Jim Brown: For Bobby Jindal – First the Muslims, then the world

Thursday, January 22nd, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Louisiana’s feisty absentee Governor Bobby Jindal sure knows how some things that are not politically correct, so brace yourselves.” So naturally, I held onto my desk, took a deep breath, assumed the worst, and braced myself.

The Republican presidential wannabe was on the political warpath. He didn’t mince words in firmly stating: “Let’s be honest here. Islam has a problem.” He went on to elaborate that Muslims should reject terrorism and should strongly speak out saying “acts of terror in the name of Islam is in fact not practicing Islam at all. If they refuse to say this, they are condoning these acts of barbarism.”

So far, so good for Jindal. But he then muddied his message by claiming that Europe was full of “no-go” zones where Muslim communities are enforcing sharia law on residents, ignoring the laws of the country in which they are living. His speech was given in London, and the Times Picayune reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s reaction was swift and blunt: “When I heard this, I frankly choked on my porridge and I thought it must be an April fools day.” Cameron and numerous other commentators rebuffed Jindal’s assertions, saying that no such “no-go” zones existed anywhere in Britain or Europe.

So Jindal stumbled on the “no-go” zone issue. But on the separate anxieties of rejecting terrorism among one’s cluster, the Louisiana Governor was right on. Most all of us would agree. Jindal’s problem is that he micro focuses on those who believe in Islam, and seems to conclude that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists seem to be Muslims. Is he right? Continue Reading……………

3 thoughts on “Jim Brown: For Bobby Jindal – First the Muslims, then the world”

  1. To Jim Brown: Sir: I really expected “more” from you on this important subject. Firstly, your suggestion that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “porridge” and “April Fool” comments were directed at Jindal is erroneous. Cameron (who appears to be even more of a “fool” than Neville Chamberlain) was commenting on Steve Emerson’s statements about “no go” zones on the FOX News Julie Banderas show, before Jindal even travelled to London. Secondly, why didn’t you have he GUTS to directly address the accuracy of Jindal’s statements about the EXISTENCE of “no go” zones, not only in England, not only in France, not only in Germany, not only in the Netherlands, not only in Sweden, not only in … , BUT RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Check out “Dearborn, Michigan. And while you’re at it, try “googling” MOZLEM-controlled military camps in the USA, starting with the States of New York and Texas. See also an Article by Soren Kern, entitled: “European ‘No Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction”, published by The Gatestone Institute. Thirdly, with a focus on France, why don’t you write about how French politicians “benefit” (through VOTES) from the masses of disaffected young Muslim men who the French politicians have allowed to gain “more than a foothold” in their country? And define precisely what these politicians (and radical MOZLEM DENIERS) meant by the establishment of hundreds of “zones urbaine sensibles” for MOZLEMS within French cities. Fourthly, people say that there are @ 16 billion MOZLEMS in the world, only 1% of which are “radicalized” enough to want to kill all kafers (that’s US!). This means that there are 1.6 million MOZLEMS who want to KILL us and establish the Caliphate here in the USA. Sorry, but I’m not afraid of the Buddists, Hindus or Zionist Jewry; I AM AFRAID OF MOZLEMS WHO WANT TO KILL ME AND MINE. WAKE UP, Jim! Ashton O’Dwyer. P.S. Do you know how to define a “moderate MOZLEM”? He’s the guy who “watches” while a radical MOZLEM cuts your head off. AROD.

  2. Brownie, here’s the article picked up so astutely by commentor AROD for you to read and I find it similar to your Democratic President denying the existence of Islamic terrorism ( soldier who shouted” Allah Akbar” as he killed over 10 other soldiers and the Okla. man shouting the same words and cutting the heads off of other employees at a beef plant were all termed workplace violence by your President)


    Seems like the Europeans especially the French want to deny No-G0 zones just like your President denies Islamic terrorism in America.

    Though I do agree with your opinion our Govenator needs to get his prideful ass back to Louisiana and concern himself with Louisiana’s mounting budget shortfall due to falling oil prices !

  3. YOU ARE DEFINITELY WRONG MY FRIEND….NO-GO ZONES DO EXIST AND HAVE FOR QUITE SOME TIME IN EUROPE….Please don’t try to sell that snake oil down here; take it back to wherever you call home, surely it is not the Gulf Coast. To parallel Ashton O’Dwyer, what percentage of the German population were Nazi’s? To quote (can’t remember who, but you can google obviously) a fellow believer in what a small amount of people are capable of, “the silent majority is negligent.”

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