Monday Open: Something tells me……

That we have one heck of a first quarter on tap here at Slabbed. Here’s a partial pending list:

  • Former Pearl River Mayor James Lavigne has a state trial coming up theft and malfeasance. After telling WWL TeeVee’s Ashley Rodrigue to kiss his ass something tells me the upcoming trial will be quite the media spectacle. I may make a point to attend.
  • Heather Hilliard’s civil suit against Jefferson Parish goes to trial on the 20th. Forecast calls for a high chance of ass chaps to go with human drama on the 10th floor at the Yenni Building.
  • Four words: Harrison County Utility Authority. Supervisor Marlin Ladner foot in mouth potential alone makes this continuing saga worth watching.
  • Goes without saying that we should expect more explosive revelations on the Singing River Health System financial meltdown. I’m so certain of this I’m going to lay down a time stamp with the Chairman of the Board. (Lifer’s know its on when Frank shows on Slabbed.)

Finally Twelfth Night is upon us: