Comment Bump: Here’s more culture of corruption for ya Stacey. ;-)

I would argue that the audit approach of the Office of the State Auditor, Financial Audit and Compliance Division, County Audit Section with regards to non-compliance with GASB 61 is fundamentally flawed:

The Financial and Compliance Audit Division, the largest division in the agency, is divided into five sections: Education Audit Section, State Agency Audit Section, County Audit Section, Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Audit Section and Report Processing Section. This division is responsible for conducting and overseeing audits of public entities.

Facebook Photo | SRHS Queen Stephanie Barnes Taylor
Facebook Photo | SRHS Legal Services Queen and Chief Compliance Officer Stephanie Barnes Taylor

The audit and inherent risks contained in the County audit is at owned hospital component units for those counties that have them, as they are magnitudes larger financially than the primary government. They have also been allowed to operate in secret by law, which is a red flag in my opinion in terms of fraud risk assessment. As a matter of Governmental GAAP, this would be one of the basic reasons GASB 34 (now GASB 61) was promulgated as the overall financial risk would lie with the larger entity, oftentimes a “component unit” whose failure would cause far more financial carnage than the failure of the primary government. We’re seeing this play out over in Jackson County right now.

Currently in Mississippi, the Auditors office allows the counties to not consolidate their component unit hospitals, Forrest Co and Jackson Co being two examples, with the OSA or private county audit firm expressing adverse opinion on the component unit column of a multi-column financial presentation. The opinion is so complicated as to be next to worthless to all but the CPA practitioner community and lawyers.

To the extent the taxpayer backed financial guarantee related to their hospitals at the county level is material to the Primary government and unrecognized, County auditors are skating on very thin ice from a liability standpoint with such a presentation, which I would argue is fundamentally misleading. I would hope the gang up in Jackson would be having this discussion internally but based on an Anita Lee story from a few months back my guess would be no for reasons I will not elaborate upon. I’d be happy to be proven wrong there.

None of this is a comment bump folks but I needed Mr. Pickering’s attention. I’d like to point out all these cultures of corruption are happening on your charge and watch sir. From chat gres in comments:

Back to SRHS and the compliance department.

Stephanie Barnes Taylor was the Chief of Legal Services and the Compliance Officer for SRHS until 2014.

In 2010 SBT founded The Fruition Group LLC.

The Fruition Group reportedly offered a 12 week leadership development course offered internally to SRHS employees. “The Fruition Group is offering a 12 week leadership development course aimed at helping people find and develop the leader within them. The class was offered internally to Singing River Health System employees and has graduated 3 successful classes since 2010. Many of the graduates have since then attained promotions or otherwise expanded their performance excellence. this awesome learning experience will be offered to the public beginning January 14, 2013.” [ref 1]

The Fruition Group website features endorsements from a “Lena Crain, HR Director”: “The class material is excellent and Stephanie does a great job presenting it passionately. I think the impact of the training will be in how much the learner actually implements the information and knowledge into his/her daily life.” Another endorser is a “Celeste Oglesby”: “The class reenergized me and emphasized to the participants the commitment we must make to excellence for the benefit to self, family, community, and work.” A number of the other names endorsing are apparently SRHS employees. [ref 2]

Is this an example of typical world class practice? Is it typical for a compliance officer to establish a side business, author a book, and then apparently have the side business train employees of the business? Does the apparent use of endorsements from employees to further market the program add to the awesomeness and complete the compliant feedback loop?

Curious to hear what others think about this. Perhaps I misunderstand and this is really a world class health system compliance practice. I’m certainly not a Harvard trained expert.

[ref 1]


Additional reference

The only thing I could add is that in a culture of corruption, all the major players are dirtied up so everyone has something on everyone else. It enforces discipline on the enterprise. And as I predicted, the muck is beginning to fly because chat gres asks some darn good questions.

Luckily for everyone the FBI is there and CEO Kevin Holland claims he sure is happy about that. Time will talk there.

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  1. Well, now we have a new name in the game or rather in the web of mendacity of SRHS… Lena Crain. Hmmm.. Now sit back folks while I give you a tidbit of another side story in this tangled web of deception, greed, unethical practices and more of SRHS.

    Lena Crain moved up very quickly through the ranks at SRHS too just like our favorite GoGo Dancer. She started out clerking, then worked her way in to HR. Lena Crain developed a program called People Development. It was a nice idea on paper, and she was able to sell it to the Eskimo Ice Salesman himself, Chris Anderson.

    Within months of People Development taking off, Lena Crain decided the Lord had called her and her husband to become missionaries in Alaska. So, Nebo Carter, being the most excellent Chief Human Resources Officer and Pretty-boy Chris Anderson, the ever so smart and conniving CEO, allowed Lena to go to Alaska. What is so wrong with this you ask?

    Lena was in Alaska working as a missionary, BUT at the same time, was still on the SRHS payroll as a FULL TIME, yes, FULL TIME employee!!!! They allowed her to “work remotely” and gave her a made up job title and she was responsible for making sure all of the year end evaluations were done correctly and on time and that career plans and goals were met, etc. Lena was paid as she and her husband drove from Mississippi to Alaska pulling their U-Haul. She was even paid to go to a workshop in Washington State while in Alaska working as a full time employee. Lena was even promoted, yes folks, she was promoted while working in Alaska!!!!

    She came back to Mississippi and took up right where she left off, and now folks drumroll please………… Lena Crain is the Director of Human Resources! Talk about the luck of the draw.

    Now, there are many employees who are made to take a leave of absence to go back to school when they need to do internships or nursing practicums. But not Lena Crain.

    Makes you wonder?! Was it her close relationship with the Chief Compliance Officer? Was it her very close relationship with Nebo Carter, CHRO? or did she know something on the Eskimo Ice Salesman, Chris? Perhaps it was a combination of the 3.

    Regardless, there were several borderline ethical issues with SRHS allowing an employee to work that far from home and still be considered a full time employee! Not a contract employee, but a regular full time employee. If she was going there to do missionary work, then how did she have time to do a 40 hour a week job for SRHS at the same time? It was not that much work to do 40 hours of week when year end evals are only done in the month s of November and December.

    Things that make you go mmmmmmm

    All of this happened under the watchful eye of Chris Anderson, then CEO. Baptist I sure hope you are watching this sneaky salesman 24/7.

    1. I don’t think the feds are too concerned about the missionary position – the screwing they are more concerned about is good ol’ boys giving each other handjobs and where that grease came from as well as “the taxpayers” taking it up the rear.

  2. This is unbelievable! I am at a loss for words and that does not happen often. Did the BOT know about this sweetheart deal? How many others had the same treatment? Bet few to none if you were were outside the inner circle!

  3. So, was there a contract between the Fruition Group and SRHS? If so, who approved it? Certainly not the Chief Excellence Officer! Speaking of contracts, what role does legal and compliance play? Just proofing the wording or offering world class excellence advice regarding business practices?
    Before the Fabulous Excellence Officer, there was one legal person. Then she shows up and hires a lawyer, paralegal, and others to do her work while she promoted herself.
    Then she ran away leaving Celeste to continue the tradition of world class legal services (for 1/2 the pay). But aside from hiding behind strong men and signature blocks of outside counsel, denying record requests, and inappropriately dressing for such an important position, what does she do?

  4. I do not want to sound mean but is that “Queen For A Day” a man or woman? Looks a little dragish to me.You have to wonder how many suites Queeny has occupied at the Hilton Garden Inn. While the SRHS burns both inside and outside counsel dither with books, and more LLCs. Obvious to all millions have been wasted, misused,or spent in over paying. While the outgo was ramping up the income was not being collected because of incapable people in the accounting/collection department. If the real estate deals including acquisitions,leases,improvements and new construction are really looked into millions will be discovered to have been given away.

  5. Holy Endtimes Epic Epidemics Batman;

    From the photo of SBT me tinks dere done been a serious Jungle Fever epidemic at SRHS legal witch done resulted in many mental casualties with final suppression and resolution cuming wit’ da’ relocation and isolation of SBT at a competent center of’ disease control.

  6. Well, the Fruition Group site must not have been so Excellent as there have been some changes- bragging about creating 3 VPs is gone as are the endorsements of Celeste Oglesby and Lena Crain. A disclaimer also popped up. Are endorsements from Celeste and Lena that bad? Where are the VPs now?
    Anyone other changes I missed?

  7. Looks like Celeste and Lena must had contacted the Queen to get those connects off ASAP. But didnt they remember, once something’s on the net, it can never truly be off the net? Stephanie taught that in one of Her classes at SRHS

    Regardless ladies, yall been outed and as a result da light be shinning in your closets…. Whatcha got to hide. We will find it all. No rock will be left unturned until SRHS is Swept clean of all of this foolishness, theivery and just out and out blatant corruption.

    One might say SRHS was a culture of monkey see monkey do. Chris Anderson certainly led by example and all of his superstars simply followed in his footsteps

    I think the Bond Company needs to fly down from NY city and get rid of them all. The Bond company threatened thst back in March 2014 if Kevin and Lee didn’t straighten things out

    Come on down Assurance Bond, we got you some nice rooms at the Hilton Gardeb Inn you can stay in for free compliments of Roy and the boys

  8. SRHS Sucks: I pulled your comment for your own protection. Leave out the name associated with the sex act and I’ll let it through. Thank you.

  9. hasn’t ANYBODY here ever heard of Organizational Conflict or Interest (known as OCI in the real world)? in said real world, even the APPEARENCE of OCI sets off alarms and can lead to serious problems, especially in the world of contracting. oh yeah, I forgot, no bids required here let alone full and open competition.

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