Lusty lawyers gone wild: Another twist in the case of the Cabbie and Lusty Lawyer (Updated)

And once again it was Slabbed’s community of crack internet sleuths that signaled the prosecution may have a problem 9 months ago:

His parting comment, which I saw/heard in an unedited version of the video, changes what I thought happened here. Also, a comment on nola, from someone who seems to know, says the cab ride was 1.5 hours long. The cabbie also makes a comment about how he is going to get in trouble. Are they both in the wrong?

New delay sought in cabbie sex trial ~ Rob Masson

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However, Gaubert’s attorneys say a new witness has come forward who can testify that Gaubert and the cab driver engaged in consensual sex prior to the recording. Defense attorneys say they have notified prosecutors that the new witness, a sheriff’s deputy, will cast doubt on Ferrell’s story, setting the stage for possible perjury.


The trial has started and Fox 8 has some coverage:

Trial begins for local woman caught on camera making sexual advances toward car driver ~ Rob Masson

I am getting updates from both the NOLA lawyer gossip network and Rob Masson via twitter. Friday afternoon is a great time for a criminal trial. 😉


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    1. The richest thing about this Prince is the fact that all I did covering this was heed the good word of informed, albeit anonymous internet commenters to stay one step ahead of the overall news coverage. King Georges had this today:

      Most of the comments are posted anonymously, so they’re worthless and small-minded and probably not indicative of the way New Orleanians really feel

      They are right though, Ignatius lives. He follows me on twitter.

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