Dumpstergate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay…..

Wes Muller is plowing fertile ground. The back story goes back a few years as this old story by Jennifer Lenain illustrates:

Bay beach restaurant plan faces new hurdles

As a small businessman, all I want from local government is a level competitive playing field. Maybe we should get government subsidized dumpsters for every restaurant in town to level the playing field. Or maybe the City should get out of the commercial trash business. Something is not right when the most expensive part of town gets government subsidy after government subsidy while the folks on Old Spanish Trail have to fight tooth and nail for a sidewalk, even after pedestrians have been hit and killed.

Bay St. Louis restaurateurs shoot down city dump idea ~ Wes Muller

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  1. hey
    don’t you find it interesting that the one restaurant that is so out spoken has a dumpster from a councilman’s business-the one who second the motion on NO for the common dumpster
    I was sitting at north beach having lunch and had to look at that dumpster -the gate is seldom closed and there is nasty stinky water and crumbs all over the side walk in from the bt
    just saying

    1. Annie –

      I highly suggest you submit any concerns you have about the cleanliness of The Blind Tiger’s dumpster and/or any other restaurants to the Mississippi Department of Health. They take complaints very seriously.

      You can thank the MSDH for citing the city for having non-compliant dumpsters. That is correct, not only are we paying for private businesses’ trash, we are doing so on the cheap (hence rats, smell, etc.). The MSDH is the reason we are now having the “dumpster-gate” discussion. So, please call them with any concerns and send them any photos you have.

      Come to think of it, a photo of Tony Trapani hauling his garbage to the dumpster in the morning would be priceless. It is always a site to see all the food falling off his trailer as he hauls it around to Court St.

      From the MSDH Website:
      How do I make a complaint about a problem I saw in a restaurant?
      Contact the county health department in the county where the restaurant is located. The Health Department will follow-up on all complaints received. We take complaints very seriously. We appreciate the consumer making us aware of any unsafe conditions in the food facilities.

      When you have a question or need information you can call your county Health Department, or call the Food Protection Division at 601-576-7689

      Hancock County Health Department
      856 Highway 90
      Bay St. Louis, MS 39520-8602
      Phone: 228-467-4510
      Open: Monday – Friday

  2. This is not a need for the restaurant, it is a want. Ask Trapani’s what it would cost him if it wasn’t subsidized by the tax payer. over $1,000 per month plus labor and cleaners. The city is picking up the balance. Les has never been interested in operating in a sustainable manner. Entrepreneur’s take risk and expense to make money. they are not concerned with anything but cost and bottom lines. why would people who cannot afford to eat at his over priced establishment want to subsidize his garbage management problem? 200 North Beach seems to get along just fine. there are 3 restaurants, 2 have dumpsters and 1 does not. I guess “Two out of 3 aint Bad” as the song goes.

  3. Paying Attention,
    I agree with you that the business owners should pay for their own garbage disposal. Trapani’s is claiming that it would cost $1,000 a month for his? Thomas Genin is claiming his is presently costing him $1100 a month. Those figures, I would guess, represent a good day for either of them, one day. But, Genin is not asking to be subsidized by the taxpayers.
    And, your point about people who cannot afford to eat there should not have to pay for Trapani’s garbage problems is well taken. But let’s take it a little further. According to a recent story in the Sea Coast Echo, 78% of the residents of Bay St. Louis and Waveland are living at poverty level. They can barely afford to eat period, much less downtown. Should they be subsidizing these business owners?
    For decades the businesses in Bay St. Louis have been taking care of their own garbage. There is an ordinance on the books that requires them to. Nothing worse than a rich free loader!!

  4. I understand picking up the garbage was the least of their problems last night on the beach in the Bay. A shooting in front of Buoy’s Bar. Scary. Alcohol and bullets definitely don’t mix.

  5. Stupidity, pure stupidity. You can’t open a restaurant or a bar without a waste disposal plan; even in the land of King Les. How did this happen? I sat through 2 meetings with Public Forums that were over an hour long about the garbage for Lil Joe’s in the Depot District & the poor Blind Tiger …. when is the King going to be deposed?

  6. You know, Michelle, you just jogged my memory. I had forgotten about the grilling that PeeWee Dedeaux was subjected to in order to open his restaurant in the Depot district. But we have to remember, that’s the Depot district; this is downtown where the important people live and do business.
    I witnessed PeeWee’s grilling by the Mayor and Council, especially Mrs. McDonald. I don’t think the Nazi war criminals were grilled as hard as he was and for 3 consecutive meetings. I was there. I told a friend of mine if ever they give an award in Bay St. Louis for the most long suffering citizen/business owner, it has to go to PeeWee.
    The place is just a mess; that’s all you can say.

  7. I liked Doug’s comment about an equal playing field for small business owners. I don’t live in Bay St. Louis but I find it odd how their government is paying for trash pick up for only select businesses. Unless the citizens voted for it, this seems like the local government is favoring certain business owners when the service should be available to other business owners. If course my personal vote would be to completely halt this type of service all together. If one thought about the government paying for local business trash pickup, then one may also connect the dots to the word Socialism. The Mississippi radical regimes most feared word.

    Speaking of government subsidies and businesses, I have heard the state of Mississippi as a whole is very frugal with providing tax relief to new businesses. If true, I think the build up of the city of D’Iberville would be a great discussion. And if there are not any unusual government handouts, it still makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes in that city. I have been examining it for awhile now and it really has me wondering.

    1. Maybe it’s time for a trash protest.

      Show up with signs maybe like “I want free trash pickup too!” “I paid for this and no one told me!” “Hey Mayor Is your trash free too?” “Something smells like lawnmower fumes!”

      Then have a few taxpayers who are paying to have the dumpster for the use of the lucky few place their own trash in the dumpster.

      Did I forget to mention video and reporters?

      Wash rise repeat.

      1. A trash protest. That’s a great thought and I have some really “good ideas” if anyone is interested.

        Think back to the Boston Tea Party. 😉

        I am a firm believer that sometimes extreme measures must be taken against governments to keep them in line. After all, they work for us.

          1. Unfortunately it hasn’t to this point. What I see is theme of a town that needs outside investment and yet when the town gets it from an outsider the powers that be immediate set to work figuring a swindle (think Bay Tech).

            My siblings include the types of professionals most places love to have in the community, of the 4 of us only I stayed in South Mississippi. The cronyism is enough to run most folks off. The opportunity cost is staggering yet most folks here including at City Hall have no clue.

  8. Doug,
    It seems as though “garbage” is somewhat of an attraction to the Mayor for some odd reason. It is an area that he apparently has decided to play around in for what reason I don’t know. Is there something in it for him? Look at the fiasco with Solid Waste. Actually taking money (unauthorized by the Council) that the citizens had sent to City Hall to pay their bills, and did “something else” with it. We can only speculate because the Mayor and City Clerk won’t tell and the Council won’t ask. That mess generated the infamous loan at The First Bank to cover” what” they did. Now, they can’t pay the loan.
    It just goes on and on with these people. Items stay on their agenda for over a year without being resolved. I have come to the sad conclusion that the only thing the Bay St. Louis Administration and City Council can hope to achieve is to be a worse governing body than the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. Maybe that’s their goal!!! At this point, it may be the only thing they will achieve this year!!

  9. Let’s make one thing clear. The businesses involved in using the central dumpster have paid the fees for using the dumpster. The city is not giving the service free. I think the mayor did not want to have dumpsters along the sidewalk down beach blvd. neither so I. If there is an alternative sight off the street without cutting the sidewalk in front of every business then an off sight is for the good of the area. Wake up people, no one gets anything for nothing. And. As for hecklers at the meeting we already have them. The yahoos take turns at every meeting.

    1. Simply Said,

      I am not going to dispute the majority of text in your post but please let me make one thing clear.

      You stated: “Wake up people, no one gets anything for nothing.”

      Have you not heard of the Walkers?

    2. Nothing free about a substandard, non-compliant, not officially sanctioned service. Totally agree with you on that. Oh wait, you are talkng about “paying” for unregulated, non-compliant trash service. We will have to agree to disagree on this point. The truth is: We, the taxpayers, are paying for it.

      Hello? we are paying the same utility bill twice because the city blew through our first payments and didn’t have the cash on hand to “repay” what was borrowed or siphoned out if the utilities account. So they took out a line of credit and spent it. Then they raised our rates to cover their shortfalls. So, are we to believe that proven liars are “telling” us the truth about this? No way. We are paying for it.
      #quitdrinkingthekoolaid #notfooled #notthatsimple

  10. If not having dumpsters on site and cutting side walks is your problem, you can purchase private property and place a dumpster on it after getting zoning approval and council approval just like 200 north beach did or you can take up your operating property and conceal and manage your garbage on site like the Blind Tiger and other businesses do. $165 per month is far short of actual costs. That is the dumpster fee. Pick up and disposal are another additional cost. His highness has never ran a sustainable business nor operated a sustainable budget. I agree he loves the solid waste business and fails miserably at it. It is a known fact that he punishes his perceived enemy’s and enhances/enables his favored friends. I suspect that there will be more on this in coming weeks.

  11. I do not need a dumpster. But I do not want dumpsters lined up down beach blvd either. I sat having lunch at North beach at 12:00 and had to watch the blind tiger washing down their dumpster with the water and whatever draining onto the sidewalk. YUK. Let me enlighten you. These businesses can not have an off site dumpster unless it is provided by an entity such as the city in a central area. If you are not paying for the dumpster what business is it of yours whether the businesses have a central dumpster site or not. It is a service the city is trying to provide to businesses who do not want to have a dumpster in the front of their business. The garbage can’t go behind the business. Hello!

    1. Hello, it is every tax payers business. We own the property, pay the bill and maintain the sutuation. If u dont care let us good stewards of the public protct our tax obligations. This is not a socialist country and giving the infair advantage to one over amother is not just unfair but illegal. Go save a tree, give everyone a trophy. U get the idea! You’re funny though keep it going!

  12. Sounds like that hit close to home. Using public property for for profit businesses without a contract with terms and conditions from both parties publicly made approved by council is an illegal contract that can be punishable by law. It can be construed as Coruption. This is serious. Read the paper. Who knows who got what, when or where ? Hello

  13. The council has been sanctioning the dumpster deal publicly since the businesses started using the dumpsters. Everyone of the council members knew all about the businesses using the dumpsters. The blind tiger chose to get his own dumpster and north beach has their dumpster in the rear of their building. As for liars, thieves, corrupt politicians, and negative comments you seem to shovel the biggest chip when you don’t have a better solution. Such hateful words coming from the people on this site. The city administration has taken flack for paying off a 1997 bond in the summer of 2014 that had been renewed so many times it had to be paid outright. Almost $300,000.00.Let’s not forget the bond From 2004 that had to be reworked because it could not be renewed either. This bond is what the citizens of bay St. Louis are paying the $13.00 fee for. They call it debt service payment. Mike Farve has already used some of that money for a payment for one of his associates. NOW, falgout, boudin and Farve want to float another bond! For what? You need to state facts and stop calling names like children in the school yard trying to BULLY someone who does not share your opinion.

  14. It all starts from knowing that elected officials are not good stewards of public money and avoid transparency. This soon creates lack of Public Trust. Read the paper, do you really think anything is different here? There is mismanagement on a colossal scale. There are things done with no legal reason to do them. Deferred debt payments, financing lack of financial planning all just to be re-elected. They are all guilty. Each and everyone of them were re-elected without admitting to financial problems when asked in a public forum. They only agree to borrow money to cover it up. They take pictures and get in the headlines for doing no more than showing up at high profile events to tell people good work. They think philanthropy is giving tax payer resources away. The Community Center is used quite often for politicians to promote themselves. Nepotism runs wild and is abused. Lie after continued lie only causes everyone to suspect that someone is doing something wrong and in most probability they are. Its just a sad state of affairs. Professional services are comingled with City Business, personal business and work for organizations that the appointing bodies serve on and approve them to serve in a high level position with the City. Everyone is beholden to contractors, engineering firms, attorney’s, judges etc……Just Saying

  15. By the way, four councilmen refused to vote to raise utility rates when they knew what the city was collecting was falling short of expenses. They deliberately put the city in the red to have a shortfall.

    1. The Utility fund was past broke by that point with the debt redone. The two month delay did not screw things up any worse than they already were.

      This is what I’d like to know because two months later taxes were raised along with Utility rates and for a short while everyone was one big happy family. I want to know what kind of deal was cut. I think I understand why the peace didn’t last and we’re certainly seeing aftermath but there was a deal cut between Hizzoner and the council and I’d like to know more about that.

  16. Let me say this. Dumpster King!!! The spineless city council let Les go out for proposals to set up a trash containment facility across the street from Mr. Baria’s office.
    Dear City Counsel, while you have been chasing your tails on dumpster gate did you realize that the city has not had a normal docket in how long? Did you get a certified list of accounts payable? Where was wonder boy I mean David Kolf? You Chicken shat political wan a bees. Short of Joey not one of you pay any more property taxes then the average Joe! So Can you really stand up for the tax-payer? Oh dang Joey, did you forget that the property was not zoned for a trash collection site? Hell Les, Solid waste and Ms. Waste attorney found your site was non-compliant, and removed you from the “A” list!
    If the SHITTYCOUNCIL spent as much time on the City finance as they did dumpster gate we wouldn’t have missed paying off the loan for the utilities!
    On Monday I saw a firetruck broke down on the side of the road! Are you {City Leaders}aware that you need not 1 but 2 new firetrucks? Have you put that in your budget? Are you aware that short of replacing police cars that the City has not purchased a new vehicle since KATRINA? Maybe you’ve forgotten thats coming up on 10 years!!! Do any of you drive a 10 year old car? What is the age of the cities cars running? Let me tell you GMC quit making the Brigadere in 1988 that makes your dump truck how old? Good Luck,
    cause y’all need it!

    1. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Give aways grow on trees, lemonade streams, hay in every barn, dumpster for every friend, financial support for all who ask, tax payers give you their full faith and credit, city attorney needs no insurance, adjust your time card if you need…………………………………..
      1. the performance of a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrong doing especially of an act in violation of public trust.

      Think about it!

      1. I t is my understanding that the Fed is getting involved with the “Bay Break In by a BSL Building Inspector”. I would guess the Department of Justice called the FED. This is the only way to beat the Mayor and his appointees City Attorney, Judge and Police Chief and the City Attorney’s Prosecutor.

        Now let’s open their door!

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