23 thoughts on “Multiple sources: Indictments Imminent involving Harrison County politicians”

  1. I’ll kick start this thread by disclosing there are rumors floating about a public official has resigned. I am working to confirm.

    1. I know a couple of people that are familiar with the Harrison Co courthouse scene and I’m not going to get very specific beyond saying they have general knowledge of the political landscape. The rumor in question regarding a resignation of a public official is not true per what I’ve been told.

      All that said the rumor mill is boiling over regarding two public officials and given the names involved it is easy to see how someone with more specific knowledge of what I’m talking about could have deceived by what they saw.

      When you get a lot of data points as happened last month with the HCUA indictments you lend a certain amount of credence to the indictment rumor mill and it is happening again. All that said it is not fair to the public officials mentioned in said rumor mill to name names at this juncture though the artful dropping of hints in comments is always helpful. 😉

  2. The drum beat is now more of a march and is very close. Look for the bugles to sound the charge sometime on the morning of January 15,2015. Federal reinforcements have arrived and are ready to go in multiple directions. Will it be supervisors ,mayors, council members, engineers, attorneys or other employees of local government.How about some consultants and bundlers for good measure? The chatter, which is almost overwhelming, is throwing out lots of potential names. By the end of the day tomorrow taps, sometimes known as Butterfield’s Lullaby, will be playing over the political careers of many by sunset. Who is cleaning out their desks tonight and dusty off their dress shoes preparing for the arraignment they are sure to face ? Only the deserving few who took what was not theirs. Rest tonight good people because tomorrow will be a day for celebration for the honest citizens of the Gulf Coast who are fed up with these crooked SOBs keeping us #1 in corruption and #50 in job growth,education,ect.,ect.

    1. Tommy,

      Nice post.

      I have no sources on this subject but if I were to throw a Hail Mary on an indicted politician I would guess the mayor of a Harrison County town that appears to have a thing for the Sam Walton Family. The perception exists that he could be involved with more than what we see due to the fact that he was surrounded by a group of people who have already been sent to the big house. Of course, I could be way off of this wild assumption as he could be completely uninformed of actions taking place in his own back yard so to speak.

      1. Eye, it’s not just one politician. When it hits it will rock Harrison County like nothing else.

        1. That sounds pretty devastating. Any rumors of ties to DMR? Thats not a crazy question now a days………….hehe

    2. Hope you are correct.I hear they will be visiting Jackson County as well to say hello to a well know politician that has been connected to lots of past indiscretions. Can you say Walkers

  3. I had also heard that something was coming tomorrow in Jax Co. Nothing to thya I suppose.
    Doug, you had mentioned it awhile back, any rumblings?

  4. Might these two people be the ones responsible for the two case-number gap between Messrs. Savant and Pahlavan?

  5. HCUA investigation opened flood gates! Amazing how rats jumped the ship and reported trips, drive way build outs and personal use of county funds for hunting camps!

    1. Well, “Da-Gov-Na” did support the right to hunt recently. The right to hunt in a camp supported by government funds would be all the better. Afterall, we are a government welfare sucking state.

  6. You know that the DMR has players in this game. The onion is unfolding and the smell is getting stronger. That Anita Lee has been a bad girl. She has made that Lawyer at SRH get all mad and flustered. Awww, isn’t that a shame?? Hope she keeps up the good work!! You too Doug….keep up the good work!!!! You are all the people on the coast have to fight for them. You are greatly appreciated!!!

  7. Doug—I wonder if in your blogging and forensic accounting experience you have developed any beliefs concerning people who cut a plea deal for insider testimony when it comes to white collar or public corruption cases? IE. Do you have any advice for those who may be facing hard time in Club Fed. Should they cut their deal first or hold on to their losing hand till the bitter end? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj4nJ1YEAp4

    1. I think we’re past that point. You remember what happened when the reinforcements from DC showed up in NOLA? My best advice now is careful picking up that bar of soap.

      Like chootin’ fish in a barrel friend.

  8. Doug, will the sun herald be forced to retract their “Biloxi’s Next Mayor” headline from a few months back???

  9. Uh-oh!!! Gulfport’s mayor is going to be very upset that “Biloxi’s next mayor” seems to be in trouble?? Sure hope that this leads to more all deserving souls who chose to steal from the hard-working people of the Coast. I hope that the FBI wipes all three counties clean of the cancer that has been feeding off of the backs of the taxpayers and working people since 2005. I hope the long arms of the law reach out again to the DMR and take all of the guilty parties still working there and also the SRHS to get all of the crooks over there. And I hope they don’t forget to stop in Jackson county and visit the offices of the BOS on the way out. And then they can stop by the elected officials offices in Jackson that are deserving and give them a free ride in the back of their vehicles. Also, Yazoo city needs to have a stop! This is a large network of thugs that is all intertwined with spawn of sucubi; and we, the people, need to be free of this web so that we can breathe again!!! Bring it on FBI!!!

  10. P. S. Of course, you know that this might lead to the “canary singing” about our Federal elected officials?? Oh, this is a sad day for them – but a great day for Mississippi!!!!!

  11. A very dreary winter day and all is so quiet. This does not mean there is not anything going on with the indictments. If you look at the Kim Savant federal court file you will see the first entry,which was to seal the file, was 11/14/2014 and was one of many on that day. Savant plead guilty on 12/16/14. The public did not know for over 30 days what had taken place. Just a few days before he resigned from his HCBOS position and plead guilty his legal problems were just rumors when in fact he had been brought in a month earlier.Whether we read about indictments tomorrow or a month from then I am convinced all is in motion as of this morning.

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