Steve Scalise still on my mind……

A few days ago I was told the source of the Steve Scalise leak to Lamar White and much to my chagrin it turned out not to be an inside job at all.  It was just straight up partisan politics and anyone that knows anything about how I roll here knows I’m just not much on bullshit from the political parties, neither of which represent the common citizen. That said after a fashion the story has come out and elicited reaction from some long time commenters here including CitizenK of New Orleans, who termed the leakers “morons”.  We need to circle that for now:

Dem’s aide tipped blogger to Scalise speech to white supremacists ~ Molly Hooper

“I felt strongly that it would not have walked. I was running in a district with a lot of bigots,” Reed told Reuters.

Her son and then-campaign manager, Robert Reed, decided to reach out to blogger Lamar White Jr. several weeks ago with the information of Scalise’s appearance because the Pelican State lawmaker had taken on a high-profile position within the House leadership, Reuters reported.

That’s the way to win hearts and minds Gilda, term those that disagree with your politics bigots as it is an easy out for a failed campaign.  One reason I hate the petty politics is the inherent crap-in-pants potential associated with it. Case in point is the 2014 Mississippi Senate GOP primary.  We had a ball here on Slabbed with Thad, Miss Kay, pine belt farm animals and such but the voters spoke and Thad is our man for the next six years.  He also now chairs the Senate appropriations committee.  Would it be in the best interest of Mississippi for someone to knee cap him over something petty and cost him that position. Hell no because we need Thad to bring home the bacon worse now than ever we did.

Over in Louisiana the people in Metro NOLA have a decent man that (some think bug-eyed) has ascended to the number three slot in the US House.  What purpose was served by the partisan attempt to knee cap him?  This is frankly why people tune out the foolishness.

5 thoughts on “Steve Scalise still on my mind……”

  1. TP and the Advocate have been covering for Scalise HARD since the story broke.

    Once Vitter goes to the Governor’s Mansion (pushing a foregone conclusion, IMHO), we’ll have an extremely junior, low-influence congressional delegation. That’s not a good situation to be in for a mendicant state like Louisiana or Mississippi to be in.

    On the other hand, when you lie down with digs like David Duke, don’t be surprised when you get fleas.

    1. I think terms like bigot, racist are being overused.

      David Duke was a hate merchant but beyond that he was first and foremost a criminal sociopath and a con man peddling hate to further his own selfish ends.

      Writing about Steve Scalise is good for business and there has been several thoughtful pieces about this whole deal written at both the Advocate and the T-P. For good measure the NOLevee even rolled out a parody I thought was worthy.

      But at the end of the day this is much ado about nothing other than trying to tear a good man down and brand him a racist, unfairly in my opinion. It was good to see C-Note defend Scalise.

  2. Doug:

    I’m not a supporter of Scalise as I find him remarkably a proponent of tweedledum-tweedledee policies, which inevitably reinforce Leviathan-on-the-Potomac (essentially the democrap wing of the One National Ruling Party versus the repuke wing simply fight over who gets to rule, nothing more, nothing less). On the other hand, the fact there are various versions of the story as to what actually was done causes the antennae to quiver as to what old Pontius would have asked as to “truth.” Finally, in this day and age, so-what? I would not have qualms if Scalise addressed the Black Panthers, the reworked CPUSA (given many members of Congress seem to hail from that artifact), the Wiccans, take your pick, for at the end of the day it would appear such has no impact on the underlying issue of WHO gets to afflict us with policy, in contrast to whether or not the State should have the ability to afflict us.

  3. The only good thing I see Obama having done for La. is that his Pinocchio lies and inflammatory racist attitude has awaken the apathetic white voter and caused him to get off his lazy non-voting butt.

    Vitter would therefore be crazy to take a chance and run for governor ( with maximum possible terms of only 4-8 years) after seeing a massive white block vote finally overcome the perpetual black block vote which kept Mary Quite Contrary and Arrogant in office for so long. Providing he stays out of diapers Senator Vitter will be re-elected for a long time.

    The Demos learned that If racist blacks can block vote so can the whites play dat game especially when a white career politician candidate constantly kisses the feet of racist black politicians and their constituents for votes in a 60% white state.

    Steve Scalise a racist ? I don’t think so but how else do Demos attack a squeaky clean but stubbornly conservative and uncompromising politico other than to play their favorite race card. No doubt the Demos are super pissed at La.’s recent white block vote and how it was so effective. But I hope they continue to falsely attack and allege La. racism as it will only increase the La. whites to turn out in increasing effective block numbers to counter the real and ever present racist black block vote in future elections .

    If you have eyes and ears Mitch yo’ better take heed of da’ newly birthed La. white block vote, stay in Ray Ray’s chocolate city and complete your term or you may join the ranks of yo’ sis as yo’ family unfortunately has a well known, infamous political philosophy and heritage.

  4. Locke, it is indeed puzzling that someone would leave the Big Pond and billions on end of never-ending Federal largesse to become “gub’na” and term-limited. If you have high expectations of plenty of state juice to spread around to friends & family, fine; but budget realities tell us otherwise. And, although most Louisiana boys would like to be “gub’na some day,” I can’t buy that line with Vitter.

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