The dominoes begin to tumble: SRHS files suit against Jackson Co Outsource Group (updated)

And April Havens has the scoop for the Mississippi Press:

SRHS files suit against Jackson County Outsource Group, claiming company overbilled for collections services

Jackson County Outsource Group or JCOG, owned by Gentry Williams and Jon Reynolds, entered into a contract with SRHS on Dec. 1, 2012, according to the complaint filed Tuesday in Circuit Court.

Williams is the son of longtime SRHS board attorney Roy Williams, who is listed as the registered agent who helped form the LLC. As the registered agent, he is designated to receive service of process when the business is a party in a legal action, such as a lawsuit or summons.

And Reynolds is connected to Board Attorney Roy Williams via Charter Bank, Small world huh.

The folks at the Mississippi Press were kind enough to share the complaint for damages, which can be found here. This looks like a jailbreak to me.


An earlier version of this post identified Jon Reynolds as SRHS Attorney Roy Williams law partner. I apologize for the error.

12 thoughts on “The dominoes begin to tumble: SRHS files suit against Jackson Co Outsource Group (updated)”

  1. I’m having some difficulty in understanding the fact set alleged by SRHS.

    Were the accounting controls deficient in some way?

    How was it that on 28 different occasions SRHS allegedly paid JCOG the contracted 11% fee for patients who were allegedly in some way covered by either Medicaid or disability? How was it that it allegedly took a compliance review to discover the problem?

    One might also wonder why and under what clause SRHS alleges #8 On October 18, 2013 SRHS notified JCOG that it was exercising its right to cancel the contract effective December 31, 2013 as SRHS alleges in #9 that the compliance review was conducted after the notice of cancellation. SRHS further claims (#9) that this review revealed the alleged overpayments and that the alleged overpayments resulted from alleged JCOG’s breach of contract.

    Two additional questions:

    Who drafted the JCOG contract for JCOG to present to SRHS?

    Was this work performed by another contractor prior to JCOG drafting and offering the contract in dispute to SRHS?

  2. I think it’s all a show for us, the dumb public. Ole Kevin and his boy Chris thought all the employees were dumber than dirt. Guess they’re starting to maybe rethink that.

    jCBOS asked for BOT resignations knowing fully well they had already discussed this ploy over a pot of gumbo and some brewskis compliments of Morrisons It was just to pretend to do the right thing to keep the loud sometimes rowdy retirees from coming to their monday meetings to prevent any campaign boycotts.

    Those sneaky BOT members knew the JCBOS couldn’t make them resign. Case closed everyone’s happy! WRONG!!!!

    Now SRHS is suing JCOG. Same optical illusion here too. They decided Srhs needed to appear to begin cleaning house and doing the right thing so Roy tells his son, you gotta take one for the team. Hell boy, I’ve been robbing those bastards blind for years. Daddy will take good care of you son

    Kevin Holland, Lee Bond, Mike Crews and Chris Anderson need to go ahead and get fitted for their orange jumpsuits and matching stainless steel bracelets

    I’ll start the fund to keep them with some soap on a rope for their first 6 months in lockup

  3. Charter Financial Services LLC

    Business Type: Limited Liability Company
    Business ID: 947706
    Status: Good Standing
    Effective Date: 04/08/2009
    State of Incorporation: Mississippi
    Principal Office Address: 1511 JACKSON AVENUE
    PASCAGOULA, MS 39563

    Registered Agent
    Musselman, Thomas L.
    734 Delmas Avenue;PO Box 1618
    Pascagoula, MS 39568-1618

    Officers & Directors
    Name Title
    Jon Reynolds
    734 Delmas AvenuePO Box 1618
    Pascagoula, MS 39568-1618

    Roy C Williams
    P. O. BOX 1618
    PASCAGOULA, MS 39568

    Jon Reynolds
    PASCAGOULA, MS 39567


  4. Who drafted the JCOG contract for JCOG to present to SRHS?

    Not someone with conflicts of interest? Based on the complaint (and statements by Williams) it appears to be ambigous. How does this contract language and fee structure compare to that of The Outsource Group?

    It is now raising questions as to how SRHS can continue to retain Roy Williams as board attorney and as counsel for pension plan litigation defense, while suing his son, who was ostensibly represented by his father and brother. You can write your own Mississippi incestual relations joke.

    Was this work performed by another contractor prior to JCOG drafting and offering the contract in dispute to SRHS?

    The article states that JCOG performed this work at Ocean Springs Hopsital, while The Outsource Group performed this work at Singing River. The Outsource Group does this work for hospitals nationwide. They were also named as a defendant in the suit arising from JCOG’s work at Forrest General. It would seem that The Outsource Group was doing this work prior to JCOG. SRHS now uses Chamberlain Edmonds, a division of Nashville based revenue cycle managment company Emdeon.

    What was the purpose of this bifurcated arrangement of JCOG at OSH and The Outsource Group at SRH? Surely patients flowed between the two and the system’s outlying facilties. It appears antiquated and inefficient in light of ex-CEO Anderson’s quest for integration.

    09/10/2012 JCOG submits LLC filing to SOS
    Sept. 2012 JCOG submits proposal to Wayne Smith, SRHS financial services
    Three month compliance review period
    12/01/2012 SRHS contracts with JCOG
    Mar. 2013 JCOG begins work at OSH
    10/18/2013 SRHS notifies JCOG of contract termination
    12/31/2013 JCOG contract terminates
    09/29/2014 SRHS requests refund from JCOG

    What stands out in the timeline is that the LLC was created simulatenously to the propsal to SRHS. The name “Jackson County Outsource Group” appears to parrot that of their counterparts and/or predecessors, “The Outsource Group.” The reader can deduce the significance of these.

    It’s hard to see the need to outsource when dealing with amounts like these. The alleged overpayment alone would fund a $50,000+ annual compensation package for three employees.

    In the signature block of the complaint, there are blanks for the date. This suit may have been prepared for some time awaiting approval by the BoT, though there was no mention of this. The BoT did meet briefly today and the complaint filed sometime thereafter.

  5. Some observations from outside:
    Mr. Roy Williams, his son, Chris Anderson, Kevin Holland and all the other members of this gang should go back and take a look at President Nixon and His Watergate gang…..from John Mitchell, JohnDean, and several other members of Nixon’s insiders club thought they were untouchable….but Guess what….they were all fitted with ORANGE suits and close quarters… would be wise for all members of this GANG to get fitted….you will be in close quarters too…..

  6. Is it really true that admin is threatening to sue us, those that care for patients? Do they think they can threaten us into silence? I don’t have access to “trade secrets” but I do know “inappropriate” things that have and are happening.

    Is it true that the firm suing Roy is the same firm Celeste Oglesby, chief lawyer for SRHS, used to work for?
    We need a real leader

    1. This is correct, Ms. Oglesby worked for Daniel Coker Horton and Bell for 3 years and 9 months (2006-2009) before she went to work at SRHS per her LinkedIn page.

      It had to be an awkward moment when the Outside Counsel for SRHS, Mr. Williams, accepted service of the SRHS lawsuit against his son’s company.

      Anyone reckon Mr. Lucas would furnish the waivers the hospital had to sign?

      It sure appears given the past connections that the parties to the suit are keeping this in the family.

  7. This Singing River Hospital System has been infiltrated by self serving crooks from top to bottom. Roy Williams is know as a ruthless conflicted individual who will cross every line to win and has moved from law firm to law firm over the years always leaving a mess behind. He has been like a boa constrictor wrapped around the hospital for 20 plus years. Now he has his family nest of like kind snakes helping with the plundering that has been going on. If the trustees want to accomplish something on a positive note they will call another special meeting and fire the Dogan, Wilkerson & Williams law firm as legal representatives. They must be discharged along with the other son who has a license to steal without the cover of a law degree. How can they be allowed to bill one more minute to the SR System knowing what is now public? Somebody needs to strap up their britches and kick the Williams a– off of the taxpayer owned property. Also is Charter Financial Services LLC the same as Charter Bank? They are located on the same street with an address that has just a couple of doors between them. Makes sense that they would control a bank to use in the “laundry” business.

  8. Seems I have a Twinkie on here and that’s alright by me, Bond 007. We think alike

    Conflict waivers? Good luck on anyone getting the original ones. Year after year most of them would leave them blank and no one said a blasted thing about it

    I’m so tried of the Board of trustees saying “we have new leadership”…. No they don’t

    The only thing new about c level leaders is that their titles changed when Anderson left. The same crooks, liars, and skirt chasers are still there

    1. 0007

      You said “same crooks, liars and skirt chasers…”

      Perhaps one of the ” shirts” they may have chased , possibly stained or sh*t on may come forward on Slabbed , the press or go to Feds with intimate girl friend info like what happened in Satanic Tammany Parish to DA Reed or to Parish President Hubbard . And before you know it we may witness before our very eyes the emergence from some dirty old,sex craved cocoons the beautiful ole’ Butter Fly Effects.

      So save all your stained dresses and thongs all you Jackson County “chased skirts” for DNA analysis as they could be worth a retirement pension if not for political payback for “liars and crooks”.


  9. Lee Bond, Morris Strickland, Roy Williams, John McKay, etc….we’re looking at another DMR, just worse. This merry band of brothers is a fraternal order of ticks on Jackson County’s ass….if it’s not awarding contracts to cronies (Berk-Kleinpeter, Inc., Scott Walker, etc.) or pilfering campaign money as a retirement source with the help of all of their little minions (i.e. Paula Yancey, Little Williams, Walker Sr. and Jr, etc.), it’s the trustees for the pension plan “investing” contributions for personal gain with the peripheral approval of the Board of Supervisors, namely, King John. It’ll be interesting how this plays out….if it plays out. It’s just amazing that these squirrels think that the citizens’ money belongs to them….and in their lowly little ways justify their “increase in pay” as deserved for everything they do for the citizens above and beyond what their salaries merit. Pathetic little mangy squirrels.

  10. Any day now, I am waiting for SRH and/or JCBOS to bring suit against the maintenance guy, cook, grounds keeper or the first year nurses aid since they caused all the problems.

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