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I thought there might be some real info here but I was mistaken. Obviously it’s the same few people here chatting back and forth, always about the mayor or council or city clerk. No real info, just ranting and repeated warnings that the axe is about to fall on any one of them at any moment because of some highly illegal deed they’ve done…going back quite a ways, I see it has yet to happen. Reckon they all have so much clout they can buy every state & federal official to keep themselves from being charged with even one of these heinous crimes, this gross mishandling of public $$ and other such things? Anyway this all seems like a lot of typing for something the 4 or 5 posting here could be doing face to face. Jus’ sayin’. Well it was fun, I had a nice visit, killed some time.

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  1. Thank you for stopping in last night and sharing your thoughts Deena. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time benefiting from the information contained on Slabbed.

    Frankly after covering some of the very hardest news stories with some of the very best journalists this area has to offer over the past 6 years, covering Mayberry by the Sea is slumming by way of contrast but as CoastalGal has pointed out to me on more than a few occasions Slabbed is providing a valuable public service by covering the Council meetings, especially for those folks that have a hard time getting out and about that want to remain engaged with the happenings in their local government.

    Back to that information thing, there are several tidbits floating about on the community, ostensibly supported by publicly sourced documents. I’m not going to mention any names but I’m pretty sure I could put some major fact based mookiestinks on three public officials here in BSL without breaking a sweat. I especially love it when they place their self sanctimony on display at the council meetings. It is too rich in fact! That said I don’t live to flame because that is not what Slabbed is about so I struggle with these things internally.

    Truth be told I kinda like Hizzoner because he is a very likable guy and despite the critical coverage his administration has received here he has been nothing but decent to me in public. But there are lots of bad financial habits that need to be broken and I’m not shy about expressing my thoughts there, both to my Councilman Doug Seal and Mayor Les both face to face and here.

    The way I see it, the only way decades of bad financial habits will change is via public engagement or put another way, I can’t make the City do right on my own but I can help cure the lack of knowledge in the local populace that has allowed these bad habits to perpetuate through time. It is gratifying to see it translate in the community.

    1. Doug, thank you for providing a safe platform for us to share information as well as our frustrations. :) We understand the lengths you’ve gone to and expenses you’ve incurred in order to keep Slabbed up and running. I’m humbled by your efforts and the sacrifices you’ve made. Which reminds me, it is time to donate again. Anyone else that appreciates the ability to read and share information “freely” on this blog, please do the same.

  2. Oh my, they’ve dragged Deena out again. Oh, well, as long as she doesn’t mind being used, that’s her business. But they like her because she’s not interested in solutions. Probably couldn’t think of one if she had to.

  3. Suffice it to say, Doug. We are dealing with some high end intellectuals here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are fair minded though. Your site is open to all. We have to laugh to keep from crying.

  4. I agree, it is very difficult to attend Bay St. Louis council meetings. Not for lack of transportation or time restraints; it is a painful display. It’s like a daycare with no adults present. All the children are fighting over the toys. We know children lack common sense, but what adds fuel to the fire are the teenagers (lacking a mature frontal lobe) in these meetings not for the good of the city, but for their own political leanings. I find it just a little creepy that one can totally agree with a politician. Everyone has faults and ideas that can be challenged and discussed by presenting facts. False information and a lack of transparency prevents this. I, also, have no problem discussing my thoughts in person to any elected official. I’m thinking about presenting a proposal the the City Council to outlaw the phrase, “just saying.” Anyone caught using it should do eight hours of community service.

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