Jeudi Ouvert: Je suis Charlie Hebdo

I’ve watched every episode of South Park there is. They’ve made fun of pretty much every race, all of the major religions (plus atheists and agnostics), a lot of celebrities, diseases like aids and cancer, both democrats and republicans, and a fuck ton of other things. I still haven’t been offended at anything they’ve done so far.

Bring it on, South Park.

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14 thoughts on “Jeudi Ouvert: Je suis Charlie Hebdo”

  1. I’m ready for Sharia law and full public guillotining of convicted terrorists ‘ big heads above their shoulders and most importantly their mini-heads between their legs so they can’t receive their heavenly reward with the infamous 17 vestal virgins that they supposedly earn by practicing Jihad on the Christians.

    Or as good Christians should we first play 24/7 all of Billy Grahram’s gospel revivals ever record into a sound proof cell for a year or two? Then off to the guillotine to meet their true and final judgment !!!.

  2. Holy Intelligence Informants Batman,

    I didn’t know foggy bottom Slabbed had international intelligence agents. Yo’ Canadian informant wouldn’t be dat dastardly Dudley Do-Right, leader of da’ infamous Royal Canadian Mounted Police who got lost in Wiggins tryin’ to serve you papers, huh ?

    The Canadians and their ” My Lord” and ” My Lady” BS Judiciary are outlandish SLAPPed up side da’ head censors and freedom of da’ press hacks themselves by even censoring, prohibiting and banning the playin’ of Dudley Do-Right cartoons from America.

  3. Attention Viagra and Cialis Lovers :

    Forgive me oh Holy Allah I in ignorance stated in previous posts dat 17 vestal virgins would be Jihadists ‘ reward especially fo’ martyr- “dumb” but in truth they receive and wed 72 vestal virgins with “appetizing vaginas” and experience ” eternally erect penises”. See line-up picture of these 72 beauties possessing dream like described bodies at the WikiIslam site below.

    All Christians read bout’ dis’ erotic heaven, understand why these male terrorists get so ” jacked up” doing what dey do and convert with me to Islam NOW !!!!

  4. I feel certain there are many in the Gulf South who would love to storm the corporate offices of Slabbed or other organizations whether it be a blog, newspaper or TV station that broadcasts in some form negative information about people involved in wrong doing. Can you image what these people could get away with if they could stifle freedom of speech.? Politicians in particular, who like to pick and choose who is to benefit from the position they hold are the ones who hate the dishonorable mentions the most. We need to all keep the heat on in this election year no matter how threatening others become. This needs to be the year the people prevail and free speech by average people shapes who gets in office. The internet is one of the most effective campaign tools available. Blogs like Slabbed provide an outlet for exposing the people who do not deserve to hold public office. Let us all continue to be a voice against the colluding crooks we seem to have too many of. Doug, I believe the evil gayhadist goat herders are one of the best examples of those who want to take away someones rights and install their own because they can’t handle the truth about who they are.

    1. I could rattle you off a few names of public officials that wanted to strangle me but you know…..

      You’ve given me a devilish idea. :-)

      I appreciate your kind words.

    2. I would not be surprised if the majority of members in the Mississippi Radical Republican Regime would do their best to accomplish the task of hushing the public. They enjoy keeping people ignorant so their brand of socialism thrives within a tight nit community. Ancient customs, human traits and traditions are the inner workings.

  5. The best banner in today’s Paris March :
    “I do not agree with what you are saying. But I will defend to the death your right to say it. ” THAT is Freedom of Speech my friends! Words are not bullets, they do not kill. If you don’t like what I say don’t read / listen to it. Close the paper, exit the blog , turn off the TV. Enough with the politically correct censorship.

    1. That’s right but that requires personal responsibility in the form of self control, a trait many seem to lack in this day and age.

  6. The members of “the SLABBED nation” should understand that laws “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” are not prohibited in France, as they are in this country. France has two laws that LIMIT “freedom of speech and of the press”, namely: (1) the Pleven Act of 1972, and (2) the Gayssot Act of 1990. These laws effectively prohibit, and criminalize, both public and private communications which are “insulting”, “racially defamatory”, “contemptuous”, or “offensive”. Note that the defining words are entirely “subjective” in nature, and that the interpretations depend SOLELY on the whim of the particular “judge” who will be deciding a given case. Since France does not follow the common law doctrine of “stare decisis”, the French decisions involving these two laws are, predictably, “all over the page”. In my view, the notion of “freedom of speech and of the press” in France, like many European countries results in the establishment of a bureaucracy which I call “the thought police”, which is a concept entirely “foreign” to free-speaking Americans. SO: I predict that, for all of the “solidarity” exhibited in France today, in time, the dead journalists will be blamed for their own demise, and freedom of expression when it comes to calling “MOZLEMS” just what they are will be curtailed in France and elsewhere in ways that today’s participants in the rallies could never imagine. In other words, what civilized society has to fear is not “anti-MOZLEM backlash”, but further curtailment of individual liberty and freedom to appease the MOZLEM minority, which grows with each new MOZLEM birth. Also, in the past few days, I have been APPALLED by the TOTAL IGNORANCE of my countrymen about MOZLEMS and Islam. SO: If SLABBED really wants to do something that makes a difference, let SLABBED open a forum for discussion about MOZLEMS and Islam. Starting points could be publication of videos and papers by people like “Dr. Bill Warner”, “Robert Spencer” and “Pamela Geller”. In order to whet everyone’s appetite, let me pose some questions: Does everyone know that there are really two (2) Korans: One written by Mohammed in Mecca early in his life, and the other written in Medina, later in his life. MOZLEMS believe that later writings abrogate earlier contradictory writings. Also, the early Koran is the one often quoted to support the LIE that “Islam is a religion of peace”, whereas the later Koran is FULL of HATE, MURDER, RAPE, BURNING, SLAVERY, PILLAGE, WARFARE and JIHAD towards Kafirs (that’s US, people!). And did you know that “the Koran” (Which one, huh? I asked, “which one, huh?”) must be read with two other books, the Sira (the biography of Mohammed) and the Hadith (the traditions of the MOZLEM faith, detailed in vignettes about Mohammed, which include how he and other MOZLEMS should treat Kafirs)? I am willing to bet that only a handful of you know ANYTHING about the few points I have just made about MOZLEMS and Islam. SO: Doug, will SLABBED establish itself as a forum for which the SLABBED nation can learn to KNOW THE ENEMY? Ashton O’Dwyer.

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