Dumpstergate Part Deux: Still never a dull moment here in the Bay

Let’s tell the story of last night’s Bay City Council meeting via twitter:

Meantime the lack of general fund claims dockets has not gone unnoticed as Poolman pointed out in comments here. For my part I was glad to see Tony Trapani take himself out of the dust-up: Continue reading “Dumpstergate Part Deux: Still never a dull moment here in the Bay”

Simple Junior, stay away from skanks…….

Not that I’d pile on Junior Galette but when the local lawyers start talking to the media Slabbed listens. No matter what happens Junior just know sir that you are in good company:

Junior Galette’s attorney releases statement on arrest ~ Lyons Yellin

And the attorney that day was Lon Burns. And less than six weeks ago Lon Burns…..

Former Orleans D.A. candidate Lon Burns kicked and punched girlfriend, police report says ~ Robert McClendon

But this is Kenna (brah) so something tells me the infamous Saints Security Department put Junior on Ralph Whalen and we know Ralph from the Jefferson Parish Political corruption scandal. He’s a good defense attorney. Crisis management PR was hired and on the offensive Junior went….

New Orleans Saints’ Junior Galette will be cleared by investigation, attorney says ~ Evan Woodbery

Meantime unnamed female victim went the Tee Vee lawyer route:

Attorney for victim in Junior Galette case: ‘Objective witnesses’ will bolster woman’s case ~ Evan Woodbery

The statement from attorney Joe Raspanti, who was hired to represent the unnamed woman, was released on Tuesday night.

Just an aside but a sexual assault has not been alleged here so why has the ‘victims’ identity been kept from the public? It gets my radar up frankly. Meantime back to Joe Raspanti:

Monday Miscellany: Thompson crash and burn continues, Juvie Court race, TeeVee lawyers gone wild plus a field politician ~ Douglas Handshoe Continue reading “Simple Junior, stay away from skanks…….”