At Singing River Health, even ethics are a secret

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SUN HERALD | Editorial: SRHS builds wall of secrecy taller and taller

Yup, they got ’em alright….. šŸ˜‰

SRHS refuses to release records on potential conflicts of interest ~ Anita Lee

SRHS Letter to Anita Lee
Sun Herald File / SRHS PRR denial Re: Anita Lee request

We are quite the party line here at Slabbed and yes folks, all the stakeholders are paying very close attentionĀ to what is being written on these pages:

Former SRHS CEO Chris Anderson: ‘One of most important aspects of leadership is integrity’ ~ April Havens

Here at Slabbed we resisted the urge to be ugly in favor of a more positive message.

9 thoughts on “At Singing River Health, even ethics are a secret”

  1. We’ve had a couple of days pass and I’m interested in hearing what the community thinks about the outside counsels sudden departure from the SRHS scene. The fact SRHS learned about this turn of events in the media is telling and provides an important clue that something major is happening behind the scenes.

  2. Not only did Roy Williams announce his forced retirement in the paper he choose his obvious favorite news outlet,the Ms.Press He totally shunned the Sun Herald even though they were nice enough to print his son’s letter to the editor a few days prior. They all despise the SH because of the aggressive reporting they accuse them of. I am certain Slabbed will be getting a letter from Brett Williams if we do not behave in a manner acceptable to the “family”.

    1. A man like Roy Williams….not just anyone forces an attorney with a lifetime of experience like Williams to retire. The universe of possibilities is very limited in my opinion.

      1. The universe of possibilities is very limited in my opinion.

        The explanation might be as simple as knowing that everyone retires in the middle of the month, and usually without any notice at all to the employer. After more than 40 years of uneventful service possibly the sudden unfair comparisons of SRHS to the DMR* got his knickers in such a twist that he almost forgot he was intending to retire in the middle of January, but apparently he remembered just before it was too late!

        * Also possibly contributing to the stress is the unwillingness of the media, retirees and taxpayers to shut up and butt out while the Supervisors and BOT of SRHS attempt to fix this fiasco quietly.

        1. That seems to be a common state of affairs with our Fiscally Conservative RepubliCON Regime.

          “They want the public to shut up and butt out” while they “fix” the issues quietly.

          They have to remember, they work for us and we don’t bow to their self proclaimed royalty.

        2. …more likely he is watching the current legislation on penalizing corrupt state officials and bailed before June 30. Not likely a Republican legislature will pass reform on public officials that are from same party. But the entertainment is amusing.

  3. Well Ms. Anita Lee was denied for asking the deliverance of publicly held records. Wonder if the CEO, SRHS Attorney(s), BOD thought what the grandmother that was interviewed on WLOX was going to do when she when she could no longer pay rent or buy her grandchildren Christmas presents? Remember John McKay appointed and defended his candidate and he brought his grandson and all his friends on a tax paid “fishing trip.” Unrepentant – McKay truly believes he has done nothing wrong. The voters have only themselves to blame. They keep electing these self-indulging, self-serving, blow hoards.

  4. To quote Lynrd Skynyrd, ” ooo that smell”
    The smell of dirty politics and the aftermath of the financial orgy that has taken place in Jackson County, MS. We can only speculate as to why Roy Williams exited the way he did. One could assume many different scenarios – JCOG being sued by SRHS, the many different conflicts of interest coming to light, or…. The big one that we all are still awaiting the drumroll to hear

    Nonetheless, if it had not been for over 600 very angry retirees, a few dozen of former employees who were burned and the many dozens of current employees asking questions, producing documents and finally feeling strong and confident enough to speak out, none of this scandal would have been brought to the front page of any media resources.

    No one would had thought the pension funding or rather lack thereof would have been the catalyst to start this monumental tidalwave of what has been uncovered once the muddy waters have been exposed

    We all had wagered it would be a woman to cause the downfall of the current administration. With all the borderlined EEO discrepancies along with Swingin’ Rivers’ way of doing business with their friends and families to come into play, it ended up being the pension to being ’em down

    With the forensic accountant in place now , we should hear of even more skeletons coming out of the closet. Morrisons? The football trips and suites Mississippi coastal healthcare foundation ? Now that is a front for money laundry if ever there was one Then the company corporate credit card. Who charged what and when

    Sit back folks, the fireworks haven’t even begun to explode and light the sky yet.

    As Earl Denham said, … The door is open the hunt is on”

  5. Roy’s forced ride out of government reminds me of a different, good ole’ boy Roy’s song ” Happy Trails”……

    ….however like good ole boy Roy I can guarunteee dat we will see Roy Williams again down da’ trail plugged into another government, white collar conspiracy for his personal good/gain.

    Dat is unless da’ Democratic party in Mississippi changes, advocates government programs for all of Mississippi ( not just more social welfare for the black block vote) and seriously challenges the Republicans at the next election cycle.

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