2 thoughts on “Mississippi finally makes it to the top of the list”

  1. Holy Hoe Havens Batman,

    Is it just my imagination but don’t Miss. and La. rank similarly on being havens to both sexual hoes and political hoes. Dis’ parallel should be studied by a liberal national grant to a tink tank to done discover what are the common characteristics of the populace which could be causing dis’, outta den lack of brains.

    1. I think you got it right Lockie. It goes hand in hand I think.

      In researching this story I googled “pictures of a Mississippi skank” to see if I could find a suitable specimen photo to accompany this post and ran smack dab into the world of revenge porn. As Nowdy would say back in the day OMG!!!!!


      I would feel better about my own legislature if they tackled that issue instead of working hard to gut education trying to keep up with Bobby Jindal.

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