When it comes to the Jackson County Sups Molly Ivins immediately comes to mind

Welp, the online community here at Slabbed managed to cause a major shitstorm as we rang-out the old year in style:

SRHS trustee Morris Strickland lives in Biloxi, despite Jackson County residency rule ~ Anita Lee

When the reporter went to Strickland’s office, he said: “Get out of my office. Get out of my office. This is private property. Get out, get out, get out.… Let me call the cops.”

Who is this man, Morris Strickland that personally oversaw a major financial catastrophe that now would have Hospital retirees bankrupted? Before I answer that we must visit with this:

Jackson County supervisors looking into SRHS trustee’s residency, replacement possible ~ April Havens

Anita was kind enough to credit Slabbed, something the Times Picayune in New Orleans regularly does when warranted because after all, Slabbed is considered an authoritative news source around these parts but this really is too rich. April’s story is political spin as the Jackson County Board of Supervisors try to make it appear they are actually in front of their illegal trustee problem. In the process they also admit they knew about the problem for months and did nothing about it. I’m personally reminded of the late great Molly Ivins because I think it applies over Jackson County way in spades:

As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.

So who is Morris Strickland? I think RFP nailed it in comments myself: Continue reading “When it comes to the Jackson County Sups Molly Ivins immediately comes to mind”