Slabbed joins | The Times Picayune in remembering the fall of Aaron Broussard plus five

I have so many nuggets that never went down into the memory hole like the following and boy howdy does the gang get themselves in trouble telling all sorts of whoppers! Threatened with a foreign defamation lawsuit in a noted area for libel tourism before the passage of the SPEECH Act the Times Picayune ran away from the libel terrorists at Trout Point Lodge like scared school girls. Five years ago plus one day an interview of Aaron Broussard was run on Fox 8 where he was challenged over what we now know to be criminal activity with certain Parish venders using his property at the Trout Point Lodge in Canada to conceal it. Five years ago today Broussard resigned in disgrace. Today he is in the Federal Pen with his buddies in Canada known as “ememies of the free press” and noted libel terrorists.

One media outlet stood tall in the face of this litigation terrorism and that would be Slabbed New Media. Enjoy.

Trout Point Lodge Times Pic

Jeudi Ouvert: Je suis Charlie Hebdo

I’ve watched every episode of South Park there is. They’ve made fun of pretty much every race, all of the major religions (plus atheists and agnostics), a lot of celebrities, diseases like aids and cancer, both democrats and republicans, and a fuck ton of other things. I still haven’t been offended at anything they’ve done so far.

Bring it on, South Park.

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