Meantime back here in the Bay…..

My mind is open to the possibility the patient is in a permanent state of terminal illness.


I happened to be at the City Council meeting where Fire Chief San Fillippo gave her departmental update to the City Council. I did not hear anything about having to close the Highway 603 Fire Station. The troubling thing is how the whole thing was treated when questions started being asked and what is missing from the equation is basic professionalism:

From: Michael Favre
Date: December 5, 2014 at 10:05:13 AM CST
To: Les Fillingame
Cc: City Joey Boudin, City Doug Seal, City Bobby Compretta, City Jeffrey Reed, City Lonnie Faulgout, City Wendy McDonald, Jane Carrow, Don Rafferty, City Gus Mckay, City Mary Burch
Subject: Fire Station / 603

I have had a few phone calls about the fire station on 603 being shut down with a note on it telling you to call Main St. Station. Does anyone know anything about this?? We just had a meeting 3 days ago and nothing was said. Nothing has been said about being short handed to where it may affect our services!! I said may !! Nothing was said during budget , Pam said they would look at things after the 1st of the year. If we are short we must fill the positions now!! Is this a money issue ???? Do we need to meet NOW on this?? Will someone fill us in on this immediately. Thanks, Mike

This post could turn into a multi-chapter book on the myriad of terminal illnesses permanently afflicting our little Mayberry by the Sea but when the financial plan is to spend the last nickle cash flow shortages are bound to happen. And when the secular level of taxation does not account for equipment depreciation, there is no money to affect repairs when old equipment breaks. Speaking of that old Bay Fire Equipment, I saw some of it yesterday morning at the Hardees in Waveland but that is not the topic of this post no sir. See folks, go to a council meeting and its generally all smiles and tulips but behind the scenes:

On Dec 5, 2014, at 2:44 PM, David Michelle Kolf wrote:

I hear Lonnie Falgout is upset about two old fire engines which are not in service. I think Pam informed the council about the need for new equipment a couple of meeting back.

I seem to remember Lonnie voting against getting a new engine last fall, and even filing criminal charges against the Fire Chief and myself because he was upset about something.

It seems to me Lonnie does not really care about fire services provided to this community unless he can get some personal political agenda for his endless fight against the Mayor.

David Kolf

The lack of professionalism is absolutely stunning. For the record that Fire Engine and the way it was purchased was the subject of a 2013 audit finding and of course that does not count the fact the associated loan was not advertised in accordance with the Mississippi Code, cheating the Citizens of the right to petition and vote on the subject. Instead, the Administration questions the motivations of an elected official that is getting constituent inquiries. Seems to me the Administration should concentrate on getting the basics of how to legally purchase and finance a Fire Truck in accordance with the law but that is not how the body politic rolls here in Mayberry.

In the interest of fairness the city council allows themselves to be treated in such a fashion for the most part so there is an undeniable co-dependency that lends to the train wreck quality that is City government here.  What is most amazing is that it still functions on a basic level, though it also certainly appears many of the employees are miserable based on how they act and treat others within the organization.

The City Council has a meeting scheduled for tomorrow night.  All we need is some firecrackers and it will be just like the two previous meetings. Stay tuned.

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  1. The Mystic Crew was given the green light by the mayor to use the harbor free of charge. they didn’t go before the council and ask for a freebie they just did it. King Les, Queen Wendy and of course the Court Jester himself Mr. Rafferty were involved. This is their City. we are all just fiefes in the fiefdom.

  2. This + the dumpster disaster should make for an interesting council meeting tomorrow.

    When is this craziness going to stop? SMH

    The city is not a select few’s personal business and/or money to use as they see fit. Think it is time for the elected officials to remember who actually pays the bills (twice) around here….the tax payers.

    Time for the council to stop making excuses. They control the purse strings. Therefore, they either continue to enable bad behavior or put a stop to it. The buck stops with them. Pun intended.

  3. I dont recall in the last budget meeting the Cities non-certified fire chef (cook) asking for another new truck.
    I do remember hearing the equipment was certified for a few more years. Wonder how this latest change
    will affect our fire rating? Falling off the rails waiting for Jimmy Ladner to send some money! You should have listened to the BS as the Supervisors meeting today, Les laid out the lies, and Mr. Yarbourough told Les he had no plan and to go to the drawing board. Then the lies hit the fan, Mr. Seymour told the Councilman that they hadn’t replied to the county about the Washington St bridge. Joey and Mike told
    Steve they had no clue what he was talking about. It seems the the County bid out the repairs for $212k
    and Les forgot to share that with the Council. Compton told Steve he sent all info to the Bay! Time for the Bay Council to get a Lawyer to represent the taxpayers. 20-1 odds they have no docket to pay

  4. Isn’t this sad? Les, Wendy, and Don dancing in the streets Saturday while the city goes down the drain. All three of them thrive on a façade while the city’s vendors wait for their money. The agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting went out today—no docket. This is beyond belief. You have to wonder who is worse, the Mayor, the City Clerk, or the Council. Right now you’d have to draw straws.
    This Council had better do what the State Auditor’s told me last summer, “They need to take the checkbook away from the Mayor, and the folks need to elect some honest officials. No joke, that is a quote from a top ranking official at the Auditor’s office. Well the checkbook part could be taken care of now if the Council had any backbone, but electing some honest officials will have to wait a few years unless someone else “deals” with them before then.
    And Poolman, with all due respect ( and I know you are smart enough to know this) waiting for Jimmie Ladner to send money after the first of the year won’t help now. They can’t even pay the loan at The First Bank that they made to pay the bills they couldn’t pay last year. Do you feel like a mouse in a maze? Anything Jimmie sends is spoken for at this point. Only one word to describe them—PITIFUL.

  5. Lonnie asked me to notify my Civic Association that the station was not closed, “all the trucks were just in for maintenance” … Honest to God

  6. This is what Mayor Les lie told the council tonight ” All the trucks out for maintenance sign poorly worded” Dumpster King and Queen holding meeting to discuss dumpster location at 2pm wednesday! Oh and Mike Farve will be attending as well.

  7. For the past 4 (FOUR) years that same sign has been put on the door of fire station #2 anytime the firefighters are out of the station on a non-emergency detail. Suddenly it’s become an issue – the word “closed” has become an issue- an issue that Harding, Noonan, Handshoe and friends are working hard at to make it seem that the fire chief of BSL has actually CLOSED DOWN station #2. Really people? Completely ignored here is the fact that she informed the council 3 weeks ago of the mechanical (electrical actually) problems that 2 of the fire engines were having – she, like any sensible chief officer in any fire department anywhere temporarily consolidated the “ranks” to one station until the engines were repaired – yep, it’s really that simple. She also explained that whenever the firefighters at station #2 are out on a call, the station is “unmanned” (effectively “closed”)…so is Station #1 if those firefighters are out on a call, and BOTH stations are “closed” if ALL firefighters are out on a call, doing training or on a work detail. But this explanation doesn’t suit those who prefer drama and political statements. And while Councilman Falgout did call Chief San Fillippo to inquire about “the sign” (drama ensued nonetheless, as we can see) emails were sent to various people, I guess in hopes of creating drama or perhaps even panic. HONEST concern about this issue would be reflected in calls to the chief first, not mass emails to everyone EXCEPT the fire chief. And Mr. Poolman – Jeff Harding – you seem to have a near ‘obsession’ about the BSL fire chief’s “Chief Certification”, yet you’ve never contacted her to question this. If you’re uncomfortable for some reason talking to her, perhaps you’d like to chat with me instead. Just let me know Mr. Harding and I’ll be happy to answer your questions about the BSL fire chief’s qualifications or certifications. There’s really no need to blog or speculate about your concerns over “chiefs” and “chefs”….please let me know when you’d like to talk about it and get some accurate, first-hand information – if you’re interested in that sort of thing of course. In fact, if anyone has questions about the fire service in Bay St. Louis that they’re uncomfortable asking the fire chief about, just let me know – I’m sure I can get you answers or point you in the right direction. As a (retired) firefighter of 40 years and a resident of Bay St. Louis I’m quite fed up with having people use our firefighters as a political tool…and I should imagine that the BSL firefighters are tired of it also. If you want to play with politics, promote drama & act out on personal vendettas, how ‘bout keeping our first responders out of it…they deserve much better than this. Dominic F. San Fillippo, Jr.

    1. You packed a lot into that comment Mr. San Fillippo. If this were such a simple matter then why the invective? And now we have another version of events to go with the other two, which version are we to believe, the one that holds Fire Department’s equipment was broke down waiting on repair parts, your version that the gang had stepped out for a few minutes with the City Council creating drama where none previously existed or Lonnie’s new version per Michelle?

      If you want the Fire Department and its employees to stop being used for political lackeys, that is easy, tell the gang to stick to putting out fires and stay the heck out of the political fray. That means when a city councilman asks questions about the process behind buying a new firetruck the Chief should answer the questions cooperatively instead of taking to the BSL Fire Department Facebook Page excoriating the guy for asking a few questions. Chief San Fillippo bears as much blame as Clerk Kolf for mishandling that transaction last year and the resultant audit finding. It is called professionalism and it is sorely missing from the equation.

      My two cents anyway.

      1. Now I know how to run a FD.

        (Why I like Slabbed-no need to stay at Holiday Inn Express to get edjamucated on how sh*t really works down at the FD. PS-Really do hope the necessary parts and repairs weren’t delayed in any way by financial issues.)

  8. Doug, as Cool Hand Luke might say about these jokers, “there appears there’s a failure to communicate.”

  9. Would someone please remind the San Fillipos and anyone else who doesn’t understand, they are public employees-the public writes their paychecks. In the real world whomever you work for gets to critique your work, etc. In their case that would be the taxpayers who provide their pay.
    If they cannot deal with this reality, I would suggest they find something they like to do and become self employed. However, they would then have to keep their customers happy.
    I personally made no comment in my post about the Fire Dept. or anyone who works there. Obviously reading and comprehension are not Mr. San Fillipo’s strong points.

  10. The only thing I claim as a “strong point” is my knowledge of firefighting and fire department operations – although it seems the skill of reading and comprehending is lacking by others as well, evidenced by various statements made in responses to my post, the content of which has been ignored or laughed off…quite telling, but not surprising.
    Continuing any discussion seems pointless, so I will leave with this: You throw the term “public servant” around as though it does not involve men and women who literally risk life and limb daily, often for people they have never met – yet you are willing to compromise their safety by delaying the processes used to purchase life-saving equipment; you throw up roadblocks, spread rumors, spin facts, twist statements; you pass judgment on fire department tactics and operations as though you actually have any knowledge of how to run an emergency service operation.
    Perhaps worst of all, you use your talents and abilities to hinder rather than help. Oh, I know, I know – I’m way off base and all problems are the direct result of the devious, corrupt, inept actions of the fire chief, the city clerk and the mayor – I’ll save you the trouble of saying so, no need to continue the relentless beating of that dead horse.
    Lastly, as a taxpaying citizen of Bay St. Louis, I actually do help “write the paychecks” of all employees of the city of Bay St. Louis…I also leave writing the paychecks of employees of other cities and the debate of those cities “issues” to their taxpaying residents, as it should be.
    So…peace to you all as we enter this holiday season, and wishes of peace and safety to all of our public servants who stand ready to serve all of us…on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and every other day that the rest of us spend relaxing and enjoying not being at work.

  11. Hey y’all, do I have a fire station or not? Do I really have a fire chief that puts all the trucks in for maintenance at the same time? I’m just a homeowner, in a wheelchair, in an unwanted annexed area, with friggin CLOSED SIGNS ON THE FIRE STATION in a City run by clowns!!!!!!!

  12. Holy Flamin’ Fu&kup Batman,

    Quick, someone grab dat extinguisher on da’ wall as me tinks da’ chief’s asshole is smokin’ and where dere bees smoke dere bees fire.

  13. These posts are getting more amusing as the day goes on.
    If Mr. San Fillippo must rant at those who insisted that the purchase of the ladder truck be done according to the laws of the state of Miss. he has to include the city auditing firm, Wright, Ward, Hatten, & Guel, who pointed out that it was done “illegally,” and that is a direct quote from the Auditor’s lips when she presented the report to the Council, the State Auditor’s Office, and the office of the Insurance Commissioner. Just didn’t want him to forget anyone!! The City Clerk and City Attorney had to clean up that little transaction the chief rushed through.
    And as for holidays, he left out the 4th of July, 2014. Who was on vacation that night when Ward 6 had a fire that could have taken down half of the properties on the River? Wasn’t the Chief, was it? Don’t tell me she was at home relaxing on a holiday like the rest of us bums!

  14. it is my understanding that the vote of the business owners on beach blvd for having the tax payers fund dumpsters was 8 to 2 against. Why would I pay for expenses for businesses I can barely afford to go to. The owner of one drives a Porsche. That is a very expensive ride. Maybe they can cut back on their life style then they could have their own garbage dumpster. The spin on the news last night (wlox) from the host, appointed by the mayor, was that some were for and some against. Sounded to me like 8 – 2 is a land slide. maybe they should clarify this as those who are self sustained and following city rules at their own cost would not want to be lumped in with the 2 that want city assistance.

  15. With the exception of maybe 2 or 3 nice businesses, the first block of Main St. in the Bay has become the Mayor’s little groupies who whine when they want something ’cause they know that is how to get it.
    Until this administration, the city has operated by the rules on the book governing the responsibility of the business owners to dispose of their own trash.
    Why and how this has become an issue is beyond me. Add it to the list of things this Council and Mayor have screwed up:
    The Utility Dept.—where did all that money go that the users sent in to pay their bills?
    The Building Dep. This has become politicized to the point now where a business owner is claiming to have a video of a city building inspector actually breaking into his business because they thought something may be going on that was not right. Well, go visit the guy during business hours, and find out. This is how we want to treat people who open businesses and try to bring tax dollars to the city. What a bunch of morons. And the building department of all people accusing someone of doing something that may not be “right.”
    And now the garbage fiasco downtown with some businesses getting preferential treatment–what else is new?
    The Mayor just politicizes everything regardless of the rules on the book, and the Council sits there and watches.

  16. Hahaha where is the contract with the restaurant? What are the detailed cost? How can you charge without a prospectus of off site garbage collection? Just voodoo economics. Of course in the benefit of Les and Wendy’s favorite meeting location to discuss the business across the street. Can u believe that the discussion is still ongoing to the council. Wants are not priorities. Les caused this I recommend he pay the balance of the actual cost.

    1. Last night the council got a dumpster bill on the docket for $1,500. That is a far stretch from $160 month.

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