Slabbed gets pictures plus other goodies

I’d like to acknowledge the recent care packages that I’ve received and thank those of you that sent them. I thought the pictures of Billy Hewes were a hoot. On that topic I will only say that I will not be running the pictures though I do appreciate the nice person spending the time to get them to me.

Hurricane Sandy litigation is heating up and I need to see about getting Nowdy back in one way shape or form to cover the litigation because it has a local bent and it is getting nasty:

Hartford Unit Faces Racketeering Suit on Sandy Claims ~ Christie Smythe

William Treas of the Metairie law firm of Nielsen Carter and Treas is a defendant in the suit. Nielsen Carter and Treas are the primary law firm for the National Flood Insurance program. The litigation after Hurricane Katrina here including the Louisiana based whistle blower suit Ex Rel Branch featured some of these same players so this has a family feud like quality that is undeniable. (Certain of the archival posts on this topic and Hurricane Katrina can be found here and here.)

9 thoughts on “Slabbed gets pictures plus other goodies”

  1. Please do share photos with us Doug! Is the Hewes photo the one with him on the back of his buddy from Jackson’s motorcycle during the highly publicized hog ride a few months ago??? Please share with us – expecially if there is anything “odd” going on???? Or else, ask the sharer of the photos to post for us all to see!!! Inquiring minds want to know the truth about our elected officials!!!!

  2. It would be interesting to see these photos but it appears that Doug’s clam shell is shut tight. Which is OK with me but find it quite interesting to say the least.

    Something tells me these photos are totally insignificant (other than a good laugh) or they contain some very questionable behavior from Hewes.

    Doug also mentioned the word “packages”–,plural. What else is there? Hmmmmm………..

  3. Might be another boat ride party photo?? The suspense is killing us Doug!!! Share it all brother!!!!

    You know that Hewes’ brother-in-law (who got away with murder because he had goodies on all the legislators), Joe Zeigler, ran the DMR for years. He was the “favor” man that was replaced with Mr. Spraggins over the finances. So, I am sure that Billy the Boy needs to have input from Joe Zeigler on how to keep the old “river of gold” flowing in the right direction. Comprende??

    1. No boat rides, dead women or live boys. I could have taken Mayor Billy’s picture a few times at the Half Shell at lunch.

  4. P. S. Eye – wonder why the Jackson county, Harrison county, and Hancock county legislative delegation have their tongues tied??? Nothing from Zuber, Jeff Guice, Barton, Eure, or any of the other coastal delegation. You think maybe Phil Bryant is mad because his boy, Billy Hewes got skeddadled out of Jackson on a fast train – namely Tate Reeves??? Poor Billy boy….and now, he has to deal with the crap his buddies left in Gulfport. Poor thing.
    For the life of me, I can not understand how these legislators think they can be re-elected if they don’t get off of their duffs and clean up these DMR, SRHS, MDA, and Hancock county messes. It is too close to the election for people to forget, and I have heard that there are several grass roots groups that are going door to door with information to have them all thrown out. Maybe Phil will give Billy a ride to the polls on his “hog” when the time comes. I guess time will tell.

  5. Charlene,

    Let me take this bite by bite:

    1) With respect to people being tongue tied–It does not surprise me that gulf politicians are tap dancing due to the fact that all the recent corruption has fallen under their watch. Of course BRICE WIGGINS has given us an ear full for the past year. I just equate that with the notion that he is just trying to save his own ass. Also, take a look at Phil Bryant–mostly hidden in the grass when all of these Republican controlled fiascos started breaking loose in our state under his watch.

    2) As far as Bryant being mad at Billy–I have certainly no idea and have not the slightest clue that he was “run out of Jackson for what ever reason. I would be interested in hearing the details if any exist.

    3) As far as these legislatures being re-elected–It does not surprise me one bit since one could actually call the state of Mississippi a “one party state.” I think anyone who cuts their hair like Trent Lott, wants to shut down abortion clinics, bash gay marriage and Obama has a legitimate shot at winning some kind of an election in Mississippi.

    The SH posted a good story today which offered insight to our “one party system.”

    The story offers plenty of details but two quotes in particular were:

    1) “Baria said it’s all up to Republicans, though:
    “Frankly, because the Republican Party controls the Governor’s Office, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, the Speaker’s Office and both chambers, anything they want to pass would likely pass. Democrats really can’t kill anything. So if something doesn’t come out (of committee), it’s because the Republicans don’t want it to come out.:

    2) “Most concerning is a possible solid bloc in favor of an alternative from your Gulf Coast GOP House members, ironically who represent strong school districts but apparently care less for their local folks than they do what the leadership in Jackson tells them to do,” said Brumfield, spokeswoman for Better Schools Better Jobs.”

    The story can be found here:

    Like I said. A One Party State–and one that appears to operate like a robotic machine.

  6. Just wanted to clear up #2 on Eye’s list:
    What was meant by Billy the Boy being run out of Jackson on a rail:
    Word was that a majority of the Legislators desperately wanted Billy out of the law-making business as a senator. So, they all encouraged, pumped up, and flattered him; and coerced him and made him believe that he had a chance at the Lt. Governor job. IMHO, his inflated ego and narcissistic personality made him believe that he had a chance. So, he and Phil and FatAss tried to take the Lt. Gov job. And then, Tate Reeves beat Billy the Boy’s butt good and proper. Therefore, he and Phil’s intense dislike for Tate Reeves.
    The only opportunity for Billy after he lost that race was the Mayor of Gulfport, and the way was laid by the GOP to slide him in that slot. But Billy the Boy and Bryant are still great chums . Sorry for any confusion.
    P. S. This ties into the reason why all of the legislators that are on the coattails of Phil are lying, denying, and swearing to anything he says. When he goes down, they all are going – and they know it, imho. Sure wish we had the old boys back in the legislature in charge – no more statesmen left.

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