Lusty lawyers gone wild: Another twist in the case of the Cabbie and Lusty Lawyer (Updated)

And once again it was Slabbed’s community of crack internet sleuths that signaled the prosecution may have a problem 9 months ago:

His parting comment, which I saw/heard in an unedited version of the video, changes what I thought happened here. Also, a comment on nola, from someone who seems to know, says the cab ride was 1.5 hours long. The cabbie also makes a comment about how he is going to get in trouble. Are they both in the wrong?

New delay sought in cabbie sex trial ~ Rob Masson

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However, Gaubert’s attorneys say a new witness has come forward who can testify that Gaubert and the cab driver engaged in consensual sex prior to the recording. Defense attorneys say they have notified prosecutors that the new witness, a sheriff’s deputy, will cast doubt on Ferrell’s story, setting the stage for possible perjury.


The trial has started and Fox 8 has some coverage:

Trial begins for local woman caught on camera making sexual advances toward car driver ~ Rob Masson

I am getting updates from both the NOLA lawyer gossip network and Rob Masson via twitter. Friday afternoon is a great time for a criminal trial. 😉


More dominoes fall: SRHS Outside Counsel Roy Williams retires plus two masters = bad news (Updated)

Let’s start off with April Haven’s latest for the Mississippi Press via RFP in comments:

SRHS attorney Roy Williams retires, effective immediately

Boy the way Glen Miller played
Songs that made the hit parade.
Guys like us we had it made,
Those were the days.

Sorry folks wrong story. Roy Williams is gone and ostensibly passes the SRHS account along genealogically to his son Brett.

Here at Slabbed we’re blessed. I’m talking with several people with detailed knowledge of both the Jackson County political landscape and the SRHS executive suites and that does not count accounting stopping in with us yesterday. Some of these nice people use charitable language saying things like “ethical lines were blurred”, which is a polite of way of saying that certain people are fixing to get into some deep trouble. Anita Lee set things up very nicely:

As it would happen, I know a thing or two about the proper administration of pension plans. The lawsuit at the heart of Anita’s second story should have the desired effect because of the clear cut breaches of fiduciary duty that were created by clear cut conflicts of interest. For instance in this saga we learned that former SRHS Board Trustee Morris Strickland actually was charged with investing trust assets. When I saw that I gasped but then again the lawyers I know that are most knowledgeable of ERISA and trust common law all advise their clients to have an independent plan trustee and investment advisor period, especially in something like a defined benefit plan. At Singing River management and the Board of Trustees took those roles and this brings me back to Mr. Williams and in house SRHS counsel Celeste Oglesby because you wonder what in the blue hell they were thinking allowing such a setup to which mucho liability would naturally attach should things go wrong. Continue reading “More dominoes fall: SRHS Outside Counsel Roy Williams retires plus two masters = bad news (Updated)”

Jim Brown: Can Republicans shake the curse of David Duke?

Thursday, January 15th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Poor Congressman Steve Scalise. He should be on cloud nine having reached the pinnacle of political success by being elected majority whip in the Republican controlled congress. But out of the blue, he is blindsided by a 28-year-old democratic blogger and law student who ties him to David Duke. Scalise’s sin? Accepting a speaking invitation 12 years ago when he was a state representative to a group (located in the district from where he was elected) that has close ties to Duke.

A feeding frenzy developed with Democrats calling for his head (or at least his resignation), and conservative Republicans expressing outrage. “Defense of this (last decade) racist action is disgusting and wrong,” bemoaned Sarah Palin. Popular conservative syndicated talk show host Mark Levin lamented: “He’s yet another example of what’s wrong with the GOP and Washington. The American people are sick of it, and those who defend such awful establishment leadership are not doing either the GOP or the nation any favors. Scalise is another setback.”

David Duke, in a perverse way, must be smiling. He’s back. In Duke’s world, it doesn’t matter what you say about him. Just don’t ignore him. He’s relevant again and part of the political discussion, good or bad. To Duke, it doesn’t make any difference.

A number of Louisiana Republicans are walking on eggs in hopes of steering clear of this whole conversation. Duke has made it clear that he’s ready to kick ass and name names. He was blunt in warning that those jumping all over Scalise for his Duke ties may pay a price. “If any of them, if they jump on this bandwagon, those who have asked for support from my camp–if they throw Scalise to the wolves in this thing as part of this lynch mob, you know, I promise I will go and absolutely out them because they are hypocrites.” Continue Reading……………