10 thoughts on “A Hurricane warning now in effect…..”

  1. Don’t stand by the mudhole, then you won’t get splattered.

    Then again, it could be that some have already fallen into this mudhole, instead of just getting splattered.

      1. http://www.lyonauction.com


        HILITES: 13 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 2008 Kobelco SK260LC, Komatsu PC138LC-2, 2006 Case CX240, (2) 2008 Case CX210B, 2006 Case CX160, (2) 2007 Case CX135MSR, 2006 Case CX130, 2013-2010-2006 Kubota KX121, 2006 Kubota KX080, 4 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: (2) 2006 JD 544J, 2006 Case 721D, 2006 Case 621D, 5 CRAWLER TRACTORS: 2008 Case 750K-II, 2007 Case 650K, 2008 Case 445CT, Takeuchi TL140

          1. Could this be a sale of assets to raise money for legal fees? What SH Anthony did in D’Iberville may have been criminal and involved many, some already incarcerated. Where the Feds will find plenty is in land scams….that’s right, the purchase of land from and the directing of infrastructure to reward connected land owners. Who and where? Soon to be revealed.

            1. Maybe the contracts might have dried up.

              Equipment like that depreciates fast when not in use, costs big bucks to store properly ( meaning in a ready to use state). Fuel goes bad batteries go dead, vandals break the glass and etc.

              If the owner doesn’t have immediate work and possibly thinks he might have poor prospects for new contracts, then it’s smart to cash it out. If someone is still making making payments on the equipment then the smart thing would be to cash it out even faster.

              1. Today, a source with knowledge of state politics and the investigative community mentioned the name of a Jackson County politician and a Harrison County politician. I am not at liberty to name either at this time though both of the politicos have documented connections to the Walkers.

              2. We will have to put some thought into our Harrison County politician. The one over in Jackson County is easy.

  2. However Dere Bees Weak Winds From Washington Way Batman,

    Landrieu is complaining she is not getting enough BS fart brain expulsions from Washington .

    What’s the matter is there a shortage of buses/bus drivers to get her 99 per cent black block vote to da’ polls?

    Also Landrieu’s personal telephone repairman,James O’Keefe has posted he has a “Block Busting” investigational revelation on Landrieu before Saturday’s election.

    Meanwhile I saw my first Steve Scalise commercial supporting Eric Scheme-metta you were posting about. Is Wright the wrong man in Obama clothing or Eric Schemeing us? So I will not be pulling a lever for either but flushin’ both maddening methane minds.

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