For you lifers: Site traffic explained (Plus something for the newbies)

I noticed recently an uptick in search traffic related to Slabbed’s work on the Mexican drug cartels and a Greensburg lawyer that laundered millions of dollars for them, William “Hugh” Sibley, a name that goes back to 2009 on these pages.

When you report a story as a citizen journalist involving a United States prosecution involving the Mexican drug cartels and you start seeing site traffic from Mexico City, it involves a bit of a gut check. Debriefing Sibley after his arrest certainly involved a Louisiana history lesson of the kind that rarely sees the light of day. The snippets of what is publicly sourced on its own have made interesting books in their own right. In short, Hugh Sibley has lead an extraordinary life.

All hell has been breaking loose here at Slabbed central so I did not spend any time tracking down the reason for the uptick in traffic but today I took a short break and found this.

William “Hugh” Sibley | Obituary ~ New Orleans Advocate

We can only hope he interviewed with a biographer or wrote his own as I suspect it would be extraordinary reading.

Newbies that would like to explore this topic further should click here. Condolences to Mr. Sibley’s family for their loss.

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