wonderful city.
    This city needs to “clean” up their act. Get the finances in their proper perspective and cut the spending.
    It was bad enough when the city only charged the Chamber $1.00 yr for rent. The council finally realized the value of that building and took advantage of selling it to create income. Now it looks like the Mayor can’t wait to spend it instead of using it to pay off existing debt to banks. Wonder how many more people he will hire with the $300K+ sales money.
    Yes, Mr. Haas the city has to work together. I can not agree more with your feelings, however, we can’t agree on everything. The spending by the city, mistakes with accounting and other irregularities the comptroller has done with his creative accounting make you wonder what really is going on.
    Riding in a Limo, drinking champagne, guess he finally feels like he is important and somebody. That is all he has ever wanted. Maybe Nereids will make him King one year and we can all say “Hail to the King”

  10. Doug
    The caption for the photo should read DUMPSTER KING, DUMPSTER QUEEN, and the CHAMBER MAID
    party on… All that was missing was the court jester… (uninsured of course).
    Back in town and digging dirt. Remember keep your ear on the rail, you never know when the train is a comin…

  11. Hey Doug heres a question. The Mayor works for the City full time. At 3pm on the first monday of the month he gets in a City owned vehicle, burning City paid gas, and goes to the City Council Chamber.
    No worries, except he meets with the Hancock Solid Waste Authority, which he is the chairman. He takes
    no vacation time, no comp time, and gets paid. My question (unanswered to Tom and Stacy) how can one get paid twice from tax payers during the same time period??? This is one question I am going to place in the newspaper as well as Slabbed. Feel free to chime in.
    Keep the ear to the rail, you never know when the trains comin.

  12. First let me say I do not envy any elected offical in the Bay right now. The City was fortunate enough to have a very smart Mayor who secured a tax generating casino which for decades filled the City coffers enough to cut taxes below the true cost to provide the City services. Essentially we all got more than we payed for when it came to city services. But the day has come when competition in the casino market has reduced revenues and the city’s getting A LOT less money from the casino. Couple that with an expansion of the city into an area which has severe infastructure needs and you have a real mess. Thrown higher flood elevation requirements into the mix and a still rebuilding business community—well you have Bay St Louis. I credit our past and current leadership for getting us to today where home sales are just now experiencing a real rebound and the business community is coming back strong in our downtown. But the City itself is having problems paying the bills and much of that is caused by a huge decrease in casino revenues coupled with an unsustainably low tax rate. End of part 1

    1. Dear Mr Haas
      I in no way got more City services….but I’m just a homeowner on Bayou LaCroix, annexed by BSL one minute after Katrina-sneaky and heartless. The last 8 years, we have had exactly SQUAT road repairs/paving…..we are dodging heaved crumbled asphalt, potholes, no ditch cleaning. Weeds were over 4 ft when they mowed. We have a hazardous home 20 ft away. It is falling apart. The yard is brambles, full of rats, mice, feral cats, coons, ticks……Emergency services: either we get BSL, County or Waveland or nobody.
      So while the 8 block square in town is peachy, if rather kitsch, tourist from Des Moine-y, we are out of sight and mind. Except for those higher property taxes.
      Casinos generate tax revenue, good for them. But casinos pay low for most positions, stress, and many casinos work employees just below benefits threshold, reinforcing MS as sickest, least educated, most corrupt, lowest income and highest infant mortality.
      Yeah our politicians are really keeping their attention to those issues. Oh, MS has the highest brain drain of college grads too.
      We have a chance at change, not all at once, but in increments.
      Get over it, as Trumpers gleefully told me.

  13. Back to why I feel it is hard to be an elected offical right now in the Bay. It is really simple, when you cut taxes and increase services to the voters all is well. But when you have to raise taxes and cut back services to the voters all is hell.
    I decided to post here now because I feel we are at a real opportunity point in our City history. This revenue problem can either bring our City together or tear us apart. Much like a family does when they have money problems. Some get stronger others fall apart. It is my sincere hope and prayer that we pull together much like we did after Katrina. The issues we are talking about are universal to all cities. How to manage a downtown business district. All cities downtowns have zoning, taxes, and city infrastructure. All downtown districts have public safety needs, parking needs and trash needs. And no City has developed a real solution for any of those issues. Each course of action has a cost and a benefit. End of Part 2

  14. What I honestly feel is the problem is not the issues at hand. I feel the problem is more fundamentally a trust vs mistrust issue. The annexed area does not trust that their basic needs for infastructure will be met. To that i say—Why should they feel the city will step up to the plate? The non annexed areas were serviced well by the city and are largely newly rebuilt. These tax payers may not see the need for going into debt to provide infrastructure as theirs is just fine. So we really have a divided city. Dumpsters in Old Town are just the symtom of a deeper issue. We as a City have annexed an area and now find the cost of servicing it to the standards of the rest of the city too high. We want to service the tax cash cow that old town promises to become but the old issues of a divided city make it hard to do so in my opinion. Every issues becomes a battle because we really don’t feel invested in the outcome of success for anouther part of the city. All the attention to old town seems to take away from the annexed areas needs in their view. While old town merchants can easily feel their tax revenues need to be nurtured by the city because that is the best way the city can pay for the annexed area. This is why I feel we need to trust each other and come up with a universal solution for the problems. If we have vision for our city which includes all the stake holders and attends to their needs at the same time we could probably pull the city together. End of part 3

    1. I’m glad you know how ticked off we are……against our will.We liked being County. They kept our roadsides mowed, cleared. Our road was dirt in 96, gravel in 99, paved in 2001/2….Taxes low. Our schools didn’t get more money. Somebody thought 603 was a hot spot, so BSL bought maybe 2 blocks on west side. Our bayou is Waveland. Somebody knew a BIG BIZ was looking at ?. BSL would annex us, and when needed, eminent domain our white trash asses out. No, we don’t have the surnames to become players or get the good jobs or live where a panel of sourpusses tell you what color mailbox ….we built homes back, to stringent code, good to 160mph.
      We’d sell and move, good riddance right? But our damn road and hell house drop our price……
      I guess I’ll be another person worthy of a listen, but not get one.
      And why do we need a yacht harbor? Should’ve built a youth center with movies, dancing, arcade, skating etc but nooooo.
      Next thing was Les dredging channels out to Gulf for the Princess cruises.
      Sorry Les but we need… much.

  15. “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. ”

    So this is what I mean by a vision. Paved roads for the annexed area and ditches that drain. Cleaner highway 603 with landscaping. An old town biz district where property owners an maximize profits and taxes by building lot line to lot line. Higher height allowances in old town to better reflect the flood insurance issues and generate a more dense footprint on the higher ground of the area. Shared resources in the old town district to include parking, a dumpster area service by theorivate sector. Possibly a special tax zone in old town to induce high dollar denser development. This will take compromise on all fronts. Higher taxes, more debt and the loss of some of the charm of old town possibly. We may consider a special public art fee for those who do higher density developments to offset a loss of the charm. These are the ideas i think may be good. But in the end it the elected officials who are accountable to the voters who have to decide. Inaction is not really an option at this pointing opinion. Partial solutions seem to bog down in the divided city politics. I say it is time to pull together as a city and move forward together. Each part benefiting and each part appreciating the value the rest of the city to their own success. Tie it all in together. Obviously many will oppose most or maybe of of my ideas. But that is ok if they will come up with solutions to the problems we face. What I really hope we can do is develop a problem solving mind set for the community’s high unifies the city. Hope this helps

    1. Developments?!?! Where?
      Why? Growing bigger is not a good thing, except the developers, the city and the money people. I drove on Beach Blvd on Mother’s Day and cried. Leave this sweet, ornery, town be. If I want developments, I’ll hit the Redneck Riviera……A fine man, Mr Haas, Esq. helped us buy our bayou home in 96…..he was a fine, sharp and funny man. He understood the beauty of this area, fishing, no crime, quirky not gaggingly cute.

  16. For the annexed area I would like to see some numbers for paving and providing ditches for the most economically valuable areas. My belief is if we provide the infastructure develop will accelerate. Also modeling after neighborhoods which use video cameras to monitor activity in the area the police should train private citizens to coordinate these activities. Additionally offical city signs advertising that citizen video monitoring is occurring with coordination with the police. This may not be popular to pick the most economically choice areas to provide services for first but I believe it makes economic sense. Other areas will be serviced modeling after the higher dollar areaswhen they risein value and when the budget grows via growth. Last some areas will need to be abandoned and roads condemned as they are not economically viable due to high flood insurance cost of construction and we need to stop spending money on these roads. Smaller footprint but one which people will actually develop. I simply do not believe the annexed residents will want to pay higher taxes and not have their needs met. I wouldn’t but it should be a community decision. Certainly when the community gets involved the ideas they produce will be better and have more relevance to their own situation.

    1. What are most valuable?

      AND abandon streets, homes, because of flood insurance????? Our home subfloor is 25.5 ft above sea level. Our attic is about 40 ft. We pay 1500/yr fire, wind is several thousand, NFIP is low but will rise.
      Who the hell is deciding what roads to abandon? You? And what army?

      Why don’t you annex Kiln and grab all the Jourdan, snarf up Waveland for DEVELOPMENTS/PROGRESS. You and yr buds make gobs, we could mow lawns, cleanp and live in a 1976 trailer……your kind scare the crap out of me.

  17. For Old Town I favor creating a business district which is everything the french quarter is not. Safe, clean and easy ticketless parking. I would adopt their open container laws which permit alcohol on the streets even though I myself don’t drink. But this would probably require some state legislation. For safety I would want security cameras for the streets and harbor. Directly accessible to the police and harbor personnel. This would assure potential investors the area is seriuos about safety and that investment is also safe in Old Town . For parking I would only add lighting and of course the cameras. Also I would resist any ideas to heavily ticket people like they do in New Orleans or charge for parking. As for clean I would maintain the City crews who keep the strreets clean. I would try to coordinate with land owners to allow them to maximize tax generating square footage on their land is lot line to lot line development. With some alternative to having trash dumpster son the front of their restraunts, bar or shop. How I would take care of the dumpster issues is beyond my ability to come up with solutions. It really is a tough one. I would hope the business community and city would come up with a great idea. I have nine on this issue. So those are my ideas I would love to hear other ideas. I think the goal of solving problems is key to the issue.

    Here are some links to the issues New Orleans i faces and what I believe i sour opportunity to develop as a community. If we can solve the security, trash and parking problems many will spend their development dollars here to escape the problems of New Orleans. Links on next post –


    “I didn’t notice the garbage before”
    Reviewed January 7, 2015
    Visiting the French Quarter is always an experience but this visit the initial stroll was during the day and garbage with the odors was overwhelming. Also the prostitutes openly came out early to serve their johns in public bars. I guess the French Quarter really doesn’t change but the night hides it’s dark side.

    Visited January 2015
    Was this review helpful?Yes

    See all 12 reviews by JP7844 for New Orleans 
    Ask JP7844 about French Quarter

    “I didn’t notice the garbage before”
    Reviewed January 7, 2015
    Visiting the French Quarter is always an experience but this visit the initial stroll was during the day and garbage with the odors was overwhelming. Also the prostitutes openly came out early to serve their johns in public bars. I guess the French Quarter really doesn’t change but the night hides it’s dark side.

    Visited January 2015
    Was this review helpful?Yes

    See all 12 reviews by JP7844 for New Orleans 
    Ask JP7844 about French Quarter

    Again Ireally think a community discussion about the future of our community will result in much better ideas than the ones I have presented. I do trust we have the right elected officials to make our City the best place to live i and work. Thanks for providing a format for me to express my ideas.

  19. As much as we all love “old town” would someone please get a grip and acknowledge the fact that it is not the “economic engine” of Bay St. Louis. The economic engine that has sustained both Bay St. Louis and Waveland for decades is the fact that they both have a State Highway running through these two little cities. That is where the high end taxes are and where the national firms locate. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the Highway shutting down and the two cities trying to survive on shrimp po boys, antiques, barrooms, and a harbor that is not financially available to everyone, but that EVERYONE is subject to support with an increase in taxes in the future. The maintenance of this commodity has just begun to show its head, not to mention the design flaws that the public is having to pay for rather than the designers. “Old Town” and its so called amenities will become the real tax burden for Bay St. Louis down the road, not Wards 5 & 6.

    As far as a “special tax rate” for downtown–please. That would do a lot to unite the city wouldn’t it?
    I am also tired of hearing about what a burden Wards 5 & 6 are as if they don’t pay taxes, did they just showed up at the door one night like a stray dog?The REAL reason Bay St. Louis is having financial problems is not difficult at all to assess:
    All of the above mentioned analysis is just the mindset that will keep REAL progress from ever happening.

      Thanks notfooled. When I read “a special art fee for higher density developments to OFFSET LOSS OF CHARM”!!!!
      I see condo towers, high end national restaurants, not locals, mass produced “Gulf Coast” art.
      And yes, we all know who win there. And by thenwe can’t afford to stay.

      Before K, we were fighting annexation, newspaper said years in court. We WANTED to be County. While we were still reeling, they sneak it thru. Why do they want a narrow 2 block strip from
      Ave B to north of bayou bridge? Gee whiz, we Fivers and Sixers are too ignant to figger dat.

  20. GUMDROPS AND LOLLIPOPS, WHAT CANDYLAND WERE YOU IN AT MIDNIGHT!! Do you really think that Wards 5 & 6 are represented at all on the current budget? They have done nothing but contribute with no return. Most of the work that has been done out there was using FEMA funds, not city funds. Don’t you agree that a street that is approximately 1000 feet long with 5 to 8 brand new houses deserves a paved road and a streetlight? Is that too much to ask? One block worth of those fancy iron Old Town lights would pay for it, especially considering they are about 50 feet or less apart! What about the bridge that isn’t wide enough for two cars to cross when entering shoreline park? Do you know how many tax dollars come out of that little neighborhood and most of the homeowners don’t even live in the bay, so, they really don’t use a whole lot of services and now they can’t walk up the beach to spend their money, unless they want to pay a fee at the harbor. Steve, when’s the last time you tried to sell a house on a muddy red dirt road with an abandoned house next to it, or do you avoid Wards 5 & 6 like so many of your snooty friends in Old Town? I pay for my trash and I pay for my water, so what else do I get for my tax dollars? Have you seen the new parks, walking trails and community boat launches? How about the streetlights, road signs and clean ditches? When is the last time you saw Jimmy picking up trash in Shoreline Park? All of those things are reserved for Old Town and I would rather drive nails in my toes than pay taxes to the City of Bay St Louis, but I don’t have that option.

    1. LMBO Mr Jay…thanks. I am so fed up with the pearls set and their noblesse oblige about 5 and 6.
      Let’s secede-lol…..I take the boat to visit, no parking probs, no crowded restayrants, crawfish boil under the house…..and they think they got it good.

  21. Jay,
    You forgot to mention the number of part time residents in Wards 5 & 6 who get no Homestead Exemption because their homes are second homes, so they pay the high end taxes, and they do patronize the downtown restaurants and shops. Some of them are even artists and have space in those shops which contributes to the sales tax in the Bay.
    If ever there was a group of people who were ill represented, or should I say not represented, it is 5 & 6. They’d give a million right now to be back in the County, but as much as Les, Buzz, and David, and that wacko, Hemsley complain about them, they’d all fight that tooth and nail. They wouldn’t part with those tax dollars right now for anything.

  22. Waveland has a highway footprint with big box stores like Walmart and Lowes which drive their tax base. Bay St Louis does not. We have a Casino, Old Town and a small business highway tax base. I have not read all the post here but I do believe my call for a tax increase to fund roads and sewerage work in the annexed area speaks for itself. I also noted having to pay a tax increase and not getting needed road work would further divide the City. Supporting Old a town development and annexed areas road work are not mutually exclusive.

  23. Bay St. Louis also has some national firms on their stretch of highway such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Popeye’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Waffle House, Burkes, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Shell Oil, Subway, and a large variety of local businesses, not to mention 4 banks. That is your economic engine, but they just don’t get up to the mike at meetings and whine and carry on. They are too busy managing long standing successful operations.

  24. Actually I know quite a bit about Shoreline Park. Shoreline Park was a failed development that was brought to the attention of E.M. Brignac, a businessman from New Orleans who moved from the Fench Quarter during the 1920s. Mr. Brignac was a 4th grade drop out who left school to help support his immigrant Italian American family by helping sell vegetables in the French Quarter. He made a sizable fortune in the Neon light business and partnered with a gentleman who held several patents on the product. He also ventured into the sign advertising business and real estate development. The development was brought to the attention of Mr. Aboriginal by a weekly penny poker partner named Mr. Dan a local real estate broker. Mr. Dan was paid a commission but for the sale but did maintain a friendship with Mr. Brignac just the same. The four original salesmen for the development were Carol Gleindmeier and Larry Bennet. Mr. Brignac sold the property on time and demand was brisk. The sales team developed more land by cutting in canals in the original subdivision and quickly sold them as fast as they could make them. Ten feet wide by ten feet deep was the original specs for canals. Adventural oh the subdivision was developed out and the sales team disbanded. Carol focused more on his restraunt in the Fench Quarter and the adjoining Playboy Club “style”entertainment venue. Originally the then board of supervisonors denied a request to take over maintain ace of the roadways of the subdivions which were load out with druged swamp fill. After a visit to New Orleans and a night of fine dining the board retuned and voted yes. To take over Shoreline Park road maintance from the developer. There were no code enforcement duties assumed by the county and people could do whatever they wanted with their land. I bought my first house in 1979and a lot that year as well inShorleine Park. My father arranged the deal but I did pay for the legal estate out of my personal savings. Shortly after buying the lot we had an offer for 5000 for the land. My father tried to hold out for 7500. Unfortunately upon a visit to the lot we saw a yellow school bus on stilts several lots over. We rushed back to his office andy uess what. My father said he reconsidered the offer and would accept. I still Remeber the man yelling through the phone it’s too late. I have already seen the bus. He then offer his adjoining lot to us for 3000. Which as 2000 less than he had paid just a year before. We passed but my Uncle bought it later rom him for 2000. The man was happy to be out of Shoreline Park we bought more. In the late 1970’s the view areas of Shoreline and lots in Timber Rodge sold for nearly the same price.Timber Ridge prospered through time and our lots in Hsorline gained absolutely no value over a15 year period.I sold my lot in 1995 for 5000 dollars. We felt fortunate the bus had been removed byy then and this helped. Fast forward to today and the best neighborhood is a riverfront subdivions which I do not believe was developed by Shoreline Park due to width of the canals and depth of the water. This area has paved roads and the home owners are very active in cleaning up ythe area. Also anyone who enters is usually greeted by a full time resident if they are not a property owner. I believe this area is the best neighborhood in Bay St. Louis period. Also theydo advertise an active video monitoring system. I think this should be the model for all of the annexed area. Start with river areas. Empower the people with police signs advertising community video monitoring with police trainng or something like this. Coordinate the neighborhoods to share info and have a rapid police response for people who are trained video assistants to the police have even have a system for the police to get the video while ex route to talk to people who act suspicious stuff like this. Safe, well done infrastructure with recognozed community leaders who are appreciated by the City. It is working now and should be adopted ona neo oriole by neighbor basis. High end areas of Shoreline right now have a rash of golf cart and boat trailor thefts. Won’t give details but this system would nail the issue dead in its tracks. More later

    1. I quit reading your Coastal Living style article about halfway through Steve, it is irrelevant now and a dang slap in the face to residents of Shoreline Park. No one cares about 80 years ago, we care about now! You can’t buy a waterfront lot in shoreline for less than 10K now and that doesn’t touch one that previously had a house or is past, say mallard st or so.

      Cameras?? Really? They have been unsuccessful in almost every city they have been tried in, including your precious New Orleans! Do you think we have the money or the intelligence to operate that program? We can’t even figure out how to bill people who don’t have Hancock county tags for garbage pickup, lol…..

      Also, your idealistic canal theory is just that, an ideal because there are only a few canals over 5ft deep, much less 10. I have a house on one canal that’s 4 ft deep and one that’s about 8, but that one is completely natural. Have you boated through the area lately? Oh, let’s not even get into the hot potato game that the city and DMR play with the canal responsibility. Both collect $$ when you want to build a dock, but neither wants to maintain a safe waterway! Please get a clue.

    2. You Sir are a pompous ass!
      Shoreline is BOTH canals and deep water bayous. I live on 4 dollar bayou, 16 ft deep. There is a bldg code here now….Miami-dade, toughest in US. My house would survive 160mph +. And a 40 ft flood. We’d be in attic. Shoreline, especially off Bayou LaCroix, Umbrella and $4 Bayou. Home is appraised at $265,000….

    3. Steve, just for starter you have a whole lot wrong in your history of Mr. Edmond Brignac. Mr. Brignac was not of Italian decent, Bayside and Shoreline were bought by Mr. Brignac from a person who was losing I all in bankruptcy, this was in 60’s/70’s. There were no roads there so He dug the canals, then threw the dirt on land to make the roads. Lots in Bayside were sold for $5 down and $5 a month. The deed never given to the people until fully paid. These lots were sold over and over again. Actually Mr. Brignac invented the neon light bulb. He owned Industrial Outdoor Display which not only included all billboards from as early as I can remember in New Orleans but also all neon signs. All the Chistmas lights at D,H. Holmes and Masion Blanch. I know for a fact he WAS NOT Italian. I was married to his son for seven years. Just because the sold fruit, if they ever did, in the quarter doesn’t make them Italian. The actuall had a grocery store right off Esplanade on Royal.

  25. How did Sidney Torres impact the crime in the French Quarter? Step one he developed short and long term plans. Step two he gave a voice to the people impacted by crime. Step three he made his pitch directly to person responsible. Step four he met with City and did not demonize the City officials. He merely showed the problem and offer his ides on a solution and asked the city leadership to act. In the end he resolved the issues with the city and supported the leadership in carrying out a group developed plan. He also put a miney figure on his solution and he made a very smart plan too. Ultimately the city did not use his plan but he went on board with the political leadership calling it the short term plan. He is working with city leaders to develop and implement the long term plan. He worked with other community leaders and I think did a great job. Threatening to run ads like those below in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas etc was a factor of course. Those drastic actions are not needed here but we do need to develop a plan which has a resolution component to it in my opinion. Regardless of the issue. Usually here talking to elected officials will help if you have a solution to a problem and not just complain about a problem yet offer no solution or offer to help. And yes our Old Town can benefit from the problems in the Feench Quarter but only if we are proactive and develop a plan to market real security such as video cameras and parking which is free and trash services which allow lot line to lot line development without trashing up the sidewalks and streets. Clean and geeen.

  26. PS-Just in case you might think I believe Mr. Torres tibe some type of public do gooder, you might consider this —

    Metairie company will clean French Quarter, CBD
    BY JEFF ADELSON| [email protected]
    Jan. 27, 2015
    here’s a new firm collecting the garbage, cleaning the streets and emptying the public trash cans in the French Quarter and Central Business District, the first time an entirely new vendor has had the contract since just after Hurricane Katrina.

    The $3.9 million annual contract with Empire Janitorial Sales and Services, based in Metairie, includes additional services for the downtown area at a greatly reduced price, city officials said. “We feel like this is a very positive experience,” said Sanitation Department Director Cynthia Sylvain-Lear. “It should be a win-win for everyone.”

    The contract, which covers sanitation services in the French Quarter and the Downtown Development District — from Iberville Street to the Pontchartrain Expressway and from the river to Claiborne Avenue — requires specific services of the winner and was awarded based solely on price. The bid process wrapped up in December, and Empire took over the job on Jan. 1.

    In recent years, sanitation services in the French Quarter and CBD were handled first by SDT, the trash company run by the flashy Sidney Torres IV, and then by Progressive Waste Solutions, which purchased Torres’ company in 2011.

    The contract has been a major focus of city officials in the past, in part because of Torres’ high profile but also because of the perceived importance of a clean Quarter and CBD for bringing in tourists and because of occasional budget fights that have focused on the deal…… (Editors note he is an ancestor of the Canary Islanders who settled down the river from New Orleans and are a pretty tough group of folks). …City officials said that discrepancy is not a problem; companies are allowed to structure their bids as they see fit even if they’re taking a loss in some areas and making it up in others. As long as the company meets the terms of the contract and only bills the amount it quoted for that service, that arrangement is fine, the city said.

    Sylvain-Lear said the Sanitation Department has received largely positive feedback about the new contractor so far, though there were issues early on with curbside recycling pickups. To have their recycling bins emptied, customers must have them out on the street by 4 a.m., something not all residents had been doing. When those issues arose, Empire sent trucks to do extra collections so as to avoid problems, she said.

    But a contractor who was involved in the French Quarter contract for years said she had doubts Empire can deliver on its services for the price it quoted.

    Earline Torres is the mother of Sidney Torres IV. Her company served as a subcontractor for SDT, her son’s company, on the French Quarter contract and later continued with Progressive after that firm purchased SDT from him.

    Earline Torres would have continued to work on the contract under two of the losing bidders, Progressive and Richard’s Disposal.

    For the price it’s charging, she said, Empire will have to cut corners on the work and won’t be able to meet all the requirements of the contract. She also raised questions about whether Empire is using the proper tools for the job and said she has seen collections done with makeshift equipment.

    “I want it to be right, and I wish them success in it,” Torres said. “I know I could never have done it the way the contract was written for that price. They’re doing it for a lot, lot less, but I guess if I could use a landscape trailer and not do it the way the contract says, I could do it for a lot better price myself.”

    Officials with Empire did not respond to requests for comment.

    There are checks in place to ensure that companies awarded city contracts are using the proper equipment and abiding by the terms of their deal, Sylvain-Lear said.

    With Mardi Gras fast approaching, Torres said she doubts that Empire has the experience to get the Quarter cleaned after the last Fat Tuesday revelers leave and before residents are out and about on Ash Wednesday.

    “That’s going to be the challenge,” she said. “More power to them if they can do it, and I hope they can, but I don’t see how they’re going to be able to do it with the equipment they have.”

    Sylvain-Lear said the department has confidence that Empire will be able to handle the post-Mardi Gras cleanup.

    “This company has resources. It’s a very large company, and it has subs as well who also have resources,” Sylvain-Lear said. “We feel very confident they will be able to handle it. They are very much aware of Mardi Gras and their responsibilities.”

    Late Sunday night, Sidney Torres said he began producing a series of ads critical of Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s record on fighting crime in Quarter before the Empire contract was awarded. Those ads ran briefly this month, though after meeting with the mayor Torres said he would pull them off the air.

    : This story was updated on January 26, 2015, to clarify the timing of the production and airing of ads funded by Sidney Torres that are critical of Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

  27. Any bets on the chances of momma Torres getting a trash contract with the City of New Orleans in the future? Like the Mayor said crime is not just in the French Quarter. It is all over the City. Just like trash contracts. Oh well glad I live in the Bay and not New Orleans. Something I hope we can all agree upon. I will be going on a cruise to Mexico tomorrow. Hope all citizens who want a better Bay keep the eyes on the price and support our elected officials in carrying out their duties. They have a tough job and deserve our support in doing the right things.

  28. Keep the eyes on the prize that is. A United City that can support itself with or without a casino. One where the annexed area has the road work being done to bring it onboard with the rest of the City. Where we have a safe, clean biz district with plenty of free parking and no city charges for bad parking designed to fill the coffers with the suffering of the people who are just trying to spend money to help genrwte taxes for the City.

  29. Didn’t see your comment. Not fooled. I agree. Waveland also has two chain drug stores which rake in A LOT of money. They have a better highway footprint by far. This was the handy work of the Myor Longo Family. The Bay’s annexation of 603 including a loop around 1-10 was an attempt to surpass Waveland in the Highway annexation move. It was hoped future development around the interstate would float the annexed areas needs with money from county shoppers and interstate travelers from as close as Diamondhead to antone just driving down the interstate. Visions of Home Depot, major grocery stores etc etc etc motivated the annexation. FEMA flood map rewrites have prevented most developers from coming in.

    1. Exactly what I said! Big stores, grab us cheap and y’all rake it in. But almost 30% never came back, so now you have us and we ain’t worth squat…..hahahahahahqhahqh

  30. Also Highway stores have different needs than downtowns. They need wide roads that coast millions per mile to build and are paid for u federal dollars usually. Downtowns need cheaper narrower roads but are typically paid for with local tax dollars. All the paved roads in the Bay were originally paid for with an assessment to the lot owner. Hogher taxes in exchange for a roads your street. Not just appraised values but a special road tax. Highway land typically has better road access and a larger land footprint for the business to sork with. After Karrina manyHighwy land sales were between 45-65 per acrea for large acrea10 or so plots. Some are 1 million an acrea for the intersection of two highways for example. The most recent sale in Old Town I know wast hat was not on the beach passed for almost 1 million per acrea. It was not an acre but when yiu did the math that was the acre price so to say. No telling what the harbour side land is worth. A lot. So the math is good for highways because of the amount of land but the infastructure cost a real high. Born by the feds most locals don’t notice but it is government cost for sure for the highway. Downtowns have denser development and lower road cost per square foot of retail space and lower swerage cost per square foot. Thus the reasons Cities want to keep them around. Many cities offer special incentives to help generate the economic activity so they can reap the tax dollars. Overall it is an efficient model.

  31. The density of economic activity is cheaper for the City to provide the services for but come at a cost of security needs, trash clean up of the City sidewalks and roads, and hopefully parking space. Some cities vulture off the community in my opinion by ticketing heavily, charging high parking fees and stuff like this. They are not satisfied with the lower infastructure cost and taxes. New Orleans is prime example. I have the tickets to prove it. Worse the last time I went someone was shot less than a block from where I parjked. I thought Iwas lucky to score a free street parking spot. Not worth it. Of note in the video links i showed about Sidney and his crime commercials of the quarter was a news report with cars booted for poor parking. Anouther tow truck contract? Really we have some cheker to offer people than New Orleans. We have it made

  32. All this having it made is because our City is runhonestly by th Council and Mayor. Say what you want we got Nhonest Crew in charge. That is worth a lot. Anouther plus for us vs New Orleans.

  33. A few more points. There is no better or worse tax dollar to me. I just want the most money in taxes for the situation we have. Highway needs roads ,lights, traffic police, trash clean up from the trash that is in the big parking lot but blows into the City streets or ditches etc. the services these well. I see them out at 7 am picking up trash all over town. Sweeping areas etc. one issue with dumpster on roads and side walks is the City will have to clean the sidewalk near it a lot and pick up trash that escapes from it to the City area. That is pain in the rear. Also people walking down the sidewalk will get dumpster sludge on their feet and track it into eating places etc. many find this u inviting. Especially when the dumpster are located in the front of the restraunt. Not only do we lose valuable tax land to a service that generates not tax dollars but it turns aluminyze isle from going into the place at all. We donor have a rear alley system for trash service in our Tosn. So we have limited options and really no elegant or good solution in my opinion. To do nothing cosst the city tax revenues and cost the biz owners as well. Small but over a 5 or 6 establishment area and yiu zymase a huge cost or lost opportunity. Solution I have nine but I do know the problem and that it has a cost to tax payers I lost revenues to the city

  34. I type on my iPad andcant see the words when I type. So excuse the misspelled stuff. But I am saying I have no solution to the trash issues we have downtown. There are no easy fixes because our footprint was not designed with alleys to service trash and other biz needs. Everything cost something and in a high value biz district lost biz space cost tax payers A LOT in lost taxable sales. Especially when it involves alcohol sales at 6 bucks a pop. It is your lost tax dollars that will be made up in higher property taxes that at issue by the way.

  35. Let me summarize and hopefully be at peace with these issues. I am sitting on a porch looking at the Gulf on the beach in Bay St. Louis right now. Today the government put sand infront of the house. I have a sidewalk and a walking trail right infront of my house. Nice. But really not equal. I don’t feel right when others in my City spend more money on a house and ride down a gravel road to get to it. The gravel being on top of swamp soil which is not proper for road construction. I don’t desrve better than others. I wouldn’t feel bad if we were making progress on getting the situation resolved but I don’t see it yet. So really I am in favor of making everything quid que pro for the city. One area gets something than the annexed area gets at least a road paved here or there better time is to issue bonds and make more cost efficient and faster. I am a liberal so keep that in mind. Ido feel we need to maximize the 70 million dollar infastructure strip we had the feds privide us for in Old Town. Dumpsters don’t generate sales or taxes. 6 bar stools and a bar tender will. Replace the dumpsters will people serving drinks to rich yacht owners. Or just regular guys but mske the money and generatete taxes. But not until we start talking about paving in the annexed area would be my preference. Raise taxes and don’t pace. Really? Just makes the city more divided and harder to run. These are my opinions and ones which many will surely disagree. Should city give fee dumpsters. Hell no should they find a spot forth ephifany sector to do their dumpster biz in hell yes if it frees up high dollar land next to the harbor. But none of this till the annexed are gets a desl for what want roads. Againidont envoy our elected officials but I trust them to do the right thing in the end. Well for me this is theend. We need to help out Ll theCity resident achieve parity of service. No need for fancy sidewalks at first. Just dig out the muck. Put down the right road base and pave something already.

    1. You are the shallowest person. And so removed from humanity. We aren’t rich, no sand for our Bay view.
      But we feel joy daily sitting on the deck on the bayou. We live simply because all those things own you. We live in balance with Nature, take our sustenance, grow a garden, lazy days on the flatboat and sand bars.
      Please stay on your beach.
      And don’t ever run for office and come up to this house…..

  36. Please return to New Orleans Steve and never come back. Your views of our city are hysterically idiotic and almost seem paid for by the voters of Les, lol….how can you possibly say the things you do? You think raising taxes is the answer when everything you have IS AT THE CURRENT RATE, SO WHY DO WE NEED A RAISE IN TAXES, JUST SPEND IT WHERE’S IT’S NEEDED….HOLY COW, SOCIALISM IS NOT THE ANSWER UNLESS YOUR ON THEORY TAKE, WELL STEVE??????

  37. Just finished reading some more of your idiotic posts Steve. Do you really think there are richer yacht owners in the downtown area than in Shoreline Park? Have you seen the multitude of empty slips in the harbor? Do you know how much revenue 6 bar stools earns the city? Maybe you should take a look at the people who own houses in Shoreline instead of considering them inferior because they aren’t robbing the public coffers to live on the beach….pathetic, but typical liberal shenanigans!

  38. I’m going to the hookah lounge to try to get my mind right, that salt water bong always helps put life in perspective. Doritos anybody

  39. Steve you must live in La La Land. Do you personally own a home and live in it. You mentioned in one of your ***** posts that you sit on the porch of your Beach front home. Is that Mama’s house? What monetary investment have you personally made to BSL? Or is everything you have inherited? Huge difference Mr. Haas. You did not have to work for your inheritance. Our fathers are the ones that did the hard work to give to us. Now you sit there and say what should be done.

    You quote and tell situations in areas that have NO relevance to our area. As Jay has said the past is the past. We have a future and many homeowners are in wards 5&6 that have rebuilt. You need to get your head out of the sand and look around you. BSL as Notfooled said has a multitude of large businesses as an economic engine that bring in much larger amounts of sales tax than downtown.

    The harbor is empty. who is going to pay for that. NOT you. what property do you own? Your family might. This city has been mismanaged since Les took over. We never had these problems with Eddie. Now we pay an additional fee on Utility bill to pay for debt Les has incurred on this city. And they are still broke. More taxes?? No Way. Tell the city to clean up their act and then look at the finances. Have you looked at the payroll for BSL and salaries with benefits? Go read that and tell me all about the layers in each department.

    When I sit in the council meetings it is extremely depressing how this city is running. We have a handful of council members that want things right, but the others only look out for themselves and not the whole picture of the city. They vote on how they Mayor wants it then get special services for their districts. Is that fair?? That is why wards 5 & 6 are the stepchildren of BSL. Lonnie and Joey always oppose the mayor.

    Maybe you are listening to your Sister too much…

  40. See you guys next week. Here is a little issues focus with questions to ask listi came up with. Keep on working on the issues guys. Makes it a lot easier to get things done and it is a lot less work. If you think your going to fix the issues and the rest of the people in town than who is the dreamer? I have enough trouble fixing the issues. To each is own. Your elected officials are a good group of people and they do work hard. We are lucky this way in the Bay!

    Annexed Area—
    1). Ditches.
    2). Roads.

    How is that going to get roads and ditches built?

    Old Town Biz District—
    1). Security.
    2). Parking.
    3). Trash.

    How is that going to develop a safe, clean place to do business with plenty of easy parking?

    Rest of City—
    1). Taxes

    How is that going to keep you out of my pocket?

    1. You said it Steve, to each his own; which is why we are in the predicament we are in! It’s suppose to be “to those who pay me, I will do what’s best.” Ditches and roads are just the tip of the iceberg for Wards 5 &6, so don’t just limit it to that. Since you are such a progressive city organizer, you should know that gateways are what attracts people to areas, so how about we start with a nice gateway to areas like Shoreline Park; say something like a nice bridge, with lamps, sign, etc….maybe even change the name of the area to eliminate the word “park,” since you can’t park anything there anymore (unless your buddies with code enforcement.)
      Old Town needs to put the brakes on, maybe you can give up some if your prime real estate for parking, or you could just promote the illegal eminent domain land grab that took place with the harbor construction. Maybe we can fence off another section of beach and pour concrete for parking? ? I know you homeowners…excuse me, people who come over for the weekend, hate having the inconvenience of cars parking on YOUR streets, but that’s too bad. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, those streets were not newly paved by private contributions and those newly painted parking spaces weren’t either, deal with it….or I know, how about using the brand new parking garage for something besides private parties…like parking!
      Trash should not be an issue, our business, along with other businesses nearby shared a dumpster that WE paid for and it never hassled anyone or was an eye soar (city code requires you to hide it behind fence). That is an operating cost, but maybe you aren’t familiar with operating costs??
      Security…handled. Our police force is pretty darn good, especially when stacked up against most others in the area, especially Waveland. Average response time to Shoreline Park is about 6-8 minutes and I think that’s pretty good, compared to your precious New Orleans 18+, it’s outstanding! !
      Taxes….I’m not even going to address that until the city balances their manpower, resources and budget according to what we need instead of personal interest.

  41. Steve is well intended but he has had a liberal upbringing. He may own property but he lives with his mother and spews his sisters words like soothing venom. I believe he has another sister that lives at home as well. They either live off the system or off their mother. He wants his sister to be a power player but all things come to an end. They believe in “The Big Rock Candy Mountain”. They speak like Obama. Gives us your pay check and we will give you what you really want and need. These types rely on government subsistence and politics to fund their ideas. They think philanthropy is showing up for a photo op and directing tax payer funds to their vision. They never promote frugal and efficient government but instead promote taxes and ideas to promote themselves and preferred friends. This is not a bash but Steve as his sister does, leads with his chin. As far as valuable property goes in the Central Business District why would the tax payer give away our resources and property so they can maximize the benefit their private property? That is actually a crime, using public property for profit and not offsetting the cost. I will take a huge leap here…HAHA…When the merchants have to come up with the money to pay their share of the dumpsite i.e. Site Prep, Slab Construction, Grease Trap installation and monthly pump out, Electrical installation and light bill, water hook up and monthly bill, sewer hook up and monthly bill, clean up and sanitation, dumpster rental and pick up charges, not to mention a compactor(can you imagine not dumping daily from restaurant refuse?) They will have to have the city named as additional insured on General Liability and maintain workers comp and have a licensed and insured driver as well as road/driveway maintenance. They will all say I’m not using that much of it and are not going to write the first check. I leaping now!

    1. LIBERAL? He wants to seize homes, abandon roads because of FLOOD INS?
      Lib/conservo, noone is going “eminent domain” paying squat.
      Take his pompous butt to NOLA.

  42. Is the general public allowed to park at the Harbor? How many parking places are at the Harbor? Just wondering. The public paid for that with Federal tax dollars and will now maintain it according to the lease the city signed with the Secretary of State. Perhaps the County workers and business owners downtown could use the parking garage during the day, and free up a lot of parking places for shoppers.
    With regard to a community garbage collection site, don’t be counting on the city to come up with any of the expenses Paying Attention just listed. The business owners who want this had better be aware of this. The city cannot pay the bills that are on the books now, and by the way, that is not a nasty rumor.
    The Mayor himself can be heard on the tape of the last meeting as he fumbled through papers in the absence of the City Clerk, saying to the Council, “It is just not possible to pay some of these bills right now.” And, this is after receiving a check from the Tax Collector’s office of over $700,000 in the first ad valorems that came in for the new year. But, that went to pay LAST YEAR’S bills. So, if you were one of the vendors on January’s docket, learn to wait. No, I wouldn’t count on the city chipping in on any of the dumpster expenses.
    The city will most probably be in worse shape this year in April and May than they were last year. I hope their (or should I say our) auditing firm since the taxpayers are paying them, have the intestinal fortitude to give them the rating they deserved last year, but they wanted to keep them as a client, so they let them off the hook. Big chance that won’t work this year.

  43. All of this discussion over a picture of people getting together renting a limo and going to a Mardi gras ball. You must think these people are important enough to stoop so low as accuse them of what? Supporting a local Krewe on their own money. I have a mink coat and I will wear it with pride because it was a gift from my husband. Come on people, this group of people supports this city on many fronts. Donating their own time and money. Sometimes when there is no fan fair and when no one is watching. They are great supporters of the city and have put in countless hours giving a helping hand to many causes. Where have you been? Haven’t seen you doing anything but trashing the city and the people in it. Such hateful words. Didn’t your mama teach you better. I like it here. If you. Don’t . MOVE. Or better yet, stay in waveland and drink the water.

    1. Stats tell me you were the 3021st unique visitor of the day yesterday here on Slabbed. Thank you for being in that number.

    2. I am in Ward 6, in a $250,000 home on deepwater bayou. In 8 yrs, Les made 2 promises to me……neither is done, and he says the funds to pave ran out before my house, after another 2 yrs, more baloney.
      The man is incompetent. He refused to step up as the leader when the suicide, payroll fraud, comingling, gun sales…and a yacht harbor when my road hasn’t been paved in 12 damn years. He has some hardcore groupies.
      But no more private surveillance from on duty cops, using tax dollars.

    1. If the spirit moves you absolutely. You’d be joining a quality group of people supporting public interest journalism such as Tom, Maxine, Chris, Jon, Cindy, Marilee and Katherine, to name a few, that have supported Slabbed this month.

      I’m more interested in setting new site traffic records for January though. Benson family feud is on deck. :-)

      1. I think you are all about the money. That is why you go out of your way to attack people personally. You certainly have not promoted the fact that certain BSL councilmen have used their position on the council for their own agenda. That is to make the city look as bad as possible. How is this helping the city? Certain councilmen continue to try to contract out BSL to their buddies. They can’t get kickbacks from city employees but it is possible to get kickbacks on contracts. Is somebody trying to set up kickback contracts?

  44. Simply,
    Who cares who was riding in the Limo? The greater concern is the condition of the city’s finances.
    But you apparently can’t be expected to grasp that since it doesn’t affect you.
    The vendors who are waiting to be paid grasp it very well on a daily basis.

    1. You never name vendors or names of people who you supposedly talk to. You just throw bull out there and then blow it out of the park. Why the picture and why the discussion? For naught. I am a taxpayer of BSL and probably pay a lot more taxes than you. You should be aware of the FACT that our tax base is down and sales tax was destroyed with Katrina and taxes were not covering expenses. I thought mr handshoe was an accountant and he not taking this into consideration as to why the city had to raise taxes? Poor waveland shut down the city and had to rely on our city and county for police and fire calls and down to cutting grass to assist them. So, in reality I had to pay for waveland services thru my city and county taxes. And I live in BSL!

  45. Simply Said maybe that fur coat has made your brain fuzzy. You have missed the whole picture here, not just the one in the Limo.

    Not fooled certainly has said it correctly. We, the people living in BSL, are tired of the way the city finances are being handled. Our Mayor has a history or moving the funds around from various accounts and his latest was a “mistake”.

    Read My Lips “NO MORE TAXES”

  46. Bay Watcher,
    We can read your lips all day long, but what will have to be read in the end is the bottom line on the balance sheet on the Harbor Account. If there’s not enough cash to meet the Harbor’s needs, that is when your check to Jimmie Ladner increases. And that notice will go out to everyone, not just the elite who can afford to use it. If you’ve never sat in a boat, you’re going to help pay the Harbor’s bills if it can’t pay its own.
    It’s a shame that little piece of information hasn’t been shared with the citizens of BSL. Read the lease.
    It is the reason Ward V Councilman Boudin stuck to his guns and voted against the Harbor
    The Harbor fund can take money from the city accounts if need be, but the city cannot take funds from the Harbor account to fix pot holes, bridges, repair city trucks, pay light bills, build sidewalks, and maintain and insure city buildings. The only benefit the Harbor may bring to town is an increase in sales tax. They’d better start selling those Shrimp Po Boys.
    Cozy deal for Delbert wouldn’t you say?

    1. That is so screwed. Tweens, teens could have had a place.
      Instead they’re riding, drinking smoking and
      dying (my HHS child lost 5 friends, 6th TBI in cars)

  47. Simply Said,
    The Mayor didn’t name vendors either at the last meeting when he said into the microphone to the Council, “There is just no way to pay some of these bills.” Was he just throwing bull out there and blowing it out of the park? Is that what Butler Snow attorney, Lucien Bourgeois, was doing last June when he told the Council, “You are in a financial crisis.” This was 10 minutes after the Mayor had assured the Council there was no crisis here. It was a surreal moment. This is not personal, it is simply business.
    As far as the tax base being down, everyone’s is since Katrina, and the Mayor and Council should know that better than anyone. But they just kept adopting budgets as if it weren’t so.
    It’s called dealing with reality. As far as Bay St. Louis helping Waveland, I am sure the good people in Waveland are thankful, but it cuts both ways. When Ward 6 nearly burned to the ground last July 4, it was Waveland Fire Dept. that got there first with a Bay St. Louis station sitting right there on 603. No problem, let’s all help each other.
    Personally, I think Bay St. Louis and Waveland should have merged after Katrina. You are right, the tax base is down in both cities and the taxpayers that are left have to continue to support two governments which include salaries and benefits for two Mayors, eleven council persons, two law firms, two fire chiefs, two police chiefs, two City Clerks, two City Halls with staffs, etc. All this for about 15,000 people when Gulfport has one of each for 79,000 residents. I don’t know how much longer the taxpayers can carry the load but time will tell.

  48. New Orleans faced a budget crisis of sorts after Katrina. They cut back on the trash contract and cut recruitment in the police department. One simply has to look at the consequences of those moves to realize we have a golden opportunity here to further redevelop our town. New Orleans just pinned a new trash and clean contract for the French Quarter and have managed to shave a few more dollars off the budget. But at what cost? I believe criminals love a filthy environment and this was confirmed by the City of New York who attacked crime with the “broken window” model of law enforcement.
    “Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, the tendency is for vandals to break a few more windows. Eventually, they may even break into the building, and if it’s unoccupied, perhaps become squatters or light fires inside.

    Or consider a pavement. Some litter accumulates. Soon, more litter accumulates. Eventually, people even start leaving bags of refuse from take-out restaurants there or even break into cars.”

    “As New York confronts a fiscal crisis, its leaders need to remember that the city owes its crime decline to a broad range of public and private agencies. Maintaining the NYPD’s commitment to its proven crime-fighting methods is crucial, of course. But so is the broader citywide emphasis on public order.”

    So when a poster here says the entrance ways to Shoreline Park need to be made clean, green and attractive to citizens and visitors that comment is spot on. It sets the stage for how citizens keep their priority as well and demonstrates to criminals that the community care about the area. I would add we adopt the effective use of video monitoring and checking those who enter the area out who are not residents. It is already being done effectively but I think formal adoption and coordination by the City could help if a model can be made that meets law enforcement needs.

    The same is needed in the biz districts. Both the highway and Okd Town. The City does an excellient job removing trash which spews over into the commerical ditches and roads from large parking lots. Same with the highway and planting with the exception of Highway 603 Shoreline Park entrances for planting a. We really need to take the concrete look out of the entrance for Central Avenue which is on private property. How? I don’t know. But a green scape entrance and removal of the Katrina look will do wonders there. There usa cost to municipalities for trash and green scraping. It is higher depending on how the private sector manages their trash services. I would hope we can have a responsible debate about that relationship and what model works best for keeping things spotless and green in our biz areas. Our competitor for capital in the private sectors having major problems due to City mismanagement. I would hope we would do the opposite and secure more of their citizens capital and improve our quality of life at the same time. Our Citu spends a lot of hard work, taxes etc on keeping the public space clean and we need to coordinate with the generators of the trash to cut those cost. I don’t think this is being properly looked at due to old stsnding divides in the City footprint which annexation without paving has caused.

  49. One thing I would like to know are some numbers on tax collections in the various areas of town. The way I want to break those numbers down may not be possible. Also the cost of the City services for various areas. I understand this is a problem area right now but I would like to know just who is pulling the wagon and who is being pulled. Also how much needed public infastructure needs are going to cost in each area to bring the areas to some level of parity. What are the funding options for providing those services and what funding mechanisms did the original city footprint use for such services as paving roads and providing adequate ditches. Stuff like this would be helpful to help establish a real discussion in the City issues in my opinion

    1. Steve,
      The issue here is not the exact numbers.
      The issue is if they put in the till, they get a piece of the pie without having to wrestle the baker for it.
      That’s the story of Wards 5&6.
      Attend a few meetings occasionally, PLEASE!

  50. AAAARRRGGGHHH, you are obsessed with yourself and freakin numbers. ……lonely….life is people, you stupid bugger

  51. Should have posted tomorrow for “Throw Back Thursday” to remember all of these memories of our Mayor who is GONE next month. !!!! Thank you Rachel for this. Yes Wendy who did not attend meetings for 9 months and got paid and will continue until next month, then had the gall to run again. Read that Ryan it is fact not fiction. She can socialize all over but can’t attend a meeting.. So pathetic, but they are all gone. Thank you Rachel for your support, yes you were the Hump Favre needed and it worked.

  52. The swamp drain has begun. Les is gone and Wendy has been ineffective for a year and now ousted due to no show on the payroll.

    Next up George Williams and Larry Smith and Buddy Z……..Les plants that need a dose of reality and sent back home. Vote these guys in and you will have the “throw me something mister” usual suspects back in line with their hand out. The Chamber will lead the cause and promote more Non-Profits to use her services on the backs of the taxpayer to benefit the Chamber. They really aren’t relevant to day to day prosperity. They are not benevolent! No one benefits from the Chamber more than they do!

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