One source: I told you all those indictment rumors were premature

But that one source is not denying something is cooking in Harrison County as there is plenty of unfinished business from last year, but this source has also been steadfast in saying nothing is imminent.

My guess and this is a just a wild guess, is that certain people connected to a matter being explored by a federal grand jury have shared their grand jury experience with the larger community. That is how Garland Robinette related subpeonas leaked out back in the day and is the most likely explanation IMHO.

2 thoughts on “One source: I told you all those indictment rumors were premature”

  1. Doug,your source could be correct and mine also even though they are saying something different. Mine says just because we are not seeing anything in the news does not mean people have not been brought in. He reminded me again this weekend that as an example, in the Kim Savant case, Savant was never indicted and was in negotiations with authorities for more than 30 days before the public knew that he waved indictment and plead guilty to one count in late December.Savant knew he was a target for almost a year prior to the his first known interaction with the federal court system which was in November of last year All of these dates are available for view on Pacer. Please look at that Mr.Handshoe and give us your thoughts.

    1. I think you’re spot on. I made a bold prediction based on the level of chatter. Worth noting I did have one person that begged to differ thus the post acknowledging the whiff. The same person reiterated that this weekend.

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