Looks like we have a family feud not seen on Slabbed since the Kern fiasco (Updated)

By now everyone has certainly heard of the Benson family feud and I’m not gonna rehash it much. I will say that through time, I’ve developed dossiers of sorts on the entire gang and indeed once invited ol’ Tom out to play on these pages. This type of institutional knowledge comes in handy when the fur begins to fly so this has potential.

I can attest first hand that Tom Benson and his lovely wife Gayle do adore the fairgrounds and the old guy has enough loot where he could pass gas and own the whole thing in a few seconds but NFL rules prohibit gambling related businesses so we’ll will give Mr. B and Mrs B. the benefit of the doubt on that one, especially since Benson’s staff of seasoned lawyers and CPAs keep him out of such mudholes.

If only the Saints front office could produce similar results in the NFL draft. In any event stories of Granddaughter Rita being a spoiled brat have been circulating since 2012 in the national media.

Finally I once again recommend the Grand Master for those seeking comedic relief via twitter:

As for the chances of success in this suit all I can say is if there is one thing Slabbed has seen time and again is the impact of star-power on civil litigation. Here is what Jimmy Graham had to say to NOLA.com:

Gayle Benson is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met in my entire life. Every day she comes to practice and gives me a smile and a big hug. She emulates everything that Tom Benson has done with the franchise, and I’m excited for her.

Looks like we may need to purchase some popcorn futures on the Merk to insure against popcorn shortages as we follow this and other stories.

Updated for terrible editing.

4 thoughts on “Looks like we have a family feud not seen on Slabbed since the Kern fiasco (Updated)”

  1. Actually, I had not heard of the fight. Bizarre. The young lady is a frequent no-show and has gone through something like 30 assistants in 6 years. I guess my question has more to do with why grandpa ever thought she would make a suitable candidate?

    But us Panthers fans certainly appreciate the self-handicapping.

    1. The things people do to keep their families happy…

      The lawyers for the Leblanc family are the same group that laid the turd otherwise known as the Concrete Busters racketeering suit. I find myself asking which journalist the gang at Smith Fawer will try to blame when the suit crashes and burns? I’d personally like to see ’em torch Jeff Duncan myself.

  2. Holy Grace and Gloria to the Le Blancs Batman,

    Gloria like in Gloria Allred that is…….


    One call dats all to Gloria Allred and Grace’s interest will be ALLGREEN and the LeBlanc’s fanasy ballgame over.

    I don’t feel sorry for Tom who milked Louisiana for one concession after another everytime the Saints’ contract with the State drew near and as the owner of FOX News which fired a Fox8 reporter just as she was hot on the heels of Jefferson Parish corruption.

    Then again I heard Tom talk today to a WWL reporter and he sounded mentally pretty alert so maybe after the recent State of the Union Address he now knows who bees da’ President of these United States (i.e. HINT: Tom you know the President who just recently gave interview time to a female u tube personality ( who wearing green lipstick videoed her swim in a tub with milk and Fruit Loops) but plans no time to talk to the visiting Leader of Israel)

    Anyway If Tom does abdicate control hopefully to Grace yo’ can expect new pretty uniforms, antiperspirant pads and overinflated feminine balls fo’ sure Cher.

  3. Interesting to read the comments on one of the nola.dot.com stories: One commenter invoked a massive codeine-theft from the Saints meds cabinet a few years ago that apparently involved Sean Payton and an assistant coach — the commenter alleged that Letten declined to prosecute despite DEA involvement, and he apparently has or had Saints sideline-access tickets I don’t recall hearing anything about this story in the local media at all. In fact, the hagiography around Sean Payton (apparently an adulterer and cradle-robbing poon chaser) is about as nauseating as that created by the media around Jim Letten before his fall.

    Other interesting tidbits from the commenter: Jim Henderson was threatened by upper management unless he outed a coach source of his — which Henderson did, thus resulting in that coach’s firing. Henderson apparently has a son who works for the Saints and whose job Henderson thus protected by squealing — Loomis was apparently going to fire Henderson Jr. unless Blow-Dried Jim Sr. sqawked.

    The commenter also has apparently seen damning business-related lawsuits filed in CDC against Gayle Benson when she was a nobody, and also seems to allege that Benson and Gayle were banging before Benson’s prior wife died — another allegation that chips away at their fairy-tale love story.

    The commenter also reminds many readers of the minimum $30 million a year plus other eye-popping incentives the state — which is about to slash higher education even further to the bone — is shelling out to the biggest recipient of corporate welfare in state history — that used-car salesman named Tom Benson, who late in life is trying to remake his image and buy his way into heaven by kicking back our largesse into high-profile donations. Too often the citizenry forgets just how much this clown is getting from us.

    Love how all the the local sports media are lining up to defend Gayle Benson — their jobs and access are on the line. I think Buddy D sniffed out what a nincompoop Mickey Loomis really is — he is probably behind much of these machinations.

    Oh, and the comedy of hearing Bobby Hebert convey conversations he says he had with his own son, T-Bob: “I told T-Bob, don’t count on inheriting anything from me, etc. etc.” Never mind that this nobody 20-something waltzed into a presumably 6-figure radio gig that daddy pulled strings to get him — after his own failed pro-football career.

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