3 thoughts on “Worth repeating take note: A Hurricane warning remains in effect”

  1. As a resident of Harrison County with utilities provided to my residence and office by HCUD indirectly, I have one thought that maybe most have already considered. All homes and offices in our county that are receiving water and sewage treatment are paying a prorated share of the expenses to maintain and operate the HCUD. A sewage treatment plant or water well that is not being utilized still has to be maintained as if it were at full capacity. If SH Anthony was allowed to charge a lot more than his services were worth the expenses to operate and maintain all of the various components that make up the HCUD, then the fees that are charged to the current users bill are also increased. In other words because of the illegal acts of Kim Savant and others every single home and business in Harrison County has been paying for it. The amount we pay is based on the operational costs of the entire system. How many millions more did SH Anthony receive because he was bribing people to vote yes on any amount he proposed and billed ? The loss to the people (us) who pay the bills is much greater than the thousands paid to those who accepted the bribes. On top of the millions in CDBG funds wasted and misused we will be paying for Kim Savant’s illegal activities for years to come.Are others on the HCUD Board involved? Based on their goofy answers to the press this week you just have to wonder if they are just ignorant or acting this way. I hope the Feds try to determine how much SH Anthony got paid above what he was due. I ,for one, am getting tired of politicians and their cronies,crooks and consultants enriching themselves at our expense.

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