Monday Open: Something tells me……

That we have one heck of a first quarter on tap here at Slabbed. Here’s a partial pending list:

  • Former Pearl River Mayor James Lavigne has a state trial coming up theft and malfeasance. After telling WWL TeeVee’s Ashley Rodrigue to kiss his ass something tells me the upcoming trial will be quite the media spectacle. I may make a point to attend.
  • Heather Hilliard’s civil suit against Jefferson Parish goes to trial on the 20th. Forecast calls for a high chance of ass chaps to go with human drama on the 10th floor at the Yenni Building.
  • Four words: Harrison County Utility Authority. Supervisor Marlin Ladner foot in mouth potential alone makes this continuing saga worth watching.
  • Goes without saying that we should expect more explosive revelations on the Singing River Health System financial meltdown. I’m so certain of this I’m going to lay down a time stamp with the Chairman of the Board. (Lifer’s know its on when Frank shows on Slabbed.)

Finally Twelfth Night is upon us:

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    1. Very small credit union that is nearly all employees. Credit committee approves every loan (other than payday type loans.) Management there is above board. Committees are made up of depositors, nearly all of whom are/were employed by the hospital. If they were running the pension plan, it would be in much better shape. SRHS cronies do their banking with Charter.

  1. Wheels Are Coming Off Benson’s Pass Rush Batman,

    Just heard a radio bulletin that Junior Gilette is accused of domestic abuse against girlfriend on Joe Yenni Blvd..

    He was such a bright shinig star at one time but his Saintly light is going out

  2. Another area that will provide lots of head scratching fun in the first quarter is the beginning of election season. I have dabbled in a few campaigns over the years and can tell you the head winds some face are impossible to overcome. Those involved in any of the recent scandals, even in name only, should think twice about re-entering the fray because voters are really more cynical than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Those in denial about what the public thinks will be sent packing. I will enjoy seeing some twist in the wind. On another subject the selection of Savant’s replacement on the HCBOS was a safe bet. Mr. Meadows is well respected and was their board attorney for a long time. He is there to help and not trying to climb a political ladder. I am hearing that there is more to come in the HCUA matter. There may be more people to be replaced on some board(s). Turmoil and upheaval in a statewide election year,you gotta love it!!!

    1. Hey thanks. Do you have a Cusip number for the bond issued? I am not finding it on EMMA.

        1. Interesting. I figured that had to be the explanation but this begs more questions.

          Tomorrow I’ll share what I have and maybe the community here can help solve the mystery.

          In a general sense saddling a public entity with a bad real estate investment is vintage Jackson County politics.

          1. Comment on Jackson County RE deal placed in holding pattern.

            There are so many government RE deals in Jackson County that probably fit the above description, these are probably two different things.

            Mine will be posted asap after yours.

            1. The more I dig the more of a mystery I find. What is most strange is that information put out by the Mississippi development Bank regarding 2009 debt issued for the Hospital does not match the audit reports. Specifically I am researching the development and construction of the HealthPlex. There is this blurb from MD&A on page 7 of the 2010/2011 audit that may hold a clue.

              1. Healthplex was built by Johnson Development out of Birmingham, Al. Johnson Development obtained the funding.

  3. Tuesday twofer:

    Jackson County supervisor says it will be hard to find trustee replacement

    “I spoke to one person I felt was highly qualified,” McKay said Tuesday. “He was retired. His answer was, ‘What the hell did I ever do to you?’ There is some reluctance under the current situation to serve.” People are skeered of mudholes? Cue Gomer Pyle.

    Another federal lawsuit filed against Singing River Health System, claims fraud took place

    Note: Filing linked at story but Exhibit A is not. Exhibit A being a copy of the (SRHS Retirement) Plan document “most recently amended and restated by the Board of Trustees on January 14, 2014, to be effective as of October 1, 2013 . A copy of the Plan document is attached as Exhibit A and incorporated herein.” (?! What was the nature of the alleged retroactive action? See 44 of the lawsuit linked at Miss Press link above. Maybe someone could get and post that plan document, or maybe just wait and read the details at Miss Press soon.)

  4. Tell me mister- is it true that lee bond (CFO SRHS) said he had enough of the sun herald and planned to sue for libel bc of the DMR comparison? Did he really call out Brice “boat ride” wiggins for his role in DMR? Please tell me he didn’t call Attorney Guice out for requesting all those records to ” run up his bill”.
    This can’t be true….. Can it?

  5. Uh-oh – Mr. Cobbler something tells me that the onion layers are opening….can you smell it????

  6. Mr. Slabbed, can you investigate Crown healthcare Laundry Services? Mr. Lucas’ speedy denial got me wondering if Mississippi laundry services was used as a subcontractor. There’s smoke here and I can’t see through it….

    1. I have another post on this coming but I will say a source with knowledge of the Hospital and its operations has told Slabbed that MS Laundry Services had a subcontract with Crown.

      I really do not want to disclose any more info until I can nab the docs to prove the allegation.

  7. Real estate deals with members of the inner circle are where I think a lot of money has/is being recycled into the pockets of who? Look for the amount the SRHS pays to lease the Healthplex in Pascagoula, which will be much more than a market rate, as an example of how they have structured these deals to benefit certain individuals. Who are the members of the out of state LLCs ? Someone has gone to great length to make it very difficult to determine this. Cobbler,do you think will Sen.Brice Wiggins will use his DMR fishing trip pictures in his re-election campaign literature? He can find one here if he needs it. Someone posted it before and I think as they always say,a picture is worth a thousand words.

  8. Holy Lack of Firepower Dooms French Police Batman,

    The NRA has a real time ad giving reason for the public to have weapons cause the French street police don’t even carry proper firepower themselves. As that unfortunate wounded French officer putting his hands up for mercy only received a shot to his head.

    If the French have any common sense they will bring out their antique guillotine and serve Sharia law on these terrorist nut jobs ( removing both heads ) in a public square sending each of them to meet their 17 vestal virgins totally headless . Now that would put the fear in their quest to sacrifice their life to be rewarded in heavenly sexual bliss.

    1. Ahem, Locke, one of those quotes you threw our way state you get two houri and 70 from hell. I take it that you’ve gotten the 70 part so far, right? lol…

  9. Time to expose the unfair and questionable employment practices. I have been a good employee but never given a chance.
    VP cancer- no advanced degree
    Hospice admin- no RN experience
    Dir of Ed- no reports
    VP communication- one report
    Dir Pt access- no degree (fmr secretary)
    Dir Compliance- High School diploma-promoted and let go of only employee with advanced degree.
    Fmr Dir Risk Management- 1report
    CRHO and Dir of HR “share” reports

  10. there is a long history of corruption at SRHS. Missing money, misappropriations, writing off of medical bills for elected officials , not to mention the hiring of less than qualified applicants based on where the attended church or who they were related to on the board of trustees. Then there are all of the outrageous contracts that went to friends’ companies to “save” money.. Example ProLawn Care $40,000 a month saved SRHS money compared to paying 2 full time émployees $15 an hr. Yes, you guessed it Holland and his buddies thought none of us could add or read. The goings on in jackson county have been for awhile and they don’t stop at county lines they go up to jackson and some will wager all the way to DC.

        1. I second that observation.

          I’ve been thinking about doing something like this to help keep the research straight. I’m not sure how long it would take.

          1. It proved too much of an undertaking when I covered the JP scandal. I’d welcome a mucky social map on this.

  11. In the SunHerald this morning on the front page the SRHS and the Jackson County BOS are in lock step to the same song and dance to keep the public from seeing what has transpired just as the DMR did. No matter what county you live in or which hospital you would go to we cannot stand for this. Every person involved in this matter must be called out and discarded at election time. We must not allow this type of behavior to continue. I guess Sen.Wiggins was correct a few days back when he stated that the SRHS and DMR were so much alike. Today’s article confirms this.

  12. Maybe Douglas can call Kevin and get invited to one of the secret meetings he has with Larry, Lee, Randy, and a few others at each other’s homes and remote locations during business hours and even late at night. Is anyone taking minutes? I hear the gumbo is to die for!

    1. I like that idea. I have been fantasizing about having a CPA to CPA meeting with Crews. That would rock in fact.

  13. Maybe the minute taker is that former secretary that Lee Bond and Kevin Holland promoted to Director of Patient Access. I heard Kevin Holland thinks very highly of her astute dancing , oops I mean typing skills.

      1. She is being kept around because she reported to Mike Crews and she has the dirt. Also, Lee Bond and her were friends from his casino days. Yes, Mr. Bond has no healthcare experience. Back to the secretary/casino dancer who has no experience running the first step in the revenue cycle. It is time for the Administrators to be replaced and the gogo girl!

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