Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color

First we had hints of multiple hat wearing at Singing River Hospital here but the narrative moved along including my subsequent disclosure that I thought I had resolved the riddle that was Mississippi Laundry Holding and Mississippi Laundry Services. Then in January Spice Girl spiced things up with a loaded comment:

Mr. Slabbed, can you investigate Crown healthcare Laundry Services? Mr. Lucas’ speedy denial got me wondering if Mississippi laundry services was used as a subcontractor. There’s smoke here and I can’t see through it…

I disclosed that I had heard the same thing and moved along with Roy Williams buried under his son Gentry and Scott Walker. RFP provided the reminder in comments:

Roy Williams’ week probably started off on the wrong foot.

Supervisor John McKay appointed Strickland to the position but noted Monday he blames SRHS attorney Roy Williams for not telling Strickland he had to step down because he had moved from Jackson County.

I thought this public statement expressed a distinct lack of solidarity within the club.

Then he was served the JCOG lawsuit.

It also may be a little uncomfortable to have lots of LLC laundry being hung out in public.

Speaking of which, maybe now is a good time to point out that more than one interesting detail can be found in the various filings of Mississippi Laundry Services, LLC and Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC. For example, view the 2013 annual filing of Mississippi Laundry Holding, LLC to see who signed the filing as a member.

Then there is the relatively new practice of the media posting the relevant legal filings with their first reporting on these stories. This has helped put the feedback loop in high gear.

Let’s look at that 2014 LLC annual report that I first exhibited a month ago one more time:

Mississippi Laundry Holding LLC SOS Docs

On a crude flowchart it would look like this:

SRHS========>Crown=======>Mississippi Laundry=========>Team Williams/Walker

I think the old school Italian term for this is “wet my beak“.

10 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry: Just a bit more color”

  1. For years we had BCBS managing our insurance, then we switched to Lockard-Williams. Williams…. Why is that name familiar?
    Doug, make another flow chart!

  2. Williams is the third most common surname in the country. The two men are not related. There are enough incestuous business dealings at SRHS to keep the fires burning for a long while. No need throw a wet log of specious allegations on it.

    If you wanted to point to the fact that SRHS and L&W share Brett Williams as an attorney, you might sink your teeth into somthing more substantive.

  3. Lockard and Williams are not affiliated or related to Williams at singing river they are above board no need to assume things an drag a legit company into something they have nothing to do with.

    1. Thanks Michael for that clarification. Folks it is a target rich environment with SRHS. Let’s stay on point and steer clear of issues that could cause collateral damage.

  4. One year anniversary of this post.

    On the coast, it has been another busy year for the laundry industry as a whole.

  5. Mississippi Laundry Services, LLC et al v. Evans et al
    Filed: February 24, 2016 as 1:2016cv00064
    Plaintiff: Mississippi Laundry Services, LLC , Xanitos, Inc.
    Defendant: Bryce Evans, John Does 1-15
    Cause Of Action: Diversity-Other Contract
    Court: Fifth Circuit › Mississippi › Mississippi Southern District Court
    Type: Contract › Contract: Other

    1. Interesting reading. Is there a business these people get into that doesn’t get involved in some kind of litigation and public scrutiny?

      News on the Hilton: Strickland and the Williams’ took out a $700+ loan on the vacant outparcels.

      1. Waiting for someone to visit PACER and post the details of that suit.

        About the loan- interesting.
        When did they borrow against the outparcels?

        Additional comments and observations on some depositions are coming when I get a chance.

        I’ll start off with this:

        Who could have known happy endings were allegedly being dispensed just a few doors down from the World Headquarters of Ea$$e Ent$$prise$ L$C? All the scandalous and illegal behavior must have been a well kept secret. (Do landlords ever google their tenants?) Almost everyone in the Jackson County power elite must have been as blind as Ray Charles. Then suddenly there’s a raid and arrests are made.

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