Comment bump: SRHS Board Trustee Allen Cronier claims Homestead exemption in both Mississippi and Alabama

Figuring out where these cats live and vote is the ultimate game of whack a mole. Commenter Pravda once again has the skinny.  I have since seen pictures of Cronier’s Grand Bay Alabama residence.  Nice digs.

If they’re not already out of the station-house and onsite, my personal opinion is Colleen and the rest of the bean squad could have a field day doing some forensic accounting over Pascagoula way.

27 thoughts on “Comment bump: SRHS Board Trustee Allen Cronier claims Homestead exemption in both Mississippi and Alabama”

  1. Alan Cronier does in fact live in grand Bay. His tax office is in Mississippi. I heard that the house in Mississippi has been gutted and filled with cubicles for his business.

  2. If he lives in grand bay al what is he doing on the bot for Srhs? Just because he owns a business in jackson county ms does not qualify him to serve on bot. One must ask what benefit does one receive from serving on a community hospital bot that makes it so desirable? I am sensing that more than a fulfillment of public service is derived. Is there some sort of “insider trading” taking place that the public is unaware of?

    1. From what the community has said about him the main reason he is on the board is for the status.. Apparently he likes acting like he is above everyone else…He has apparently stepped on many toes on his path to success and cares absolutely nothing for the little guy anymore.

  3. Cronier claims his Alabama home is rented to a business. Also “Cronier said he remembers his wife completing some paperwork on the Fawn Circle home several years ago in order to save on property taxes, so it could have homestead exemption status.”

    If he were to release his taxes for public review, we could all help him sort out these little discrepencies…. And he wouldn’t have to throw his wife under the bus….

    PS… Good work Pravda

    1. He expects people to believe he doesn’t know that you can only claim homestead exemption on one property. Yet this man is in the “tax business” correct?

  4. As I work my way back from Tampa via Atlanta I have had plenty of airplane time to read again all of the trustee traffic online. First, I would love to see how many vehicles Mr. Allen Cronier has with Alabama tags on them. We all know those car tags are a lot cheaper across the state line. His wife would not even believe his innocent story about how you could have filed homestead on two homes in two states. Just a paperwork snafu. Sort of the same thing as the problems in the hospital pension plan. He needs to think long and hard before he opens his mouth and rolls out things that are not credible. People are looking for blood and he is sawing on his own wrists.

  5. Exactly right Doug. Cronier cannot plead ignorance on this issue. If he is in the tax business, he surely is aware that he receives no tax bill on both homes. He surely is aware that claiming homestead exemption is limited to only one primary resident. If he is this foggy on the circumstances of his own finances, he shouldn’t be making decisions on behalf of retirees.

    Maybe when the Sun Herald does their article, they will press Mr. Cronier on the current use of the home at Fawn Circle. Cronier talked about the status of all his other properties, but not the one in question.

    Again, it seems that the property on State Line Rd is a bit remote for daily living and more suited to a hunting camp.

  6. SRHS trustee Allen Cronier’s residency questioned, trustee says he’s ‘bona fide Mississippi resident’

    Ross said if it is found that Cronier does primarily live in Alabama, he will immediately call for his resignation from the SRHS board.

    “We need anyone who may cause a problem with something in the hospital in the future to resign,” he said. “I’m going to have the residency of each trustee checked. If there is anyone else who doesn’t live in Jackson County on this board, we’re going to find out pretty soon.”

    Residency is important, Ross said, because SRHS ” is a community-owned hospital, and if you’re not officially a part of the community and resident, you don’t have the same stake in it.”

    Friday Music: Johnny Guitar Watson-Barn Door “Too late to close the barn door Now when the horse is gone…”

    1. Perhaps Mr. Ross will check the residency of the Board members BEFORE they become members – just a small over site by the competent and capable Jackson Board of Supervisors. Maybe they should all go on a deep sea fishing trip to relive all the stress.

  7. WLOX News called Cronier to ask him about this concern, but we had to leave a message. Cronier later contacted us by text message and said any further comments would come from Singing River Health System Spokesperson Richard Lucas.

    Seems Cronier took War Eagle’s advice that “He needs to think long and hard before he opens his mouth and rolls out things that are not credible.”

    1. Disappointed in this new think before they speak approach. It’s not like anything they say can actually make the real situation any worse than it already is.

      I’ve always been a proponent of letting them strip as much line (say whatever they think they should) as they can before setting the hook. Lots of times they just give you more hints and evidence.

      They generally don’t think they’ve done anything wrong/ are smarter than the rest of us. The crisis consultants have usually seen this before and know better. They offer advise accordingly.

    2. What kin (if any) is Richard Lucas to the woman that works for the DMR named Kelly Lucas?? She is the one who is supposed to be an expert that worked at Stennis Space center before she was ‘installed’ at the DMR. There was some speculation about her family being involved in some questionable things that I read in blogs a while back.

  8. Two Warranty Deeds wherein the address of 6375 Fawn Circle, Grand Bay, Ala. is listed for Cronier.
    The second file contains a copy of the “Real Estate Valuation Form” which is used to properly assess taxes. It is handwritten. Was this written by Mr. Cronier’s hand?

    Additionally a phone number of 251/865-1697 is listed. Telephone cross reference indicates the service address for this phone number as 6375 Fawn Circle and the subscriber as Cronier.

  9. If Mr. Cronier receives Homestead Exemption from Mississippi and Alabama, could he be voting in Mississippi and Alabama?

    Morris Strickland claims he worked and voted in Jackson County which was completely illegal since he lived in Harrison County.

    I’m wondering if Mr. Cronier double dipped at the ballot box?

    Aw, it don’t matter. Those people will have an answer and the idiots at the Jackson County Board of Supervisors will accept any reason from one of their cronies. John McKay states he knew for 6 months Strickland had moved but undoubtedly did not do his sworn duty and remove him.

    1. Mr. Rodgers,

      The more you look, it seems that McKay’s name keeps showing up in the wrong places. I believe it was RFP who posted a link to a story a few days ago that contained a statement from McKay indicating that he was standing by a mud hole and got splattered. I also find it “unique” how he was granted the opportunity to argue his case to the state auditors office as indicated in the story.

      It certainly appears that McKay keeps on getting spattered and I think the word shit hole is more fitting to his situation. If one were to perform a chemical analysis on his skin, you would probably find traces of DNA from a lot more people than we know about. I have no idea how this guy can possibly win another election anywhere in the Gulf Coast. The DMR and SRHS situations are different but they do share a similarity which points in McKay’s direction–its called lack of awareness or the hard to prove case of “convenient amnesia.”

      The clan of Jackson County Supervisors remind me of the CMR. Basically useless and self serving for their own gain and to fuel the Radical Regime.

      1. Mr. McKay yelled the same thing when the DMR debacle first started. He said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got drug into it. Or should I say “floated” into it? On a yacht with a birthday cake and DMR employees’ kids. And he still has the same ties to the upper echelon at the DMR. The man that is over the Coastal division, Jan Boyd, also just got spattered by “mud”. Innocent, all! Why is the State Auditor turning his head the other way on these people and preying on low level crime, when he can clean house at the DMR and SRHS? They all need to be brought to task by the State Auditor. If he is considering re-election, he had better start doing the duty that he was sworn to do!!! Or else, maybe the Taxpayers will do it for him??

        1. Charlene,

          The DMR fiasco was screwed up and political from the start. For most people who are actually in the know, they saw it finishing political as well. Do not count on our State Auditor to do anything because he is nothing but a lazy, hick-town politician who cares nothing more than advertising statistical numbers which conceal the truth of his inner doings. I actually put this man beside Satan himself and would dare to call him a Phony Christian.

          I agree with your comments about the upper echelon at the DMR. We all know its the same shit, different suit. Its been pretty obvious why Miller was selected and if you ask me, he really has not done anything to improve the DMR other than line up a firing squad to terminate employees to give the appearance of change and “transparency.” Unfortunately, the SH failed to do any real digging on this issue. I have been hearing plenty of stories (and commented on a few) regarding some of the waste he has brought into the building.

      1. I was actually referring to you readers, hopefully they providing some additional comments or information. Thanks.

  10. After you investigate Roy, Jim, Gentry, and Brett Williams and see how involved they are with SRHS and how they have all benefitted financially bc Roy is the BOT attorney, take a look at the St. Pe’s. Junior just got promoted to a do-nothing position as Administrator of the hospital bc he lost his coveted VP position and his daddy was prob mad as was his his politically aspiring attorney wife (check her connections).
    I have made life changing decisions based on a pension that is now gone. I don’t make the $ these clowns make and cannot believe that they are still allowed to run MY hospital into the ground even further.
    Past time for all of them to go.

  11. McKay is a backdoor politician that knows no ethical boundary. He is responsible for building the OS High School in a wetland – can’t wait for the bill the taxpayers will have to foot when the next hurricane hits. McKay is responsible for jaming his puppet hand up Troy Ross and appointing the OS Harbor Master when over 20 qualified candidates applied including a prior harbor master – Ross’ response to his constituents when questioned “I knew nothing”. McKay actively participated in the DMR “fishing” trips and even went so far as to have the taxpayers foot his granson’s birthday party on one of these trips. Unabashed, claimed he did nothing wrong profiting at the taxpayers expense. McKay works tirelessly at keeping his constituents happy. Got to give him credit where credit is due.

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