Where’s the Shred-it Truck? Singing River Health System accused of spoilating evidence, receives C&D

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And folks I get the feeling the gang over at the SRHS not only is feeling very embattled but they are also highly pissed. We’ll start with the Mississippi Press since April Havens was there “first with the most”:

SRHS group appeals to Rep. Jeramey Anderson, claims system is shredding documents ~ April Havens

SRHS calls document shredding accusation an ‘absurd’ and ‘outrageous’ media stunt ~ April Havens

Jackson County, supervisors put on notice they’ll be named in new SRHS-related lawsuit, attorney says ~ Gareth Clary

To the extent Slabbed covered Ex Rel Rigsby and the State Farm Shred-it truck back in the day I guess it was natural that I’d have some fun with it last night on Twitter.  Not to be left out Wes Muller at the Sun Herald had this:

Attorneys: SRHS shredding documents; SRHS: ‘Absurd and outrageous’

Things are heating up folks.  State Senator Brice Wiggins has been front and center on the Singing River Health System disaster with reform legislation while the rest of the Jackson County state legislative delegation has been in hiding.  It appears retiree attorney Harvey Barton is going to change that dynamic in this, an election year. I like that thought as foot and mouth potential with the can’t shoot straight gang in Jackson County is very high.

All this Aaron Broussard nostalgia brings me the warm fuzzies

First Bill Hubbard returns to society and now Tim Whitmer is a completely free man per Andrea Shaw last night over at NOLA.com as we remember the Aaron Broussard implosion plus five.

A quick pointer for everyone that is new here, the calendar on the top of the left sidebar is an excellent tool for searching the Slabbed New Media archives.  Mousing over a particular date on the calendar will pop up of list of that days posts. Click on a particular date and every post on that day will be displayed.  As I moused over this day while waxing nostalgic, chills literally ran up my spine.  Slabbed has done some great things since but from looking back at 2010/2011 we’ve set a high bar for ourselves as an online community. As a result of those old posts Slabbed New Media has developed sourcing into Jefferson Parish Politics that rivals the very best of the NOLA media community to this day.

In any event over the next few months I’m likely to feature some of those old posts circa 2010, especially the ones that have aged well. Today I feature one that has nothing to do with Jefferson Parish at all but is a classic for obvious reasons. Enjoy.